What Is The Best Camera Bag? (Top 10 Guide) – 2018 Reviews

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best camera bag review guideIf you’ve got a high-quality, high-priced camera, you have to take as great of care of it as possible. This means that it must be put in a padded and cushioned position during storage and transport. The best way to transport and store a camera in this manner is by making using of a camera bag.

Camera bags come in a number of different styles and types. While some are purse-like shoulder bags, others are like backpacks. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to camera bags, but there are some which evoke high-quality at every turn. These are the best camera bags on the market in 2017.

What are the Different Types of Camera Bags?

There are tons of different types of camera bags available on the market today. Each different type of bag possesses its very own benefits and drawbacks.

Perhaps the most common types of camera bags are ones which are designed like backpacks. These bags are great because they fit comfortably on your back while storing tons of different items. Usually, they can store everything from cameras, to accessories, to your wallet, and more. They have tons of space.

Another popular type of camera bag is the shoulder bag. Shoulder bags are bags which are carried over just one shoulder. They typically don’t possess as much storage room as backpack bags, but are still fairly reliable. They’re best equipped for users who don’t have to lug around a great deal of items.

What to Consider When Choosing a Camera Bag

When choosing a camera bag, there are a number of different things which you must take into consideration. Perhaps the most important things to consider are its size, its storage capabilities, its construction quality, and its durability.


Camera bags come in all different shapes and sizes, with some of them equipped to hold just about everything you own, and others equipped only to hold a single camera. Before making a final purchase, think about what you’re going to be bringing with you when you’re taking pictures. This will help you determine how much space you need.

Storage Capabilities

Some camera bags possess separate compartments which are designed to keep separate items from sliding all over the place. Other bags have large compartments which allow objects to bang and crash all over the place. Bags with separate compartments are always more protective of your equipment. They’re recommended.


Whereas some camera bags are mass produced in factories and possess horrible construction quality, others are manufactured by hand and possesses exceptional construction quality. Handmade bags are typically more functional and more durable than factory-made bags.


As was just mentioned, handmade bags are typically more durable than factory-made bags. You don’t want to buy a camera bag only to have it break down within a couple of months. Make sure the bag you’re buying is of high quality.

Compare the Top Ten Camera Bags of 2018

Caden Professional Fashion Multifunction DSLR SLR Camera BagCaden Professional Fashion Multifunction DSLR SLR Camera BagCaden12.5 x 7.5 x 15.5 inches$$$
Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ Waterproof Anti-shock BackpacAbonnyc DRLBP-CZ Waterproof Anti-shock BackpacAbonnyc18.1 x 11.8 x 6.7 inches$$$
Evecase Large DSLR Camera / Laptop Travel BackpackEvecase Large DSLR Camera / Laptop Travel BackpackEvecase18 x 12 x 8 inches$$$
Kattee Men's Canvas Leather DSLR SLR Vintage Camera Messenger BagKattee Men's Canvas Leather DSLR SLR Vintage Camera Messenger BagKattee13.8 x 12.6 x 4.4 inches$$
Altura Photo Camera Sling BackpackAltura Photo Camera Sling BackpackAltura Photo8.5 x 5.5 x 16 inches$$
G-raphy Camera BagG-raphy Camera BagG-raphy15 x 12 x 6 inches$$
S-ZONE Vintage Camera BagS-ZONE Vintage Camera BagS-ZONE7 x 4 x 9 inches$$
Acuvar DSLR Camera BackpackAcuvar DSLR Camera BackpackAcuvar11.5 x 7.2 x 15.6 inches$$
AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and AccessoriesAmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and AccessoriesAmazonBasics11.5 x 7.2 x 15.6 inches$$
eCostConnection Soft Padded Camera Equipment BageCostConnection Soft Padded Camera Equipment BageCostConnection7 x 5 x 5.5 inches$

Our Reviews Are In: The Top 10 Camera Bags

1. Caden Professional Multifunction DSLR SLR Camera Bag

Camera Bag By G-raphy

In our estimation, the absolute best camera bag on the market today is this one from Caden. It possesses tons of storage options, and is beyond easy to carry from place to place. With an attractive aesthetic, others won’t even know you’re carrying a camera with you.

