What are the Top Ten Best Bar Stools? – New Reviews and Guide for 2016

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best-bar-stool-review-guideYou’ve got the alcohol, the bottle openers, and corkscrews. You’ve even got a bar to set it all on. But what you don’t have is a way to sit at your bar. What you need are some bar stools. Whether you run a commercial bar or are just creating a bar in your home, quality bar stools are an absolute necessity.

High-sitting, compact, and comfortable, bar stools are pieces of furniture that can be placed together in close quarters so that as many of them as possible can reside next to a bar. Available in a bevy of different shapes and styles, they are both practical and aesthetically pleasing additions to your bar.

What is a Bar Stool?

Traditionally constructed of either metal or wood, a bar stool is a piece of furniture that is placed by a bar so that patrons have a place to sit down. While some bar stools are padded for maximum comfort, others possess bare wood or metal surfaces.

Many of these stools have the ability to swivel back and forth, allowing people to face toward the bar without having to pull the stool out. Available in a number of different styles, there is sure to be a bar stool that fits the general aesthetic of your bar.


What are the Benefits of a Bar Stool?

While you could just place typical chairs in front of your bar, bar stools offer some distinct advantages. For one, bar stools are typically slimmer than chairs. This allows you to squeeze as many pieces of furniture as possible into the bar area.

Bar stools that are able to swivel offer the advantage of allowing people to sit down without having to pull the stool out. This keeps the stools in order, ensuring that your bar is always organized. The other added advantage of having bar stools at your bar is the aesthetic advantage. These stools bring an aura to a bar that can’t be brought with typical chairs.

Who are the Contenders for Best Bar Stool?

Signature Design by Ashley Pinnadel Swivel Barstool – With wood construction and a rustic design, the Pinnadel Swivel Barstool looks perfect in any bar it’s put in. A faux leather seat makes it both very comfortable and ridiculously easy to clean. Its ability to spin 180 degrees allows users to make easy conversation with whoever they’re sitting next to.

Legacy Decor 29″ Dark Espresso Wood Bar Stools – Made from a solid wood, and finished with a medium-shine glaze, the Dark Espresso Wood Bar Stool brings a refined touch to any bar it’s placed in. With a 3-inch thick padded seat that’s lined in bonded faux leather, it’s both undeniably classy and extraordinarily comfortable. Though it has no ability to swivel, it is extra-wide, providing users with an abundance of sitting space.

BestOffice New Modern Adjustable Synthetic Leather Swivel Bar Stools Chairs – With the ability to to swivel a full 360 degrees, this BestOffice bar stool allows for simple entrance to the bar as well as easy conversation with others. With pneumatic adjustable height, it can be personalized for each different person who uses it, and for each bar it is placed at. Its padded, synthetic leather seat and metal base give it both a modern look, and a great deal of comfort.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Bar Stool

While many bar stools share the same appearance, and appear to share the same construction, they are all actually, in fact, very different from one another. While a large part of purchasing bar stools has to do with the buyer’s personal preferences, there are certainly some things that must be considered before laying down the money. In addition to practical aspects of the bar stool such height, width, and comfort, you must also give some consideration toward its specific design.


The first thing you must consider when purchasing bar stools are their heights. It’s important to remember that the stool must be high enough for patrons to sit on while still being able to lean on the bar. If people can’t easily reach the top of the bar from a seated position, they probably won’t sit down at all.


If you’re trying to cram as many bar stools into a bar area as possible, it’s very important that you consider their width. Obviously, the smaller the width of the bar stool, the more bar stools you will be able to fit into a condensed area. This will maximize the amount of seating at your bar.


Though comfort, to a point, is subjective, there is certainly a line between comfortable and uncomfortable. While you’re always safe going with typical flat, wooden bar stools, the most comfortable bar stools possess padded seating surfaces with a great deal of cushion. Just make sure not to skimp on comfort. If you do, your bar stools will likely see very little use.


A bar stool’s design should be examined from two different points-of-view. One of these points-of-view is a practical point-of-view that pays close attention to overall construction and durability. The other point-of-view is an aesthetic point-of-view which considers the appearance of the stool.

Our Bar Stool Reviews

Flash Furniture Barstool – Best Cheap

flash-furniture-30-high-backless-black-metal-indoor-outdoor-barstoolThough fairly basic, this Flash Furniture bar stool is a great piece of furniture at a bargain price. Its all-metal construction makes it both solid and durable, ensuring that it will last through many years of wear and tear. Available in a bevy of colors, including orange, blue, black, yellow, and more, it will bring a personalized touch to your bar. If you’re looking for the best bar stool at a low price, this is it.


  • Available in many different colors
  • Durable construction


  • Possesses a chemical odor
  • Not as comfortable as high-end bar stools

Winsome Wood Square Leg Barstool – Best for the Money

winsome-wood-air-lift-adjustable-stoolsAvailable in three different colors, including natural, black, and walnut, this Winsome Wood bar stool offers a classic look at a reasonable price. Made of solid beechwood, it possesses two horizontal rungs that can be used as foot rests. Available for purchase at either 24 inches tall or 29 inches tall, it can fit at just about any bar you wish to place it in front of. Looking for a simple, solid, durable bar stool with a classic design? This bar stool by Winsome Wood is available at a very reasonable price.


  • Solid construction
  • Simple, classic design
  • Comes assembled


  • Has a tendency to be a little wobbly

Signature Design by Ashley Pinnadel Swivel Barstool – Best Overall

signature-design-by-ashley-pinnadel-swivel-barstoolThough everyone is going to have a personal favorite when it comes to bar stools, you can’t go wrong with the Pinnadel Swivel Barstool. Its rustic design and solid wood construction make it as reliable and aesthetically-pleasing as they come. Giving it outstanding comfort is its padded, faux leather seat. With the ability to swivel 180 degrees, it allows bar patrons to make seamless conversation with each others. If you’re looking for a bar stool that is as solid, reliable, and as comfortable as they come, you should definitely give this one a look.


  • Aesthetically-pleasing design
  • Very solid construction
  • As comfortable of a bar stool as you’re going to find


  • Requires assembly

All in All

At the end of a long day, there’s no better feeling than kicking back at a bar. Whether it be a local bar or your own personal home bar, it’s a place of great enjoyment and relaxation. But, of course, a bar is nothing without quality bar stools.

Aesthetically-pleasing and solidly-constructed stools such as the Signature Design by Ashley Pinnadel Swivel Barstool will bring your bar a much-needed comfort and identity. Want to maximize your bar’s true potential? A bar stool is a big piece of the puzzle.