What are the Top 10 Best Back to School Gifts for Kids? (Gift Idea Guide)

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top 10 best back to school gifts for kidsAfter a long, relaxing summer vacation, kids are getting ready to go back to school. Some are happy, some are sad, and some are content to just have something to do during the day. In any case, these kids are getting ready to set forth on another important and influential school year, learning new concepts, and growing up just a little bit more every day. But what can you do to show your child that you care about his or her education and personal growth? A back to school gift is a great option.

Every kid, whether that kid is going to school for the first time, or whether that kid is moving onto a new grade, would love to be shown that his or her dedication to education means something. Giving your child a back to school gift will demonstrate this perfectly.

These are the Top 10 Back to School Gift Ideas for Every Kid

10. CAMTOA Children Backpack

CAMTOA Children BackpackEvery kids needs a backpack, and though most kids dread having to go back to school, you might be able to ease some of their pain by getting them one of these excellent CAMTOA backpacks. Available in a variety of colors, including light green, dark green, red, purple, black, and many others, there is certainly one that will suit your child’s preference.

Water-resistant and durable enough to withstand wear and tear, it is great for protecting paper, books, and electronic of all kinds. If you have a child who is entering kindergarten or 1st grade, this backpack is sure to get him or her excited.

9. Rubbermaid LunchBlox Medium Lunch Bag

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Medium Lunch BagTo a kid, a lunchbox is like a briefcase. It’s their own personal carrying case. It’s part of their identity. You might be surprised at how happy your child would be over receiving one of these wonderful LunchBlox Lunch Bags from Rubbermaid.

Available in four designs, including black etch, black plaid, blue circles, and purple, this lunch bag is sure to have a design that excites you child. Lightweight and easy to carry, this Rubbermaid lunch bag is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.

8. Crayola 64 Ct Crayons

Crayola 64 Ct CrayonsA large part of a child’s early school years involves coloring. And while it’s not necessary for a child to use any more than 8 colors, imagine what he or she could do with 64 colors. Crayola’s box of 64 crayons has always been the gold standard when it comes to classroom coloring. Kids who own this box are revered, envied, and admired by the other kids.

In addition to the 64 different-colored crayons included in the box, this box also contains a built-in crayon sharpener. Do you want your child to express his or her maximum artistic capabilities? Crayola’s box of 64 crayons is the way to go.

7. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr Talking GlobePerhaps you’ve got a child with a deep interest in geography? If so, this GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe by Education Insights would be the perfect back to school gift. Not only does it foster learning, it’s also a fun and enjoyable toy for any kid to play with.

With two available modes, including explore mode and game mode, this globe will help your child to locate continents, countries, cities, oceans, and more. There is no better way for a young child to study up on his or her geographical knowledge than with this talking globe.

6. Educational Insights Geosafari Motorized Solar System

Educational Insights Geosafari Motorized Solar SystemFor the budding astronaut, we suggest this motorized solar system from Educational Insights. With both recreational and education properties, it’s a great tool for keeping your child interested in space.

Including all 8 planets, plus Pluto, this motorized solar system simulates the orbit of all the planets around the sun. Additional features include the ability to project planet constellations onto your ceiling or wall, providing your child with an intriguing and scientifically-accurate light show.

5. Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition TabletThe simple fact of the matter is that technology rules the world now. While you may not be crazy about buying your kid a tablet, the truth is that it can be a very helpful and useful device in his or her life.

With this Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition Tablet, your child can access books, videos, and more from just one device. And with this particular tablet, parents are able to set limits on data usage and content access, meaning you can keep your child’s use of the tablet under control.

4. TwinStar AstroMark 50mm Refractor Telescope

TwinStar AstroMark 50mm Refractor TelescopeIf you have a young astronomer in your midst, you might want to consider purchasing them an AstroMark refractor telescope by TwinStar. With a 50 mm objective lens, this telescope is powerful enough for you to see detail on the moon, and even some planets, such as Venus.

Included with the telescope is a tripod as well as a map of the moon and Redshift 8 computer software. If you want to keep your child interested in astronomy and space, this telescope provides him or her with everything needed to do so.

3. IQ Challenge Set by GamieUSA

IQ Challenge Set by GamieUSAA great back to school gift for kids is something that is fun, but that still requires a bit of mental work in order to use. Nothing fits this bill quite like this IQ Challenge Set by GamieUSA. With 7 different pieces, including puzzle balls, a rubix cube, and a metal puzzle, this set will certainly assist in developing your child’s deduction skills.

Built durably, and designed to be safe for children, these pieces will last through a lot of wear and tear, ensuring that they’ll be around for a long time.

2. AMSCOPE-KIDS M30-ABS-KT2-W Beginner Microscope Kit

AMSCOPE-KIDS M30-ABS-KT2-W Beginner Microscope KitIf you have a future scientist in your family, you might want to consider gifting him or her this AMSCOPE-KIDS M30-ABS-KT2-W Microscope Kit. With 52 pieces included, it has everything needed to closely examine objects and organisms.

