Ten of the Best Military Homecoming Gifts in 2020 – Gift Guide

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best-military-homecoming-giftsMembers of the military sacrifice a great deal to keep this country safe and protected. Whether they’re in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, or any other military branch, these soldiers, sailors, marines, and pilots leave a lot behind so that they can serve their country. In doing so, they lose touch with a lot of the small pleasures of living as a civilian in The United States. So, when their tour of duty has ended, and they’re finally coming back to the states, they’re undoubtedly excited. But what can you, as a relative to a member of the military, do to make his or her homecoming as special as possible? A gift is a good place to start.

Getting your military member an extra-special gift will help to show that you’ve missed him or her, and that you’re excited to have him or her back to stay. Throw a party. Invite all your friends and relatives. And get your military member a gift that he or she will never forget.

These are the Top 10 Best Military Homecoming Gifts in 2020

10. Personalized Military Welcome Home Banner

2ftx8ft-personalized-army-soldier-welcome-home-banner-sign-posterAre you the proud relative of a soldier in the United States Army? If so, you might want to consider purchasing this Personalized Welcome Home Banner by Alice Graphics. While it’s not a gift that your soldier can make everyday use out of, it is a gift that will help to make him or her feel at home.

Measuring in at 8 feet in width and 2 feet in height, it’s easily large enough to be displayed on a house, garage, or any other structure. Made of indoor/outdoor polyester, it allows you to personalize it with the words of your choice.

9. US Army Flag

us-army-flagFlags are a great way of displaying your pride and support in something. Though all military members can agree on the American flag, members of the Army will undoubtedly agree on a US Army flag. That’s why, if you are a relative to a soldier in the Army, we suggest you buy them one of these attractive US Army Flags by Rothco.

Measuring in at 5 feet in width and 3 feet in length, it’s a perfect flag to hang in windows or on walls. Designed from 100% polyester, it can be placed both inside and outside without taking on any extensive wear and tear.

8. US Marine Corps Flag

marine-corps-flagPerhaps your military member isn’t in the Army, but is in the Marines instead. Members of all military branches like to display their support for their particular branch. That’s why we suggest you purchase your Marine this stylish Marine Corps Flag by WILDFLAGS.

Measuring in at 5 feet in width and 3 feet in length, it can be appropriately hung both indoors and outdoors. Constructed of 100% polyester, is stands up well against wear and tear, ensuring that your Marine will be able to display pride in his or her branch for years to come.

7. US Air Force Flag

air-force-new-style-military-flagFor pilots in the Air Force, this Air Force Flag by Mafco would be a terrific welcome home gift. Like the Army and Marines flags above, it would be a great idol to display pride in his or her particular military branch.

Officially licensed by the US Air Force and constructed with fine edge sewing, it is sure to last years and years whether placed inside or outside. Measuring in at 5 feet in width and 3 feet in length it looks great on a flagpole or on a bedroom wall.

6. US Navy Flag

navy flagWe don’t want to leave out the members of the Navy. If your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or friend is a sailor, he or she will be undoubtedly happy after receiving this fine US Navy Flag by Anley.

Measuring in at 5 feet in width and 3 feet in length, it is 100% polyester, ensuring that it will thrive for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Processed to be resistant to the UV rays of the sun, it can withstand both hot summers and cold winters.

5. BenShot Shot Glass with Real Bullet

shot glass with real bulletWhile not all military members like to partake in the drinking of alcoholic beverages, it’s safe to say that plenty of them do. And after years of being away from home, they’re probably reeling to have a drink with their friends and family. For that reason, we suggest this Real Bullet Shot Glass by Ben Shot USA.

Hand-crafted and designed with an authentic, lead-free .308 caliber bullet, it’s the perfect shot glass for military veterans. Made of thick, heavy, high-quality glass, it’s as durable a shot glass as you’re ever going to find.

4. Luxury Plush Down-Alternative Pillows

luxury-plush-down-alternative-hotel-luxe-pillowsYour soldier, marine, pilot, or sailor is coming back from years of sleeping on thin, uncomfortable cots, and doing so while getting very little sleep in general. There’s really no doubt about it; he or she is going to be tired. For that reason we suggest you purchase him or her this Luxury Pillow by Exquisite.

Available in King, Queen, and Standard sizes with an exterior lining made of 100% cotton, it is as comfortable a pillow as you’re going to find anywhere. Filled with a gel-like substance, it remains cool all throughout the night, allowing your military member to get a deep, undisturbed sleep night in and night out.

3. Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Robe

del-rossa-mens-fleece-robeBeing in the military brings along quite a few uncomfortable situations. Between strict dress codes and strict, rigid schedules, military members live routine and structure. To help you military member ease back into the lax lifestyle of a typical American citizen, you might want to gift him or her one of these Fleece Robes by Del Rossa.

Weighing in at 15 ounces and possessing a thick construction, it will provide your military member with comfort and warmth without weighing him or her down. Comes with a hood and an attached belt, it is easy to wear around whether it be morning, day, or night.

2. Dulcet’s Treats in a Tin

dulcets-assorted-cookies-and-browniesAfter years of eating military-issued meals, military members are going to be looking forward to chowing down on a variety of different foods. Sweets and junk food will almost undoubtedly be on their welcome-back menu. For this reason, we suggest you gift your military member some Dulcet’s Assorted Cookies and Brownies.

Including a variety of different cookies, brownies, and rugelach, this sweets tin comes with over 20 different treats and snacks. After years of limited snack consumption, this tin will be almost impossible for your military member to resist.