This bag is equipped to hold a DSLR camera as well as a number of accessories and notebooks. A backpack-style camera bag, it can be worn over your shoulders for absolutely seamless transportation.

It measures in at 15.3 inches x 11.8 inches x 5.5 inches; a rather large bag when compared to most camera bags. There are tons of different small pockets throughout the bag, all of which serve their very own storage purposes.

All in all, this is a terrific camera bag. Lightweight, easy to carry, and filled with storage options, it’s the best camera bag on the market today. It’s available in black, blue, gray, light gray, and red.

2. Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ Waterproof Anti-shock

Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ

The next camera bag on our list is the Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ. Possessing tons of storage, this bag has a good argument for best camera bag on the market today. While it’s a little expensive, it provides more than enough value to make it worth its price.

It measures in at 18.1 inches x 11.8 inches x 6.7 inches, and is designed like a backpack. This means that it not only provides ton of storage, but that it’s ridiculously easy to carry around as well. With padded shoulder straps, it fits comfortably over your back and shoulders.

There are tons of different storage compartments in this bag. They will easily hold your DSLR camera as well as a number of different lenses. Each compartment is designed in a fashion in which contained items will not be able to roll around. In essence, it protects its contents and keeps them safe.

All in all, this is a terrific camera bag. If you’re looking to store only your camera and its accessories, but not much else, it would be a great option. It’s available in green, gray, black, and blue.

3. Evecase Large DSLR Camera Backpack

Evecase Large

The next camera bag we’ll review is this one from Evecase. Similar to the bag reviewed above, it’s a little on the expensive side, but provides tons of value; particularly in the ways of storage space and size.

This is a backpack-style camera bag and is designed to be carried over you shoulders. Equipped with padded shoulder straps, it can be adjust to fit the exact size of your back and shoulders. It’s essentially a traditional backpack with additional space for storing camera items.

There is almost no DSLR camera that this bag can’t hold. It measures in at 12 inches x 19 inches x 10 inches, making it huge compared to most bags. It contains everything from camera-store pockets, to valuables pockets, to book storage pockets, and more.

All in all, this camera bag from Evecase is exceptional. The only reason it ranks below our first two reviewed camera bags is because it’s a bit more expensive. But if you’re looking for tons of storage space, it’s just the bag for you.

4. Kattee Canvas Leather DSLR SLR Vintage

Kattee Camera Bag

Now, let’s review this canvas shoulder camera bag from Kattee. Available for around half the price of our first three bags, it’s not as comfortable to carry around, but still provides plenty of storage options.

Made out of tough canvas, it’s designed to withstand tons of wear and tear. It measures in at 13.8 inches x 12.6 inches x 4.4 inches, meaning that it possesses mid-level size. In total, it’s equipped with 3 different internal compartments for the storage of a camera and two lenses.

There are also external pockets on this bag. These store everything from SD cards, to wires, to business cards, and more. Each of these pockets is cushioned, and is designed to keep your possessions as safe as possible at all times.

Overall, this camera bag from Kattee is a solid buy. If you’re looking for a great shoulder camera bag, it’s the one for you. It’s available in light black, dark blue, dark green, light green, gray, and brown.

5. Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack

Altura Camera Sling Backpack

Another solid, mid-level camera bag is this one from Altura Photo. A backpack style camera bag, it’s designed to be compact and easy to carry. It may not provide as much storage space as the previous bags on our list, but will still function for those who don’t have a lot to carry.

This bag measures in at 8.5 inches x 5.5 inches x 16 inches and is big enough to hold one DSLR camera and its components. It possesses a few side pockets for the storage of valuables and other tiny accessories, but is limited on space overall.

It’s a very adjustable bag, capable of extending in both height and width. Equipped with a waist strap, it can be tightly worn around your body to reduce overall banging. This ensures that your camera and accessories are kept safe at all times.

All in all, this is a terrific little camera bag. If you’re only planning on lugging around a single camera, it will certainly get the job done. It’s available for a reasonable price, and provides much in the ways of comfort and camera protection.

