Ten of the Best Gifts for New Dads in 2017 (Gift Idea Guide)

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best-gifts-for-new-dads-guideOverjoyed. Excited. Nervous. A little terrified. These are all adjectives that can be used to describe how men feel when they become fathers. While fathering a child is obviously an exciting and fulfilling endeavour, it can also be sort of scary. Like anything that you do for the first time, fathering a child is filled with a lot of mystery, adjustment, and trial-and-error. So how can you, as a friend or relative of a new dad, help to make this dad feel more at ease about his ability to father his new child? Well, you might consider purchasing him a meaningful gift.

Giving a gift to the new father in your life can help to make him feel as if you’re on his side, proud of who he is and what he’s doing. A man’s foray into fatherhood should be celebrated, and a gift is a great way to celebrate it.

These are the Top 10 Best Gifts for New Dads

10. Fayebeline Boutique Quality Baby Onesie I Drink Until I Pass Out

funny-baby-onesiesEvery new father wants their new child to be representative of who they are as a person. They want them to participate in their hobbies, and relate to the way that they look at life. If the new dad in your life has a sense of humor, you might consider purchasing him this onesie by Fayebeline.

Made from 100% cotton and available in two different sizes, it will fit your new dad’s child comfortably, and give him or her something to help represent his or her humorous father. Equipped with heavy-duty snap closures, it can be opened easily at any point without much struggle or hassle.

9. Go the F**k to Sleep

go-the-fk-to-sleepWhile kids obviously love children’s picture books, there’s no reason that adults shouldn’t get to be in on the fun as well. While this is not a good book for a new father to read to his son or daughter, it will almost undoubtedly bring a smile to his face. Go the F** to Sleep has been read all over the United States by many parents, both old and new.

Available in Kindle, hardcover, and audiobook versions, it can be read in both traditional and modern manners. A book about the struggles of getting a newborn child to go to sleep, the new dad in your life will surely relate to it and understand its humor.

8. Becko 3-In-1 Multi-functional Diaper Bag

becko-3-in-1-multi-functional-diaper-bagWherever a new dad goes with his child, there’s always going to be a chance that he’ll have to change a dirty diaper. For that reason, we suggest gifting the new dad in your life this stylish, manly diaper bag by Becko.

Featuring a number of internal and external zippable pockets, it can hold everything your baby needs, from diapers, to baby powder, to milk bottles, and more. Made of heavy-duty, waterproof oxford cloth, this bag contains shoulder straps that will allow the new dad in your life to carry it with him wherever he goes.

7. Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time

dads-playbookThe first time you do something is always going to be difficult. Rarely are people able to pick up the nuances and details of mastering a new activity easily. The activity of parenting is no different. That’s why we suggest you purchase the Dad’s Playbook for the new father in your life.

Loaded with inspirational quotes from the greatest coaches in the history of sports, this book will provide every new father with the inspiration and motivation needed to succeed at raising his new child. Available in hardback and Kindle versions, it can read both traditionally and modernly.

6. Papa Bear Funny Dad 11oz Coffee Mug

papa-bear-funny-dad-11oz-coffee-mugRaising a new child means you’re going to get a lot less sleep. You’re going to be exhausted a lot of the time. To keep yourself going, you’re going to have to consume a lot of caffeine. For that reason, we suggest you gift the new father in your life this Papa Bear coffee mug by Linda’s Gifts

Made out of fine, polished ceramic, it is large enough to hold up to 11 ounces of coffee or any other liquid at one time. Microwave and dishwasher safe, it’s beyond easy to maintain and keep clean, allowing the new dad in your life to represent himself proudly whenever he needs a shot of caffeine.

5. Marvotek Wireless Headphones

marvotek-wireless-headphones-bluetooth-headphonesLiving with a newly born baby is a delicate existence. It seems that just about anything can set off a crying spell that lasts for an unknown period of time. To keep a baby behaved, it’s best to surround him or her with as little noise as possible. That’s why we suggest you purchase these Marvotek Wireless Headphones for the new dad in your life.

With active noise cancelling capabilities, they will allow new fathers to listen to music and watch videos without the risk of disturbing their new children. With a 10 meter WiFi range, they can connect to just about any device in a house.

4. Just Me and My Dad (Little Critter)

just-me-and-my-dadOne of the most important parts of a new dad’s life is spending quality time with his new child. These bonding experiences will help to make the child feel loved and accepted by his or her new father, fostering healthy psychological growth and self-esteem. For that reason, we suggest that you gift this best-selling children’s book to the new dad in your life.

About a camping trip between a father and a son, it sports colorful pictures that will help newborn babies follow along with its story. Available on both Kindle and in hardback, it can be read in both traditional and modern styles.

3. Malden Sun Washed Words Dad Distressed Black Picture Frame

malden-sun-washed-words-dad-distressed-black-picture-frameWhether it be on his bedside table or on his work desk, a new father is going to want to have pictures of his new child. Of course, to display these pictures in the correct manner, he is going to need a nice picture frame. That’s why we suggest you purchase him this Dad picture frame by Malden.

Made to accommodate 4 x 6 pictures, it is available in a bevy of different colors and styles. Capable of being hung up on a wall or stood up on a table, it’s beyond easy to clean and maintain.

2. South Shore Peak-a-Boo Collection Changing Table

south-shore-peak-a-boo-collection-changing-tableOne of the troublesome, but necessary aspects of being a new dad is changing your child’s diapers. For that reason, we suggest that you purchase the South Shore Peak-a-Boo Collection Changing Table for the new dad in your life.