1. Catered Cravings Gift Baskets with Sweet and Salty Snacks

catered-cravings-gift-baskets-with-52-sweet-and-salty-snacksPerhaps your military member has never been much for cookies and brownies. Maybe he or she quenches his or her snack craving with chips, crackers, and other types of bagged foods. If so, you might consider gifting him or her this Catered Cravings Gift Basket.

With 52 snacks, including Doritos, Cheez-Its, pop corn, Rice Krispies Treats, and more, it has everything your snack-hungry military member could ever want to eat. Wrapped up in a 6 quart reusable snack bin, you can bring it anywhere with ease.

What Makes a Great Military Homecoming Gift?

Military life can be exceedingly strenuous. For many military members, there’s no better feeling than finally ending their duty so that they can go home and relax. They’ve been living a life of rigid routine, order, and minimalism. While consuming small, unexciting meals, and partaking in uncomfortable, undesirable sleeping situations, they’ve been missing out on a lot of small pleasures of life.

Getting your military member a gift that reminds him or her of these small pleasures will go a long way in getting him or her back into the swing of everyday American life. While doing this, you should consider your military member’s personal interests, your own personal budget, ways to make him or her comfortable, and also consider making a heartfelt gift yourself.

Consider Your Military Member’s Personal Interests

Everyone has interests. It’s these interests and hobbies that drive each individual person’s life and help make them the people that they are. While your military member obviously take an interest in the military, you should also consider his or her other interests.

Whether it be sports, music, cooking, or any other endeavour, this interest or hobby is a major part of your military member’s life. By getting him or her a gift that ties into this interest or hobby, you will be showing him or her that you respect and care about this interest or hobby, and that you give it your endorsement as well.

Work Within Your Budget

While you want to show the military member in your life that you care about him or her, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do so. As we’ve stated, military members miss out on a lot of the small pleasures in life, so even the smallest gift can mean everything in the world to them.

Though they might get excited over something you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on, they might get just as excited over something you’ve spent five dollars on. Try to find a gift within your budget. There’s no reason to spend a great deal of money on a homecoming gift. There will be plenty more things to spend money on after the welcome home party has ended.

Think of Comfort

After years and years of sleeping on thin, uncomfortable mattresses, waking up at all hours of the day, and eating sub-par meals, your military member is going to be desperate for some comfort. He or she will undoubtedly be starving for a good meal and a relaxing bed.

Try to think of a gift that will sate this hunger. A nice, new blanket, mattress, or pillow will go a long ways in making the military member in your life feel at home.

Make Something Yourself

Regardless of what you’re giving a gift for, the recipient is almost always happy to receive something that you have made yourself.

Whether you make some cookies, or a photo collage, or put together some sort of craft project, your military member will be grateful for the extra time and thought that you put into the gift.

Types of Military Homecoming Gifts To Consider

Military-themed Merchandise

Regardless of the branch that your military member is in, there is a bevy of merchandise that carries that branch’s logo or insignia. For obvious reasons, this merchandise is very popular among members of the military.

Whether they be sailors, soldiers, marines, or pilots who are in the Navy, Army, Marines, or Air Force, they will be sure to love all types of merchandise that’s adorned with their specific branch’s logo. This can be anything from flags, to cups, to shirts, and more.

Comfortable Pieces of Clothing

The military life is one of structure, but not necessarily one of comfort. Everything from the bed sheets to the clothes have been preselected by figures of authority, and military members are forced to make use of them whether they like it or not.

For this reason, you should consider purchasing your military member some comfortable, new clothing. This can include anything from sweaters, to bath robes, to shoes, and more.


Meals in the military are, for the most part, minimalist and sub-par. Military members don’t have easy access to gourmet foods or snacks, and so when they get home, they’re going to want to get some in their systems as soon as possible.

While they’ll undoubtedly be hungry for some home cooking, they’re more than likely also going to have a taste for cookies, cake, candy, and a bevy of other snacks.

Alcohol and Alcohol Accessories

Though it’s not true for all military members, many of them like to partake in the consumption of alcohol. While they’ve probably had some fun nights out drinking with their military buddies, they probably miss being back home and having a good time with their family and childhood friends.

By purchasing your military member some alcohol or alcohol-related items, you can help them kickstart the party. These items includes everything from beer, to whiskey, to shot glasses, to mugs, and more.

Gifts Related to Military History

No matter what specific branch of the military the person joined, they’re now part of a proud tradition of service and sacrifice. Naturally, many military members are interested in the history of the organization they serve.

Books, movies and TV show collections are all fun and educational options. If the recipient wants to learn extensive detail, consider a history book or historical fiction novel. If they’re more interested in seeing uniforms and equipment, choose a movie or documentary.

Military history is vast and detailed. Make sure the book or movie you select relates to the recipient’s specific interests. These interests can include a specific branch, battle, historical period, solider or more.

How to Choose the Best Homecoming Gift for Your Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Pilot

There are a number of options when choosing a gift for the soldier, sailor, marine, or pilot in your life. But what exactly should you consider when choosing a gift? Most importantly, you should consider his or her specific interests, hobbies, and personality. If your military member doesn’t drink alcohol, it would obviously be fairly nonsensical to purchase him or her some beer or whiskey. Simply think of his or her personality and buy a gift that he or she would be glad to receive after a long time away from home.

In the end, you know your specific military member better than anybody else. Think of what he or she would look forward to. Regardless of what you buy, your military member will be grateful that you put some thought into it, and even more grateful that you’ve welcomed them back with open arms.

In Conclusion

For many military members, coming home is one of the most exciting things they’ll ever get to do. Just think about how it feels being away from your friends and family for an extended period of time. In order to optimize your military member’s homecoming experience, you should consider getting him or her a nice gift; something that will make him or her feel at home again. Whether you buy it or make it on your own, your military member will undoubtedly be grateful for the gift that he or she receives.