Top 10 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas (2015 Edition)

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Father's Day Gift GuideYour father is always going to be one of the most important men in your life. From the time you were born until you are grown, your father is a man who has always loved you unconditionally. Whether throwing a baseball around in the backyard with his boys or having a tea party with his little princess, dads truly have a way of making their kids feel special, no matter how old they are.

Dads should be celebrated often for their role in raising great children and working hard to provide for their families. There is one day, however, that is devoted solely to dads everywhere – Father’s Day. Make sure your dad knows how much he is loved this Father’s Day by handpicking a gift you know he’ll adore.

Here’s Our Top 10 Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love On Father’s Day

10. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth SpeakerHe’ll get big sound from a compact speaker with this Bluetooth-enabled speaker from Bose, a leader in home audio systems.

This speaker hooks up wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets, or laptops. It’s easy to operate, comes equipped with a rechargeable battery for seven straight hours of wireless audio, and delivers great sound that is truly unbelievable.

9. Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men

Nautica Voyage By Nautica For MenThis intoxicating scent is clean, crisp, and perfect for any occasion. Just like the clothing brand by Nautica, this fragrance is perfectly suited for the classic man who likes to smell great everywhere he goes.

It’s light, comes in an assortment of sizes (including gift sets with aftershave and other grooming items), and it’s extremely affordable, so it’s perfect for almost any budget.

8. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod Combo

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod ComboIf your dad is an outdoorsman and loves spending lazy afternoons out by the lake, this fishing pole is a gift that will get a lot of use. This pole is designed for ultimate performance, has modern styling, is lightweight, and is durable enough to hold on to the largest fish.

Don’t be fooled by how well it performs, though; it still boasts a very affordable price tag.

7. Xbox One with Kinect

Xbox One with KinectVideo games aren’t just for kids; they’re fun for dads, too. If your dad likes playing the latest racing and first-person shooting games, this bundle is made for him. He’ll have everything he needs for the ultimate high-definition gaming experience.

This bundle is fully-equipped with a game console, wireless controller, a chat headset, a Kinect system, and an HDMI cable for a crystal-clear gaming experience.

6. LG Electronics 39LB5600 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV

LG Electronics 39LB5600 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TVIf he’s still watching an old tube TV, give him an upgrade he can enjoy every day with this 39-inch TV from LG. He’ll be able to enjoy his favorite shows, movies, and video games in stunning high-definition.

This model has a great picture, vivid colors, a convenient remote control, and is Energy Star certified so he doesn’t have to worry about running up the power bill while sitting down for a marathon of movies or TV series.

5. Casio Men’s MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch

Casio Men's MQ24-1E Black Resin WatchThis watch is simple enough for everyday wear, but sleek enough to add style to any ensemble. Best of all, it’s very affordable. Your dad will always stay on schedule with this watch from Casio, which features a black band, case, and face accented with gold details.

It has a very simple design that makes it easy to read, without a lot of unnecessary dials, so it’s perfect for every man.

4. Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Hathaway Playoff Soccer TableThis foosball table is the perfect addition to any rec room or man cave.

Challenge him to some friendly competition on this soccer table, which has a large playing surface, thick legs for stability, end ball return, and a variety of other features.

3. Pioneer 200 Pocket Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album

Pioneer 200 Pocket Fabric Frame Cover Photo AlbumYour dad has lots of memories that he’ll keep in his heart forever, but give him a photographic reminder of all of the best times together with this fabric photo album, available in your choice of four colors. This album has a simple but elegant design that looks great on a coffee table, but what is really special is hidden inside.

Fill this frame with up to 200 of your favorite photos of you and your dad, your siblings, your mom and your dad, and other special moments with beloved people.

2. Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity ChairLet Dad sit back and relax on his special day and any other occasion with this zero gravity chair. Its oversize design is comfortable enough for men of any size, and the multiple recline options provide ultimate comfort, while relieving pressure on the back and joints.

He’ll feel better than ever after he’s relaxed in the backyard on a warm day or while he’s kicking back and watching the stars at night. This chair has a folding design that allows him to take it with him on vacation, his next fishing trip, or even to a pre-game tailgating event.

1. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TVYour dad can watch all of his favorite TV shows and movies anytime he wants with this small box that hooks up easily to any TV. This affordable option for streaming video lets him access the latest on-demand content from top streaming apps including HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and more.

He’ll love watching entire series, newly released videos, listening to his favorite music and more on this box that is installed and ready to watch in just minutes.

What makes a great Father’s Day gift?