Made from environmentally-friendly laminated particle panels, it is sturdy and aesthetically-pleasing enough to fit perfectly into any home’s collective decor. With a padded top and two shelves, it provides plenty of space for a baby, and a number of diaper-changing products.

1. Schwinn Child Carrier

schwinn-child-carrierExercise should be a part of every person’s life. Just because a dad has a newborn child doesn’t mean that he should cease to do the things that keep him healthy. But how can a new dad incorporate his child into his exercise routine? If he likes to ride a bike, he would be well-served by this Schwinn Child Carrier.

Made of strong, but lightweight polypropylene, it attaches firmly to the back of any bike, allowing new dads to take their children out with them for a spin around the neighborhood. With a bevy of seat cushioning as well as a padded crossbar, it will keep his child safe and secure at all times.

What Makes a Great Gift for a New Dad?

While he can certainly receive advice from his friends as well as his own father, a new dad is essentially on his own when it comes to raising his child. Of course his wife or girlfriend will be on his side as well, but there are some things a child needs that can only be provided by his or her father. In order to help the new dad in your life be as prepared as possible, you should give him a gift that assists in the fathering of his new child.

While a huge part of being a great father is just the act of being there for your kids, there are some material items that can help to make a big difference. When thinking about what makes a great gift for a father, you should also think about these material items.

Make His Life as Easy as Possible

From going to work, to changing diapers, to waking up at all hours of the night in order to calm down his new child, a new father has a lot of responsibilities. While you can’t do anything to make these responsibilities go away, you can buy him a gift that makes the completion of these responsibilities a lot easier.

Is there a gift out there that will allow him to change diapers more quickly and more efficiently? Perhaps you could give him something that allows him to relax for a little while. The life of a new father is very busy, and every little convenience adds up.

Work Within Your Budget

As with any gift you purchase for somebody, you must consider your own budget. You don’t want to spend inordinate amounts of money on a gift that will mean just as much to a new father as a gift half its price would.

Set a minimum price, set a maximum price, and find a gift whose price falls somewhere in between these two figures. Regardless of the gift you purchase for the new dad in your life, he will be more than grateful that you even thought about him.

Think of Ways to Help Dad and Baby Bond

One of the best things a new father can do for his new son or daughter is simply spend time with him or her. In order for a baby to grow up into a happy, healthy, well-functioning adult, he or she needs to spend quality time with his or her father.

So, when purchasing a gift, think of how your gift might foster a healthy relationship between dad and baby. A gift of this type can often end up being the most fulfilling, both for a new father, and his new baby girl or boy.

Think Practically

The truth of the matter is that raising a child takes more than just love and acceptance. It also require some necessary material items, such as bottles, pacifiers, clothes, and other items.

While these types of gifts might not seem like the most exciting gifts to you, for new fathers, they are invaluable. You can rest assured, giving a new dad a practical gift which helps in the raising and caretaking of his child will make him as happy as can be.

Types of Gifts To Consider for a New Dad

Dad-Baby Bonding Gifts

As was mentioned above, one of the most important aspects of a child’s development is bonding with his or her parents. Knowing that he or she is loved and accepted by his or her father goes a long ways into turning him or her into a healthy, functional adult.

For this reason, we suggest a gift that helps to foster a strong relationship between dad and baby. These types of gifts include children’s picture books, baby toys, and bike carriers, to name a few.

Gifts That Will Help Him Care for the New Baby

While a baby’s psychological health is undoubtedly important, his or her physical health is equally as important. New dads have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to taking care of their new child’s physical and hygienic needs.

By buying the new dad in your life a gift that will help him to meet these physical needs, you will be doing him a huge favor. These types of gifts include onesies, diaper bags, bottles, and anything else that assists in taking care of a new baby’s physical needs.

Practical Electronics

In this day and age, electronics always make a popular gift. However, you shouldn’t just go out and buy any old electronic device for the new dad in your life. You should consider how this electronic device will affect his ability to properly father his new child.

There are a number of electronic gifts that are near necessities when living in the same house as a baby. These gifts include noise cancelling headphones, baby monitors, and a bevy of other items.

Novelty/Gag Gifts

Parenthood can be a truly exhausting endeavour. If a new dad doesn’t get a chance to relax and laugh every once in awhile, he’s sure to break down. This isn’t good for the new baby or anyone else in the house.

For that reason, we suggest a gift that helps to keep the mood light and humorous. This type of gift can include anything from funny books, to novelty shirts, to humorous merchandise, and more.

How to Choose the Best Gift for the New Dad in Your Life

Choosing a gift for the new dad in your life can be a daunting task, but you should remember that, regardless of what you give him, he’ll be happy that you even cared enough to buy him a gift in the first place. Just about anything he receives will assist him in his foray into parenthood.

It’s important to remember that you know the new dad in your life better than most. Think about what makes him tick. Consider what he would find useful. After doing so, think of how it ties into taking care of a new baby. Once you have done this, you’ll be sure to find a great gift for the new dad in your life.

In Conclusion

The new dad in your life has a lot of long, exhausting days ahead of him. Raising a child is not an easy endeavour, but it is an admirable one. To show him how much you admire his effort and dedication, you should give him a thoughtful and useful gift. Not only will this gift show him that you’re firmly on his side, it will also assist him in being the best father he can possibly be.