Top 10 Basketball Knee Pads (Guide) – 2019 Reviews

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best basketball knee padsBasketball players frequently come in contact during games, and their knees take a beating with the frequency that they change directions at high speeds. Players often fall on the hardwood floor of the basketball court, and these kinds of activities can leave knees bruised and damaged without proper padding.

Our list of top ten basketball knee pads offers some highly protective options that are also durable, well designed, and comfortable to wear.

Our #1 Choice – Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

The Bodyprox protective knee pads are an excellent option for basketball but can also double as a protective layer for other outdoor sports.

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-Slip, Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve

The Bodyprox protective knee pads are our number one choice when it comes to basketball knee pads due to their extra flexible padding that is also excellent at absorbing impacts compared to other pads.

Although there are only two sizes, these knee pads work well for several different activities and have a non-slip design that makes them perfect for sudden movements. These pads feature a multi-segmented pad on the front and a breathable sleeve that is impressively flexible but also offers enough support to help prevent injuries to the knee joint.

The sleeves on these knee pads also claim to help improve circulation and reduce stiff joints and muscles. The sleeve of the knee pad extends four inches above the knee cap and is lightweight but still durable.


  • Multiple sizes available
  • Durable padding with excellent impact absorption
  • A flexible and breathable fabric sleeve
  • Offers protection without limiting motion


  • Doesn’t cover most of the leg area
  • No real compression

#2 – McDavid Hex Knee Pads

The McDavid Hex Knee Pads come in multiple colors and feature a sleeve that extends farther down the leg for enhanced protection.

Knee Compression Sleeves: McDavid Hex Knee Pads Compression Leg Sleeve for Basketball, Volleyball, Weightlifting, and More - Pair of Sleeves

The McDavid Hex Knee Pads offer an extended sleeve that is made from compression fabric and wicks away moisture. These knee pads are somewhat durable when used on smooth surfaces like a basketball court, but don’t hold up well on dirt, gravel, or other rough surfaces.

The fabric used for these knee pads is designed to keep you cool, and this helps the sleeves to stay in place. The padding itself features a hexagon-shaped pattern that breaks up the padding into a more flexible material that curves around the knee for a snug fit.

This curved and snug-fitting design also helps to ensure that the knee pad absorbs the most impact possible during gameplay. These knee pads are available in both youth and adult sizes.


  • Seven colors to choose from
  • Several sizes for a precise fit
  • Hex padding contours around the knee


  • Sizing can be tricky to get right

#3 – McDavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads

The McDavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads are shorter than the other hex knee pads on this list, but their design is just as effective.

Mcdavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads/ Elbow Pads/ Shin Pads for Volleyball, Basketball, Football & All Contact Sports, Youth & Adult Sizes, Sold as Pair (2 Sleeves)

The McDavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads are shorter but still stay in place and offer some mild compression to the knee joint. These knee pads come in eight different colors and are also available in both youth and adult sizes.

Getting the right size can be tricky, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use the same pads on your knees and elbows. These knee pads also have a reasonable price tag if you need multiple pairs. Like the other McDavid knee pads, these will last the longest on smooth surfaces like a basketball court and are not nearly as durable on rough surfaces like concrete or gravel.

These knee pads are a good option for several different contact sports and for preventing injuries in the knee, elbow, and calf area. The mild compression helps to improve circulation, but the sleeve material is breathable and flexible.


  • A shorter sleeve but the same amount of padding
  • Hex shaped padding for a close fit around the knee
  • Can also be worn on the elbow and shin
  • Multiple sizes available


  • Getting the right size can be tricky
  • The size that fits your knee may not fit your elbow, so these aren’t multipurpose


Coolomg EVA knee pads have a long sleeve for more excellent protection and staying power no matter how hard you play.

COOLOMG 2 Packs (1 Pair) Kids Adult EVA Pads Crashproof Basketball Leg Knee Long Sleeve Protector Gear XS-XL

The Coolomg knee pads have a specially designed pad that is bubble shaped. This unique design offers a few key advantages over the hex-shaped padding including a more significant stretch in the right areas, but without sacrificing the compression qualities that prevent injuries.

These knee pads also have a sleeve that extends five inches above the knee cap and more than halfway down the calf. This sleeve may help improve blood circulation and even offer more protection to the calf. A longer sleeve also helps the pad to stay in place during more vigorous movements and may provide crucial stability to the joint.

These knee pads are available in eighteen different colors, and the ergonomic design can also alleviate discomfort in the joint. The exterior of these knee pads also has texture, so you don’t slip on them when getting up from a kneeling position.


  • Several sizes to choose from in both youth and adult
  • Bubble style padding for a more significant stretch
  • Flat seamed for greater comfort


  • May cover too much of the leg for some players

#5 – PISIQI Knee Pads

The Pisiqi knee pads have a shorter sleeve but still offer sufficient padding and staying power.

PISIQI Knee Pads Protection, Compression Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve for Volleyball, Basketball, Football & All Contact Sports (6 Sleeves) ...

The Pisiqi knee pads are another shorter design, and their padding is slightly thinner than some of the other options on our list. If you are looking for a lighter knee pad to play in and aren’t overly concerned with cushioning, this product may be a good option for you.

There are five colors available and several adult sizes, but it may take some trial and error to find the right fit.


  • A short breathable sleeve
  • Several different colors available
  • Hex patterned padding for optimal cushioning


  • The padding may go flat with intensive use

#6 – O-Best Basketball Knee Pads

The O-Best Basketball Knee Pads feature more prominent pads and a long sleeve.

