The Top LED Christmas Lights in 2016 (Reviews and Guide)

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best-led-christmas-lights-review-guideIt’s inching closer to December, which of course means that Christmas is nearing. As is the tradition, it’s about time to get outside and start decorating your house with various different decorations. These decorations come in the form of wreaths, nativity scenes, stars, and Santa Claus-themed objects. While all of these decorations are an option for decorating your house, there’s one thing that’s not an option. That one thing is Christmas lights.

Nothing better displays your holiday enthusiasm and Christmas spirit quite like a house lined with Christmas lights. If you don’t already have any, it’s time to get out there and find some so that you can bring in the holidays with style.

What are LED Christmas Lights?

LED Christmas lights are, to put it simply, the bright lights that you see adorning everyone’s houses around Christmas time. While th
ey come in a variety of different sizes and styles, the most common type of LED Christmas lights are tiny lights connected to a long strand of electric wiring, enabling you to hang them up across the trim of your house’s roof.

Coming in a variety of colors, from plain electric light, to red, blue, green, and more, they enable you to decorate your house’s interior and exterior with your specific touch of personality. One of the notable things that should be mentioned about LED Christmas lights is that they are capable of withstanding poor weather conditions, such as rain and snow.

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What are the Benefits of LED Christmas Lights?

While LED Christmas lights are primarily used to decorate the exterior of your house, they can also be used for a number of other reasons. While it’s not necessarily the case with everyone, most people use Christmas lights to decorate their Christmas trees.

Some use Christmas lights to decorate the headstones of deceased loved ones, bringing the Christmas spirit those who had an important impact in their lives. Regardless of what they’re used for, Christmas lights have proven to be the the primary Christmas decoration for most people on this planet.

Who are the Contenders for Best LED Christmas Lights?

Innoo Tech InnooLight Rattan Ball String Lights – Including 40 white rattan balls, these Innoo Tech LED christmas lights bring a unique and elegant atmosphere to wherever they’re placed. While they project a very bright light, they are as safe as any Christmas lights you’re going to find, possessing a 100-240 volt input, and a 31 volt output. With 8 different light modes, they are capable of dimming on and off, dimming constantly, and being as bright as possible, to name a few options.

LED Window Curtain Light by DOGOO – Measuring in at 11.5 feet in length and 2.6 feet in width, these DOGOO LED Christmas lights posses the appearance of lighted icicles. Equipped with 8 different light settings, they are capable of flashing in waves, sequentially, steadily, and in a number of other different ways. Capable of connecting with up to 5 different sets of lights, these allow you to ultimately span around 60 feet.

MAXINDA Connectable LED String Lights – Measuring in at 18 feet in length, these Maxinda LED Christmas lights are available in multicolor and warm white designs. Capable of connecting to a total number of 7 light strands, these lights can span over 120 feet in length, making them great for lining the edges of your roof. Made with extra-hard shells, they are as durable as any LED Christmas lights you’re going to find.

Considerations for Choosing the Right LED Christmas Lights

When it comes to LED Christmas lights, most people tend to think that they are all fairly similar; long strands of wiring that are attached to dozens and dozens of plastic-bulbed lights; they may come in different colors, but they are all generally the same. But the truth of the matter is that all Christmas lights offer large differences in both appearance and functionality. There are a number of aspects to consider when trying to choose the correct LED Christmas lights. These aspects range from everything to the lights’ total strand length, to how powerful they are, to their overall appearance, to any special features they may possess.

Strand Length

If you’re planning on stringing up Christmas lights around the entirety of your house, you’re going to need them to come in rather long strands. Most light strands are between 10 and 20 feet long, and allow you to connect several different strands to each other to accommodate long distances of up to around 100 feet.

Light Power

If you want your Christmas lights to shine as brightly as they possibly can, you need to make sure that they possess plenty of light power. Most LED Christmas lights possess anywhere from 120 to 240 volts of input energy, and up to 40 volts of output energy.


The main purpose of buying Christmas lights is to decorate your house during Christmas time. A set of Christmas lights’ aesthetic is obviously an important thing to consider when attempting to make a purchase. Christmas lights come in many different styles, from traditional, to icicle, to more.

Additional Features

Christmas lights come with a number of additional features, from portable remotes, to different light settings, to a bevy of other features. While none of these features are absolutely necessary, they will help to make your lights all that more functional and attractive.


LED Christmas Lights Reviews

MAXINDA Connectable LED String Lights – Best Cheap

maxinda-tm-connectable-led-string-lightsPerhaps you’re not looking for anything too fancy. Maybe you just want something cheap that is capable of lighting up the interior or exterior of your house. If so, you might consider these LED Christmas lights by Maxinda. Measuring in at 18 feet in length, you can connect seven different sets of them in order to create a strand that spans over 120 feet. Waterproof and made with a durable plastic, they are capable of being put up just about anywhere with a power outlet nearby. If you’re looking for the best LED Christmas lights at a bargain price, you must give these a look.


  • Can connect seven different strands to span over 120 feet.
  • Waterproof and durable construction
  • Available in blue, warm white, white, and multicolor


  • Only possess one light setting

LED Window Curtain Light by DOGOO – Best for the Money

led-window-curtain-light-by-dogooFor LED Christmas lights in their price range, these DOGOO lights are the best LED Christmas lights you’re going to find. Equipped with 8 different light settings, they are capable of staying solidly bright, solidly dim, or turning on and off in a number of different patterns. Designed to look like icicles, they are 11.5 feet long, and capable of being connected up to five times to span a distance of around 60 feet. If you’re looking for a very high quality set of LED Christmas lights at a very reasonable price, you need to take a look at these.


  • Possess 8 different light settings
  • Capable of being used indoors and outdoors
  • As safe as Christmas lights come


  • Come in subpar packaging

Innoo Tech InnooLight Rattan Ball String Lights – Best Overall

innoolight-rattan-ball-string-lightsWhile your opinion of the best LED Christmas lights may differ from ours, there’s a good chance that you would like the ones we’ve chosen. The Innoo Tech InnooLight Rattan Ball Strings Lights are as unique and elegant of Christmas lights as you’re going to find. Measuring in at 16.5 feet, they look great wrapped around trees, lining your roof, or anywhere else you wish to place them. Possessing 8 different light modes, they can provide you with a number of different atmospheres depending on what type of mood you’re in. If you’re looking for the best LED Christmas lights on the market, you should consider these.


  • Unique and elegant design
  • As safe as Christmas lights come
  • Equipped with 8 different light modes


  • No major negatives to speak of

All in All

One of the most exciting parts about Christmas and the holidays is decorating your house to celebrate the occasion. You don’t want to be the only person in the neighborhood who doesn’t have Christmas lights adorning your home.

Unique, safe, and high-functioning lights like the Innoo Tech InnooLight Rattan Ball String Lights will provide both the interior and exterior of your house with a comfortable, elegant atmosphere, helping to make your holiday season as spirited as possible. Don’t be a Grinch. Get out there and decorate your house with some high-quality LED Christmas lights.