What are the Best In-ear Bluetooth Headphones? – Smart Guide for 2016

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best-in-ear-bluetooth-headphones-review-guideIt’s a cool autumn day and you’re out for a nice jog through your neighborhood. The sun is peeking through the clouds, there’s a calm breeze in the air, and everything feels just about perfect. The only problem is that you’re wearing your headphones and the wire connecting them to your music device keeps getting in your way. It’s the only thing separating you from a truly ideal jog. If you had a pair of in-ear bluetooth headphones, you wouldn’t have to worry about this.

In-ear bluetooth headphones allow you to listen to music wirelessly, offering your arms, legs, and the entire rest of your body the space to move freely without risk of getting tangled up. There’s no better type of headphones for runners, weightlifters, or anyone else participating in athletic activities.

What are In-ear Bluetooth Headphones?

In-ear bluetooth headphones are wireless headphones that fit directly into your ear canal, allowing them to stay snug while you’re participating in some type of physical activity. These headphones typically have superb noise-cancelling capabilities, allowing you to listen to music without any external interruptions.

Often equipped with support pieces that wrap around the outside of your ears, they can be used for anything, from sitting at a desk, to running long distances, to playing basketball, or golf, or any other sport. These headphones also possess built-in microphones that allow you to make and take phone calls without the use of your hands.

What are the Benefits?

While you can certainly perform physical activities while wearing any type of headphones, in-ear bluetooth headphones are the ideal physical activity headphones. Because they fit snugly into and onto your ears, they stay in place regardless of how much your body is moving around.

They also allow you take take and place calls, offering up the ability to do so without the use of your hands. Because they’re wireless, you won’t have an annoying wire in your way while you run or lift weights. This gives your body complete freedom to move in whichever way it must.

Who are the Contenders for Headphones?

Magictec Wireless Sport Stereo Headset – Possessing an 8 meter WiFi range, these Magictec in-ear bluetooth headphones can connect with just about any device in their general proximity. With a built-in microphone and hands-free call-placing capabilities, they allow you to take and place calls at your leisure. Equipped with 80mAH batteries, these in-ear bluetooth headphones are capable of 6 hours of continuous playtime and calltime, and 150 hours of standby time before they must be charged.

Aulker In-Ear Sport Bluetooth Headphone – Capable of 7 hour call time, 5 hour play time, and 120 hour standby time, these Aulker in-ear bluetooth headphones take only around 2 hours to charge fully. With a WiFi range of 10 meters, they allow you to be ridiculously far away from their source device without the loss of a strong signal. Sporting a built-in microphone and noise cancelling capabilities, they allow you to take and place calls with crystal clear sound at all times.

Listenman Wireless In-Ear Earphones – Capable of keeping a strong WiFi signal at up to 9 meters away from their source device, these Listenman in-ear bluetooth headphones allow you absolute freedom at all times. Equipped with a built-in microphone and noise cancelling capabilities, they allow for hands-free, crystal clear calling at your leisure. With 7 hour play time and call time, and over a week of standby time, these possess very powerful batteries that can be recharged in approximately 1.5 hours.

Considerations for Choosing the Right In-ear Bluetooth Headphones

In terms of construction and design, in-ear bluetooth headphones appear and perform quite similarly. While some may possess additional physical features in order to help give them extra support, they all fit and adjust to your ears in the same general way. The things that separate great in-ear bluetooth headphones from good ones are smaller, more precise qualities. These qualities include everything from the amount of comfort they provide, to their sound quality, to their signal range, and signal consistency.


Everyone knows that in-ear headphones have a tendency to be a little uncomfortable. Some are too large, some are too hard, and some just feel absolutely terrible in your ears. If your headphones are uncomfortable, you’re more than likely going to stop using them. Because of this, it’s important that you find some that fit comfortably in your ears.

Sound Quality

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider with any headphones is the level of their sound and audio quality. While your sound preferences will probably differ depending on what type of music you generally listen to, you should look for in-ear bluetooth headphones that provide a full, well-rounded sound that contains both rich lows and soaring highs.


All in-ear bluetooth headphones possess a specific range from which they can be from their signal source. The further this range is, the further away you can stray from your sound device with your headphones in tow without losing a signal. Ranges extend everywhere from 1 meter to 10 meters.

Signal Consistency

Your headphones’ signal consistency will depend on how well your headphones are made. Truly high-quality in-ear bluetooth headphones will possess a strong, undisturbed signal as long as they are within their signal range. Poor headphones will cut out frequently regardless of whether or not they’re in their range

Conclusion: Our In-ear Bluetooth Headphones Reviews

Onite Wireless Headset – Best Cheap

onite-wireless-headset-bluetoothWhile you may think that you have to shell out a great deal of money in order to get nice in-ear bluetooth headphones, the truth is that there are a number of great in-ear bluetooth headphones available for quite low prices. One pair of headphones that fits this bill are these Onite in-ear bluetooth headphones. While their battery only lasts for about 3 hours at a time, they provide sound and microphone capabilities that are comparable to high-end bluetooth headphones. If you’re looking for a very solid pair of in-ear bluetooth headphones at a very affordable price, you must consider these.


  • Crystal clear noise cancellation headphones
  • Built-in voice prompts


  • Short battery duration
  • A little physically uncomfortable to some

iClever Bluetooth Headphones – Best for the Money

iclever-bluetooth-headphonesFor in-ear bluetooth headphones in their price range, these iClever headphones are the best in-ear bluetooth headphones you’re going to find. With 7 hour play time and call time as well as an incredible 160 hour standby time, they can be fully charged in around 2 hours. Equipped with voice prompts and a built-in microphone, they allow for nearly effortless hands-free calling. If you’re looking for the best in-ear bluetooth headphones at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with these ones.


  • Incredible battery duration
  • Easy hands-free calling
  • As comfortable as any in-ear headphones you’re going to find


  • Some users reported slight movement when exercising

Magictec Wireless Sport Stereo Headset – Best Overall

magictec-wireless-sport-stereo-in-ear-headsetWhile there are a lot of great in-ear bluetooth headphones on the market today, we’re going to go with these ones by Magictec as the best in-ear bluetooth headphones around. With an 8 meter WiFi range and convenient, hands-free calling capabilities, they allow for ultimate freedom at all times. With play times and call times of 6 hours and a standby time of 150 hours, they can go up to a full week without being charged. If you’re looking for the best in-ear bluetooth headphones on the market, you have found what you’re looking for.


  • Incredible battery duration
  • Superb hands-free call capabilities
  • Crystal clear, noise-cancelling sound


  • Some users find them uncomfortable

All in All

If you’re a runner, a weightlifter, or any other type of athlete, and you like to listen to music while you work out, you would be best served by a pair of in-ear bluetooth headphones. Not only will they allow your body complete freedom, they can also be operated with the use of just your voice, allowing you to stay on task at all times.

High-quality, highly-functional headphones like the Magictec Wireless Sport Stereo In-Ear Noise Cancelling Sweatproof Headset allow for convenient, autonomous, and hands-free use at your convenience. Want your exercise entertainment to be as enjoyable as possible? Get yourself some top-notch in-ear bluetooth headphones.

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