Top 10 Hottest Sunglasses for Summer 2021

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Are you looking for the hottest sunglasses for the summer? Here, we will list the best sunglasses that offer you quality, protection from the Ultraviolet rays, aesthetically appealing, and sunglass that gives you value for your money.

Sunglasses are a form of protective eye wears. They protect you from the damaging effect of the sun’s UV rays or high-energy light, which could cause discomfort or damage to the eyes. The hottest sunglasses come in different sizes and colors, and they are used for various activities. They are used in sports by athletes to protect against glares and are most often used by athletes involved in sports like swimming and golfing. They are used for leisure, especially for people who go out in the open for relaxation on the beaches or those seeing marks in the deserts. The fashion scene is not left out. It has become commonplace in our lifestyle to either look cool or maybe to look sophisticated among people. It brings that boldness when they are done. Even in the medical arena, they are used and especially after surgery. Sunglasses are called different names. They can be called shades, glares, Glints, sun spectacles, spekkies, sun specs, sunglasses, dark glasses, sunnies smoked spectacles, solar shields, stunna shades, gleeks, or cooling glasses. The most primary purpose of sunglasses is to protect from damaging and discomforting rays to the eyes.

The American Optometric Association recommends wearing sunglasses whenever we are out in the sun to block UV rays from the sun and Blue light from other sources. It protects them from reaching our eyes because they can cause serious eye problems. Our TVs and computer screens produce some harmful rays to the eyes, and it is advised to put on some shades when looking at them.

Before buying a pair of sunglasses, there are things you should know. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has given tips on what to put in mind when buying sunglasses.

Making it 100%

When shopping for the hottest sunglasses, the most important thing to look out for is the 100% tag. This is easily the missed thing, and most buyers of sunglasses hardly consider it. The 100% tag tells you how much protection the sunglass will offer you. Suppose you must purchase a product with your hard-earned money. In that case, it should be a product that gives you value and protects your visual health, not causes discomfort or damage to your vision. Stick to this, 100%.

Size of the sunglasses

We must not exaggerate about the size. Yes, we should get bigger sunglasses but big in relative to the fitness. Bigger sunglasses give you well-rounded protection from UV rays. It covers our eyes in a way that stops any rays that could penetrate smaller sunglasses through the edges of our eyes. Ensure you don’t get those that are too heavy for your face, though, because that will be another level of discomfort.

Lens Darkness

The myth that dark lenses give better protection isn’t always true. Dark lenses are most likely to cause the most incredible damage. It is so because they absorb rays, giving your eyes the illusion of safety while leaving the eyes to receive the number of rays that could cause it trouble. If dark lenses must be purchased, then we must look out for those polarized. A polarized dark lens does better protection to the eye, unlike ordinary dark lenses.


Better protection has no concern exactly with color; o yes, there are beautiful, colorful, and aesthetically appealing sunglasses. The protection it offers to the eyes, which is its most primary function, has little to do with color. However, colors play an excellent role in reducing the intensity of the radiation (contrast). Still, this partial cover may fail in an intense sun blistering with rays everywhere. Therefore color shouldn’t be the only concern when buying sunglasses.

Polarized lenses

On this heading, it is worth noting that polarized lenses can cut glares pretty nicely but not protect UV rays. Polarization of lenses reduces the glow coming off reflective surfaces. They do not give more protection from the suns ray but allow us to enjoy our activities like diving, surfing, etc.


Different brands and quality have separate price tags, but how pricey a sunglass is, is not a measure for adequate eyes protection. However, the more expensive they are, the classier they most often are. Want to know what the hottest sunglasses for summer are? Keep reading…


Top 10 hottest Sunglasses for summer 2021

Oakley Holbrook Mix Sunglasses

This is the first on our list, and it is so because It combines all the qualities of the other sunglasses on our list. Oakley Holbrook Mix sunglass is made in the USA. The lens material is made of polycarbonate using the polarized, mirrored, prizm lens technology, which can withstand severe stress and strain. It is fitted with the Prizm Sapphire and polarized using the polarized mirrored technology that offers 100% UV protection to the wearer. The frame material is made of plastic, giving it that lightness and making it even more comfortable to the wearer. The steel frame colored allows it to reflect any rays that may fall on the edges away from the eyes. This is a sunglass you should try out and one of the hottest sunglasses for men.

Original Price $206.00
Final Price $119.99

SKU OO9384-1057


Oakley Unstoppable Women’s Sunglasses

The women’s sunglasses made it our second on the list. Women’s faces and needs are pretty different from men’s. The Oakley unstoppable Women sunglasses are just made to reflect the need for women. It has a rose gradient lens color and is polarized using the polarized mirrored technology to give 100% UV protection. It is made in the United States and from polycarbonate lens material to provide toughness and durability. The plastic frame gives it the lightweight that will bring comfort to the wearer and the dark color of the frame helps prevents any light penetration through its edges. For the women out there looking to buy sunglasses, this is a good option for you.

