Wildling Beauty: The Natural Skincare Products You’ll Need

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About the Wildling Beauty

Wilding Beauty is all about gua sha, a skincare therapy with roots in traditional Chinese medicine. It involves using a stone to scrape the skin, which is thought to release tension and increase blood flow. Although gua sha surged in popularity just recently, it has actually been practiced for hundreds of years in China. Today, it is also a common therapy in acupuncture.  The three women who founded Wilding Beauty have extensive experience in Chinese medicine, herbs, acupuncture, and beauty. They want to create a brand that promotes self-loving and believe that gua sha is the key to “restore our connection with nature, transform the skin, and enhance well-being.” Wildling Beauty seeks to achieve this by formulating its products based on plants and herbs grown in local farms. Sounds interesting? Continue reading this article to explore Wildling Beauty and learn about the tools you’ll need to do gua sha and facial cupping in the comfort of your home.

Wildling Beauty Empress Collection Review

The Empress Collection is a complete facial gua sha set. Its Empress Stone contains more than 40 types of minerals known for their antioxidant and anti-aging effects. It also includes the Empress Tonic that stimulates and nourishes the lymphatic system, as well as the Empress Oil that works to improve circulation and toning. Together, the three pieces will hydrate the skin and bring a radiant glow to the face.

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Wildling Beauty Aura Collection Review

The Aura Collection is a four-part body gua sha set. Inside the box, you will find the Aura Sweeper, a dry brush used to increase lymphatic flow. Next up is the Aura Activator, a body serum that hydrates the skin after dry brushing. The third item in the set is the Aura Oil, intended for skin nourishment. Finally, it also comes with the Aura Stone. The four items work to recuperate tight muscles and stagnation. The Aura Collection is a must-have for bodywork.

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Wildling Beauty Lumin Collection Review

The Lumin Collection is the newest item offered by Wilding Beauty. Instead of gua sha, it focuses on facial cupping. In Chinese medicine, facial cupping is used to stimulate, clear, and detoxify the skin and the layers below it. It is said that facial cupping enhances qi (energy) and blood flow, which is the key component in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is especially effective on blemish-prone skin types. The Lumin Collection includes the Lumin Three-in-One Oil, Lumin Cupping Set, Lumin Cloud Cloth, and Lumin Mushroom. The set is expected to launch in October 2021.

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What are the ingredients?

At Wildling Beauty, all products are made with ingredients originating from nature. Every ingredient is carefully chosen for its unique benefits and effects on the skin, body, and mind. The aroma comes directly from the botanical infusion, rather than added fragrance or essential oils. Furthermore, tools made from Bian stones are natural materials. Wildling Beauty’s products are Leaping Bunny and Peta Cruelty-Free Certified and 100% vegan.

What makes Wildling Beauty stand out?

Wildling Beauty stands out because its products are made with plants, herbs, and other natural materials. It doesn’t include any essential oils, an ingredient that sometimes causes skin irritation. Wildling Beauty’s two signature products, the Empress Stone and the Aura Stone, are both crafted with Bian stones. In mineralogy, the Bian stone is known for its role in regenerating healthy human cells. 

Where to find Wildling Beauty?

You can find Wildling Beauty’s products on their website, some online beauty retailers, and in a very limited number of brick-and-mortar beauty stores such as Bluemercury. With Wildling Beauty’s popularity on the rise, it is possible that its products will become available in more online and physical locations.

Our Opinion

Wildling Beauty is one of a kind on the market for skincare. It recreates the ancient tradition of gua sha in a modernized form and brings the technique directly to home. The instructions are simple and definitely user-friendly (no more expensive and time-consuming appointments with the specialist. yay!). Besides the various benefits to the skin, Wildling Beauty also gives back by planting a tree for every Empress Stone sold and making a quarterly donation to the AAPI community. Now, this is totally worth it, isn’t it?