6. G-raphy Camera Bag

Camera Bag By G-raphy

Another compact, but effective camera bag is the G-raphy Camera Bag. This bag is available for a mid-level price, and offers a great deal in the ways of camera protection, storage capabilities, and overall comfort.

This is a backpack style camera bag which possesses padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. It’s big enough, not only for a camera and its accessories, but a small laptop as well. It measures in at 17 inches x 12 inches x 7 inches.

The camera-storage section of this bag is equipped with several compartments which will hold all parts firmly into place to prevent them from slamming against each other. There are also loops attached to the outside of this bag so that you can attach tripods and various other devices.

Overall, this camera bag from G-raphy is a terrific bag. Though it’s compact, it can actually fit quite a few items. If you’re looking for something small and comfortable, but effective, this would be a great choice for you.

7. S-ZONE Vintage Camera Bag

S-ZONE camera bag

This next camera bag is characterized by a generally old-school, vintage look. It’s great for those who are searching for some style in their bag. Available for a fairly reasonable price, it offers pretty basic storage capabilities.

In all, this bag offers 3 different storage compartments. Two of these compartments are under the primary pocket, and are designed to fit both a DSLR camera and its accessories. The remaining pocket is on the outside of the bag, and can be used to carry small items.

This bag measures in at 7 inches x 4 inches x 9 inches, making it rather small and compact. It can either be carried by hand, or strung over your shoulder for transportation purposes. Made out of a canvas-like material, it possesses excellent durability.

All in all, this camera bag from S-ZONE is a solid budget product. It’s not big enough to carry enormous amounts of supplies, so it’s best used by amateuer photographers who only have one basic camera.

8. Acuvar DSLR Camera Backpack

Acuvar DSLR Camera Backpack

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive backpack-style camera bag, you might be interested in this one from Acuvar. It’s similar to the backpack-style bags reviewed above, but doesn’t possess quite the level of construction quality.

It measures in at 11.5 inches x 7.2 inches x 15.6 inches, giving it quite a bit of room compared to most camera bags. It’s loaded with compartments, and can be used to store one DSLR camera as well as a number of different lenses.

In addition to this camera storage, it also contains a large pocket area to store books and laptops. The only downside to this bag is that it doesn’t possess a great deal of padding. It’s not the best comfortable bag to wear on your back.

Overall, this Acuvar camera bag is a solid camera bag. If you’re seeking a backpack-style camera bag on a budget, you’re not going to find one that’s any better than this.

9. AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras

AmazonBasics Backpack for DSLR

Another fairly basic budget backpack-style camera bag is this one from AmazonBasics. This bag does provide a great deal of padding, but still offers quite a bit in the ways of storage capacity and storage capabilities.

It measures in at 11 inches x 6.1 inches x 14.5 inches, and is equipped with several different pockets and storage compartments. These pockets and compartments allow for the storage of a DSLR camera, several lenses, and flat, long items such as books and laptops.

This bag is made out of Polyester and nylon, giving it a durable, yet lightweight construction overall. The only thing that would be nice would be if it had more cushion in its shoulder straps and back area.

All in all, though, this is a good budget camera bag. If you’re an amateuer photographer who just needs something to use on occasion, it would be a great choice for you. It’s available for a general pittance.

10. eCostConnection Soft Padded Camera Equipment Bag

eCostConnection camera bag

If you’re looking to spend the least amount of money possible, you might be interested in this bag from eCostConnection. Available for about half the price of the AmazonBasics bag above, it doesn’t offer the same storage space, but is still plenty functional.

This bag is equipped to hold one DSLR camera and its memory cards. Beyond that, it’s going to struggle to hold much of anything else. It measures in at 7 inches x 5 inches x 5.5 inches, and possesses three pockets in total.

As far as durability goes, it’s pretty solid. It’s made out of a tough nylon, and possesses a decent amount of padding for protection purposes.

Overall, this is a basic, but functional camera bag. There is no way that it will accommodate professional photographers, but it will certainly suffice for amateurs. If you’re looking for somethings simple to use, this is the bag for you.