The Best Energy Drinks of 2021

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Even when you get the recommended eight hours of sleep the night before, it can be hard to muster enough energy and focus that lasts throughout the day. The best energy drink or shot can wake you right back up, giving you the boost you need for that important meeting or intense workout. We reviewed the top energy drinks of 2021 for you. 

What are the benefits of energy drinks?

Several studies have found that the best energy drinks can provide specific physical and mental benefits. For instance, whether you want to run further than usual or take on a more challenging hike, consuming an energy drink beforehand can improve your physical endurance. The beverage can also enhance alertness and help you function when you’re tired, especially on those long, late night road trips. With the capability of even improving memory and concentration, the best energy drinks give you that extra clarity you need to get through the day, according to a study in the International Journal of Health Sciences.

What are common ingredients in energy drinks?

Certain ingredients impact how effective an energy drink is. Common ingredients other than caffeine include sugar and amino acid derivatives.


Caffeine is the ingredient that gives you that energy and productivity boost. Like most things, it’s important to consume energy drinks in moderation, especially since it has caffeine in it. Consuming a lot of caffeine (more than 400 milligrams per day for healthy adults, according to the Mayo Clinic), can lead to restlessness, heart problems, and other side effects.


In most energy drinks, the other most prevalent ingredient is sugar. Although sugar contributes to the temporary spike in energy, the combination of sugar and caffeine, if consumed in excessive amounts, can lead to a crash after the effects wear off.

Amino acid derivatives:

A frequently used amino acid derivative in energy drinks is taurine, which is naturally found in dairy, meat, and fish. L-theanine is another amino acid that is used in some energy drinks. It is most commonly found in green and black tea. Known for causing relaxation without inducing drowsiness, the naturally occurring antioxidant L-theanine contains many benefits, including stress-relief and increased focus.

What features should be considered when deciding on the best energy drink?

It can seem quite overwhelming to look at the numerous shelves of different energy drink lines and choose one, especially as the energy drink market becomes increasingly crowded. However, it can be helpful to take into consideration a few key features of an energy drink to see if it’s the one for you. First, you can find out whether the beverage is effective in providing an energy boost. The ingredients and measurements are other important features to do some research on, and they can also be a good indicator of the energy drink’s effectiveness. Some other factors you may want to consider are the taste and the price.

What Are the Top 5 Best Energy Drinks on the Market in 2021?

1. Proper Wild

proper wild energy drink review

If you tend to feel restless or crash quickly after drinking anything caffeinated, Proper Wild is the best energy shot for you. It not only lasts for a long time and calms the nerves to help you stay focused, but it is also plant-based. The shot doesn’t contain any added sugars, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. According to Proper Wild, the concentration and alertness you gain from it is caused by the combination of organic caffeine and l-theanine.

Proper Wild also has a subscription service that saves you money. Although the taste is not what it’s known for, because it is an energy shot and not an energy drink, the small serving size is certainly enough to pack a punch.

2. Bang Energy DrinkBang energy drink review

Bang Energy drinks are great for increasing your stamina and mental and physical performance for your next workout or sports game. Known for its good flavor and taste, Bang contains 0 calories and 0 sugar. The energy drink does contain artificial sweetener.

On top of the 300mg of caffeine, Bang says it has Super Creatine, which is a form of creatine, a common sports supplement. You get a large 16 ounces of the drink for a price of a little over $2.

3. Red Bull Sugar FreeRed bull energy drink review

Giving you the energy you need for your next paragliding adventure or all-nighter, Red Bull produces a Red Bull energy drink that is sugar free, containing only 5 calories. The $2.40 drink, however, contains artificial sweeteners to make up for the 0 sugars. For the energy producing ingredients, Red Bull Sugar Free says it contains caffeine and another stimulant called taurine, which is an amino acid derivative.

4. CelsiusCelsius energy drink review

At the price of around $2 for a 12 fl. oz can, Celsius is a sugar free, 0 calorie energy drink provides you with the energy to stay active and meet your fitness goals. According to Celsius, the drink contains no artificial flavors; however, its ingredients does list sucralose. In addition to 200mg of caffeine, Celsius contains herbal extracts such as green tea and guarana seed that also provide some energy.

5. 5-hour Energy Shots

5 hour energy drink review

Also low calorie and sugar free, the 5-hour Energy shot is caffeine-packed to last you for a long time. The energy shot contains artificial flavorings, despite it being sugar free. At around $2 per shot, the 5-hour Energy Shot is great for when you are on the go and need a boost right away.

Our Energy Drink Reviews Are In…

When there’s no time to enjoy or sip a hot coffee or tea to fulfill your caffeine needs on a cold day, energy drinks should be where you should turn to next. The physical and mental kick that comes from energy drinks feels empowering, especially when you know what the ingredients are. When it comes to the best energy drinks, Proper Wild’s clean and long-lasting energy shot is it. Effective in both physical and mental demands, Proper Wild is plant-based and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, unlike most other energy drinks. As one of the “healthier” energy drinks, Proper Wild contains a combination of caffeine and L-theanine that decreases the jittery feeling frequently experienced after consuming caffeinated drinks, so you can confidently live life more energized and focused than ever before.