O-Best [Upgrade Version] Basketball Knee Pads, Compression Kids Adult EVA Pads Crashproof Volleyball Long Leg Knee Sleeves Protector Gear (Small, White)

The O-Best Basketball Knee Pads are another excellent option if you want a fuller coverage knee pad, and the sleeve is made from breathable fabric to help prevent sweating. The padded part of these knee pads is more prominent than in other designs, but they are also more durable.

These knee pads are a good option if you want thicker padding, but they may also be warmer to wear while playing basketball. They also only come in two colors, which means you can’t easily match them to your team colors.


  • Extensive fit guide and size chart
  • Non-slip top band for greater staying power
  • Breathable and flexible fabric


  • Only two colors available

#7 – BERTER Knee Brace – Anti Collision Knee Pads

The Berter knee pads have a unique padded design for better flex during gameplay.

BERTER Knee Brace - Anti-Collision Knee Compression Sleeves Support - Men Women Knee Pads for Basketball, Volleyball, Running, Working Out (S)

The Berter knee pads are a more robust knee pad that doesn’t compromise your range of movement. The sleeve also acts as a brace for the knee and offers some compression that can help prevent injury and increase blood flow.

These knee pads are perfect for basketball because they have a non-slip strip at the top that keeps them in place. They are only available in black, but there is a range of sizes for adults.


  • Flexible design protects and braces the knee
  • Uniquely designed padding has excellent impact resistance
  • The sleeve is super breathable and supports the joint


  • Padding is thicker than other designs

#8 – COOLOMG Long Basketball Knee Pads

The Coolomg long basketball knee pads are a good option for a full coverage knee pad that comes in unique colors.

COOLOMG (Pair Basketball Knee Pads for Kids Youth Adult Nebula Galaxy Long Leg Knee Sleeves Protector Gear EVA NASA Digital Camo XXS-XL

The Coolomg long basketball knee pads feature a pad that is individual bubbles coated with fabric and stitching that holds it in place. This stitching makes the padding more secure, and the longer sleeve supports the knee.

The light compression sleeve can help reduce soreness, improve circulation, and also aid in recovery. The padding on these knee pads is thicker than other designs, so there’s more impact absorption. These knee pads are suitable for a variety of different sports other than basketball.


  • Unique color options available
  • Sizes available for adults and youth
  • Moisture-wicking sleeve


  • No non-slip band at the top

#9 – Cantop Long Knee Pads

The Cantop Long Knee Pads are a robust option for aggressive gameplay without sacrificing comfort.

Cantop Knee Pads Long Compression Leg Sleeves Braces for Basketball Volleyball Football and All Contact Sports, Kids Youth Adult Girls Boys Women Men, Sold as 1 Pair (2pcs)

The long knee pads from Cantop may be a bit tricky to size correctly, but these pads have a more robust impact-absorbing material on them that is thicker than another hexagon-shaped padding.

These pads are available in five colors, and there is a non-slip band at the top of the sleeve to help keep them in place. The sleeve on these knee pads extends approximately five inches above the knee and down to the mid-calf area.


  • Robust padding with built-in flex points
  • Extended sleeve for more coverage
  • Comes in five colors and several sizes


  • Sleeve material could be more durable

#10 – Cantop Compression Knee Pads

The Cantop Compression Knee pads offer more significant support than other products and are suitable for several sports.

Cantop Compression Knee Pads Leg Sleeve Support Protector Sprots Brace for Volleyball Basketball Football, Sold as Pair

The Contop compression knee pads have a sleeve that offers a more significant amount of support than other pads, and it’s designed to cradle the knee, increase circulation, and protect your skin from abrasions and irritation.

These pads are an excellent option for basketball due to their robust padding with its high level of flexibility, and the extended sleeve that covers the part of the calf most likely to take a hit during gameplay.


  • Several sizes available
  • Moisture-wicking sleeve
  • More extended design for better coverage and protection


  • Could be more durable

Basketball Knee Pad FAQ

Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about basketball knee pads.

What Are Basketball Knee Pads?

Basketball knee pads are padding that players wear to protect their knees from falls and impacts with others during gameplay. These pads feature a longer piece of compression material, called a sleeve, so they stay in place during vigorous activity with basketball.

All of our top ten basketball knee pads are available online, and they come in different colors and lengths. There are also adult, and youth sizes available so you can find the best fit.

Why Are Basketball Knee Pads Necessary?

Basketball knee pads are necessary because players frequently run into each other during gameplay, and it’s not uncommon for falls to take place. The basketball court features a hard material on the surface that can cause bruising and damage to areas of the body like the knee.

The compression qualities of the basketball knee pads help to support the knee as a player darts from side to side. These quick movements are hard on the knee joint itself, and knee injuries are not uncommon.

What Features Should the Basketball Knee Pads Have?

Basketball knee pads should have some standard features like compression, a close fit, and a flexible padded area. The more flexible the knee pads are, the more comfortable the player is likely to be during gameplay.

Knee pads don’t need to be expensive to work well, but getting the right overall length and size for the player’s leg is essential. Knee pads should be long enough to stay in place, but not so long that they cause the player to overheat or restrict their movement.

Some of the best knee pads will also have grippy material inside the sleeve to help keep the knee pad in place.

Final Thoughts

Our list of top ten basketball knee pads includes options with different length sleeves and levels of padding. If you tend to be in games where rougher play is the norm, it’s worth it to choose a more robust pad to ward off injuries and support your knee.

The Bodyprox knee pads are the number one pick on our list because they are suitable for several sports, and have the most durable and robust padding available without sacrificing your range of motion.