Best Gua Sha Tools – 2021 Reviews

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Gua sha, a form of skincare with roots in ancient Chinese Medicine, has taken the skincare industry by storm. Of course, this isn’t the first time that the modern beauty industry has taken inspiration from traditional Chinese remedies. Past examples include collagen supplements, acupuncture, and even snail- mucin based creams! But thanks to recent scientific findings and a dedicated userbase, gua sha could be how ancient China leaves its mark on modern skincare!

In this article, we explore the benefits of gua sha and provide our picks for the best gua sha tools on the market!

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is a natural Chinese form of regenerative skincare. A specialized gua sha tool is used to scrape your skin in strokes of varying lengths and directions. Gua sha is typically applied to your back and joints or as a facial treatment. Traditionally, gua sha was only performed by specialists and practitioners of Chinese medicine, but the tools we recommend in this article allow you to bring this technique directly to your home!

What are Gua Sha’s health benefits?

Gua sha’s primary benefit is reducing bodily inflammation. By scraping your skin, you improve your blood flow, allowing oxygen to circulate throughout your body. This directly combats the effects of inflammation, which restricts blood flow by thickening the structures within your blood vessels. As a result, gua sha directly helps prevent chronic conditions such as joint and muscle pains, byproducts of unchecked inflammation.

Recent clinical studies have also confirmed gua sha’s effectiveness in combatting conditions such as Hepatitis B, migraines, neck pain, and menopause symptoms. The best part? Gua sha is a completely natural and safe treatment. You’ll be free from the fine text found in almost all other skincare products on the market.

Our Picks For the Best Gua Sha Tool


1. Wildling Empress Collection – Best Facial Gua Sha Tool

WLD-2446 Wildling Empress Collection Gua SHa Kit

Our top pick for the best gua sha tool is the Empress Collection, leading brand Wildling’s take on facial gua sha. Facial gua sha requires a lighter touch than other forms of the technique, and Wildling’s Empress Collection definitely fulfils this requirement. The patented Empress Stone tool is made using the rejuvenating Bian stone, which is said to hold anti-aging and antioxidant properties. Wildling collections also include a custom made tonic and oil (also available separately), made from organic ingredients grown on family-owned farms. Use all three together for a complete facial treatment designed to hydrate, activate, and lift your skin.



WLD-2113 Wildling Aura Body Gua Sha Collection

2. Wildling Aura Collection – Best Gua Sha Tool for Body

Wildling makes their second appearance on our list with their Aura collection, a custom guasha tookit designed for bodywork. The mystical Bian stone returns in Wildling’s signature Aura Stone and is surrounded by a different supporting cast: the Aura Sweeper, Aura Activator, and Aura Oil. When used in conjunction, the Aura Collection helps release tight muscles, stimulate lymph flow, and smooth out the skin’s surface. This is done through a four step process specifically designed by Wildling to perfect your body skincare routine.



Rose Quartz Gua Sha

3. Herbivore Botanicals Gua Sha – Best Budget Gua Sha Tool

Herbivore is an up and coming skincare brand that specializes in vegetarian facial oils and cleansers. Their gua sha line isn’t as well known, but you can be sure that they are of a similar quality to other Herbivore products. Herbivore’s standard gua sha tool is composed of rose quartz, a popular choice symbolic of self-love. We picked Herbivore’s gua sha tool for its incredible value: just $18 for access to a high quality and aesthetically pleasing skincare device. Take note – some customers have expressed issues with the longevity of the product. Despite these concerns, we still believe that the Herbivore Gua tool is an amazing product at its price point.



Skin Gym Jade Workout Set Roller + Gua Sha

4. Standard Dose Workout Set – Best Jade Gua Sha Tool

Standard Dose is a New York based brand dedicated to promoting mental and bodily wellness through natural remedies. Gua sha treatment perfectly fits the bill, and Standard Dose took advantage with their jade-based facial tool set. The Standard Dose Workout Set includes both a distinct heart-shaped gua sha “sculpty” tool and an accompanying facial roller. Both can be great individual products but when used together, they synergize to create an entirely new experience. Try out the Standard Dose Workout Set reduce muscle tension and enhance your facial glow!



5. Sacheu Gua Sha – Best Steel Gua Sha Tool

Sacheu is an explosive newcomer to the gua sha skincare scene.  Founded in late 2020 by beauty influencer Sarah Cheung, the Los Angeles based brand has been making waves in the industry with their signature stainless steel products. Sacheu claims that stainless steel gua sha tools are more hygienic and durable than traditional jade and quartz alternatives. This decision comes at the cost of using solely natural-based ingredients, a trademark of traditional gua sha treatment. Sacheu rounds out our list with a different, yet refreshing take on gua sha facial tools.