The microscope itself is capable of 120x, 240x, 300x, 480x, 600x, and 1200x magnifications, making it quite a powerful device for its price. Also included in the kit are viles, a petri dish, and more. With everything stored neatly inside of a carry case, it is a convenient and simple way to get your child involved in biology and chemistry.

1. Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value – Educational Board Game

Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value - Educational Board GameTaking care of money is one of the most important things that any human being will ever have to deal with. With this Money Bags Coin Value Board Game by Learning Resources, you can help to get your child started on the task.

Simultaneously fun and educational, the game will teach your child how to collect, count, exchange, and manage money without even thinking about it. Including 100 play coins and 10 play dollar bills, this game will give your child the feel of having his or her hands on physical currency.

What Makes a Great Back to School Gift for a Child?

Regardless of whether a kid loves or loathes school, the start of a new school year is almost always an exciting time. It’s like a new lease on life. If your kid had a poor year academically last year, this is his or her chance to turn it around. This is his or her chance to make education more of a priority.

The point of getting a kid a back to school gift is to show him or her that you care about his or her education. So what should you consider when purchasing a gift to convey this message?

Personal Interests

While the best type of back to school gift is one that fosters an appreciation for learning, it’s still important to consider your child’s particular interests. Perhaps your child has an interest that is tied into education in some way?

For instance, if your child has a love for space, you might consider buying him or her a telescope or solar system model. By getting your child a gift that is both educational, and enjoyable to him or her, you will help foster a positive atmosphere of learning.

Age level

Another important thing to consider when purchasing a back to school gift is the recipient’s age level. The fact of the matter is that there are some gifts that are more appropriate for 10 year olds than they are for 6 year olds.

While a 6 year old might like a huge box of crayons, a 10 year old might be to the point where he or she is no longer interested in coloring or art. As children grow in age, their interests and needs grow as well.

Foster learning

While you could just buy your child a video game or mindless toy, a gift that fosters education carries a lot more meaning as a back to school gift. You’re celebrating the fact that your kid is going back to school, so it’s appropriate that the gift you use to celebrate this occasion has something to do with education.

Mind teasers, educational board games, and globes fit this bill perfectly. Not only will they be interesting to your child, they will also have a positive impact in the way of education.

Work within your budget

A back to school gift is something meant to show your child that his or her education matters to you. It has nothing to do with monetary value. A new gaming system may cost more, but it has nothing to do with education.

There’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a simple back to school gift. As long as you gift your child something that he or she appreciates and can make good, practical use of, you will have given a great gift.

Types of Gifts To Consider

Learning devices

There is no more appropriate gift to give as a back to school gift than a gift that fosters learning. After all, that’s why you’re giving the gift in the first place. You’re celebrating the fact that your child has moved on to a bigger, better grade.

Learning devices come in all different forms, including board games, toy models, electronics and more. Learning globes, telescopes, microscopes, and brain teasers are all good examples of gifts that are both intriguing and educational.


A great way to get your kid excited for a new school year is to supply him or her with a brand new wardrobe. A fresh batch of clothes will allow your child to walk into school with confidence, getting him or her in the right frame of mind for learning.

A new pair of tennis shoes, some new shirts, and some new pants will help to give the beginning of the school year a little more meaning. It will signal to your child that you care about his or her school experience.

Beneficial Electronics

There are a lot of electronics that serve no better purpose than to just waste time and distract people. These are not the type of electronics you should get for your child as a back to school gift.

Instead, you should focus on electronics that benefit a child’s education, or that fulfill a need of some kind. Examples of these types of electronics are e-readers, educational video games, talking globes, and other products of their ilk.

Artistic Devices

While science, math, history, and geography are very important parts of any school curriculum, the arts can not be ignored. Whether your child’s school has an arts department or not, it’s important to promote the arts in your home.

You can do this by gifting your child some sort of artistic device. Artistic devices can be anything in the realm of music, painting, theatre, and more. Some examples of artistic devices are musical instruments, paints, and paint accessories.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Child

You know your child better than anyone else does. You probably don’t need someone else to tell you what your kid enjoys. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t seek a little advice. Besides, a back to school gift is a little different than a birthday gift or Christmas gift. A back to school gift is about celebrating your child’s education, and should therefore have something to do with education and learning.

When choosing a specific gift for your child, consider his or her personality, needs, and interests. After doing this, think of gifts that would serve that personality, those needs, and those interests. Finally, think of your gift idea in the context of education. Does it promote learning and personal growth? If so, it’s a great back to school gift for your child.

In Conclusion

A child’s early education is vital to his or her progression in life. A kid who stumbles through elementary school is going to continue to stumble through middle school, high school, and beyond. For this reason, it’s important to show your child that you care about his or her education. This will make him or her want to go the extra mile in school. How do you show your child that you care? By gifting them a meaningful and useful back to school gift.