Original Price$196.00
Final Price $137.20

SKU OO9191-10


Oakley Gascan Sunglasses

Here we are on the third item on our list, and it is a Gascan model of Oakley. The lens color is prizm black and polarized using the polarized, mirrored prizm technology to offer 100% UV protection. It is made in the USA with a polycarbonate lens material for toughness. The plastic frame gives it lightweight and allows a wearer done it comfortably. The steel color gives it the quality to reflect rays away from the edges keeping the eyes well protected.

Original Price $166.00
Final Price $101.99

SKU OO9014-3560


Oakley M2 Frame XL Sunglasses

This M2 frame XL model of Oakley is designed for people with broad faces. It has a black iridium lens colored and polarized to give 100%UV protection. It is made in the USA and from polycarbonate lens material using polarized, mirrored lens technology to provide it with toughness and glare-proof. The plastic frame gives it lightweight and makes it comfortable for the wearer. In contrast, the polished black frame color stops all rays from penetrating its edges.

Original Price $176.00
Final Price $119.99

SKU OO9343-09


Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Fantail is a blue mirror polarized 580G lens colored. It is polarized using the polarized mirrored lens technology to give 100% UV protection. It is made in the USA and from glass lens material. Its lens is fragile and therefore calls for careful handling. The frame is made from plastic, which gives it a light feel. But a bit heavier than the previous sunglasses on the list due to the weight of the glass lens. The color, matte freedom fade helps stops rays from sipping through the sides.

Original Price $259.00
Final Price $157.51



Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley Sunglasses

The Tuna Alley model of Costa Del Mar is a blue mirror lens colored. And polarized 580G using the polarized mirrored technology to offer you 100% UV protection. It is made in the United States and from a glass lens material, the plastic frame blends with the glass to moderate its weight, and it weighs as much as the Fantail Model. The blackout frame color effectively blocks rays from passing through the edges to the eyes, giving all-around protection and comfort to the wearer.

Original price $259.00
Final price $168.35



Gucci Sunglasses GG0650SK

The famous Gucci brand with the model GG0650SK, happens to fall on our number seven on the list. It is a grey gradient lens color that is not polarized but uses gradient lens technology to bring about 100% UV protection. It is made in Italy, and its lenses are made of nylon. The nylon has the quality to withstand a certain amount of stress, making it score better than those below on the list. The metal frame brings that quinsy look. Even though the metal frame is light enough, it doesn’t possess the strength to withstand the toughness of plastics and may break up when handled carelessly. Another trouble with the metal frame is, it quickly gets heat up on a very sunny day, making them uncomfortable in a prolonged wearing. The gold frame color serves as a reflective surface against rays coming through the edges.

Original Price $505.00
Final Price $252.82

SKU GG0650SK 002


Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB 4275CH

The Ray-Ban sunglasses with the model RB4275CH is a blue mirror chromance lens color and polarized using the polarized mirrored chromance technology. It is made in Italy and from plastic lens material, which offers the lens a degree of tolerance to stress. Thus prolonging its longevity. The frame is made of nylon, allowing it to stretch and not quickly break to the external force. The frame color is black. It helps absorbs rays that want to find their way to the eyes through the edges, thereby protecting its wearer ultimately.

Original Price $205.00
Final Price $109.99

SKU RB 4275CH 601/A1 63


Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB 8317CH 58

The RB8317CH 58 model of the Ray-Ban sunglasses, is a blue mirror chromance lens color and polarized using the polarized, mirrored, chromance lens technology to offer 100% UV protection. It is made in Italy and from a plastic lens material which gives it durability and lightweight. The frame is made of light metal but may cause discomfort as the duration under the intense sun is prolonged. The Gunmetal frame color allows it to block off lights trying to penetrate through its edges, thereby given the wearer a comfortable vision in lighten place.

Original Price $298.00
Fixed Price $139.99

SKU RB 8317CH 029/A1 58


Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh Sunglasses

we have come to the last on our list of the top 10 summer sunglasses. Here, it is the Jackie Ohh model of Ray-Ban sunglasses. The Jackie Ohh is a grey gradient lens colored and polarized using the polarized, non-mirrored lens technology to offer 100% UV protection. It is made in Italy, and the lenses are made of plastic, giving it lightweight and durable. The frame is made from nylon which may not be as tolerant to intense sunlight before becoming frail. At the point of becoming frail, it may be uncomfortable to the wearer. But its tortoise frame color helps prevent light from falling to the eyes through the frame region.

Original Price $196.00
Final Price $99.9

SKU RB 4101 731/81 58


CONCLUSION: What Are the Hottest Sunglasses?

We all have got a choice. However, making a better choice is in contrast to the quality of information at our disposal. When it comes to the hottest sunglasses, we have put before you the Top 10 hottest sunglasses for summer, and we trust this will help you make the choices that best suit your need.