Father’s Day, like other holidays, isn’t just about the gift giving, of course. However, purchasing or even handcrafting a gift is just a small way to show your dad how much you appreciate him, not just on Father’s Day, but every day. A great Father’s Day gift may or may not be expensive. It may be bought from a store, or it may be made from scratch.

In short, a great Father’s Day gift can be a lot of things, but it should always be straight from the heart. If you just can’t seem to figure out the ideal present for your dad for Father’s Day, consider the following things that can help you make the right purchasing decision.

What does your dad enjoy?

Is he a grill master, always perfecting his recipes and serving mouthwatering food at the neighborhood pool parties and barbecues? Is he a sports fanatic, who leaps off the couch when his favorite team scores a goal? Does he like tinkering with the latest electronics, always have a cellphone in hand, or sits with a laptop attached to his lap?

The first thing you should always do before purchasing a gift for your dad is think about what interests him the most. Not only will he have something that you know he’ll use, but you also show him just how well you know him.

Touch his heart

Remember when you were a child and you made drawings and clay sculptures at school or with your mom in the kitchen? When your dad said he loved it, he meant it because he knew it came straight from the heart. Take this same concept and use it, even as an adult.

This doesn’t mean that you should break out the Play’Doh or crayons. Instead, think of homemade gifts that he can cherish forever. A handwritten letter or poem, a photo collage, a favorite photograph of the two of you blown up on a canvas, anything that shows you really love and appreciate your dad.

A day away from being a dad

Dads like their role most of the time, but sometimes, especially if there are young children still in the home, a dad just wants a day to himself, away from his job, his stresses, and his responsibilities. If your dad just never seems to take a break and do things for himself, Father’s Day is the perfect day to get him out of the house.

A round of golf at the local country club, a short weekend trip, a ticket to a sports event or concert, or doing something else that interests him is a great idea for this holiday.

Some help around the house

Over the years, dads have truly learned how to do it all. From getting up in the morning to go to work all day to helping out around the house to maintaining the lawn, dads have a very difficult job every single day. If he hasn’t had time to mow the lawn or do some handyman work around the house, consider doing it for you.

Of course, if you aren’t very handy yourself, you can always make the job much easier by purchasing him a great set of tools or a new lawnmower that makes his jobs at home not so much of a chore.

Types of Gifts To Consider

Clothing and accessories

Clothing is always a good gift idea for a dad that likes to show off great personal style. Make sure you know his sizes by taking a peek in his closet or asking your mom or a sibling for the information. That way, your dad can enjoy his new gear without having to go back to the store to exchange it. Remember to purchase things that he will actually wear, not just something you hope he’ll wear.

Even if he isn’t a style maven, clothes and accessories may still make a great gift. A watch, for example, is something that most dads would enjoy receiving. If he’s a sports fan, you can also look into purchasing him hats, sweatshirts, and other sports apparel showcasing his love for his favorite team.

Grooming gear

Even though he’s spent his days helping take care of kids, that doesn’t mean that he can’t take care of himself. A nice, clean-smelling cologne, a high-quality electric razor, or skin care items designed to keep a man’s skin clear and smooth are all great gift ideas if your dad really enjoys taking care of himself and looking his best.

Electronic gadgets

Most men love electronics, whether it’s the latest smartphone or a tablet he can slip into his briefcase for work and play. If your dad is a techie, purchase him an electronic device that will get lots of use. The possibilities are endless when it comes to electronics, and there is something for every budget. From the latest laptop to a 3D TV to a new GPS system, your dad will love tinkering with his new gadget long past Father’s Day.

Something for his workshop

If your dad likes spending his time in the garage restoring cars or is always repairing things around the house, use this interest to pick out a gift he’ll truly enjoy. New tools, power tools, a socket set, or new toolbox are all good gift ideas for your father on his special day.

How To Choose a Gift Dad Will Appreciate

It just can’t be said enough how important it is to choose something that’s tailored to your dad’s needs and interests. Just because it’s expensive or touted as the “must-have” gift for dads doesn’t necessarily mean your dad will enjoy receiving it. Instead of generic, be more specific with your gift. Purchase something he would like, not something you would like, although this is certainly okay if you both share similar interests.

Don’t let a tight budget discourage you, either. You don’t have to spend a million dollars to show your dad that he is loved as long as you show him that you really took the time out of your busy life to carefully select a gift especially for him.


Father’s Day isn’t the only day that you should show love to your dad, but it is a great time to spend an entire day celebrating just how wonderful he is. While you’re spending time with your dad on this special holiday, make the day even more memorable by presenting him with a thoughtful gift.

Pick something that he’ll love, attach a card or note that tells him just how amazing he is, and enjoy spending a day with the man who has loved you through it all.