What Does a Wine Aerator Do?

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Making the first impression on your family or friends during a party or a dinner is essential. A great meal accompanied by some wine is always a winner. However, you don’t want a situation where your expensive wine tastes like a $20 bottle. The best wine aerators can make the difference in how your wine tastes.

Wine aeration exposes your wine to air, a process that triggers oxidation and evaporation. These processes change the way your wine tastes especially younger wines which become more aromatic and expressive. However, it’s critical to note that too much of it will work against any wine.

Why Should You Aerate Your Wine?

Wine aeration has fantastic benefits like:

Better Tasting Wine

The oxidation process helps to soften the wine flavors and release aromas in the wine. You can now enjoy wine that is flavorful in no time.

Fast and Efficient Way

You no longer have to put your wine into a decanter and let it sit for you to enjoy it. Using a wine aerator is a fast and efficient way to make your wine breath. The best part is that you can have your wine immediately without having to wait for 30 minutes for it to breathe through a decanter.

Save Your Wine

No wants to be in a position where you’ll put the whole bottle into a decanter and not finish it up. With an aerator, you can aerate your wine by the glass. Pop the cork back onto the bottle once you’ve had enough and you can have the rest on a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Wine Aerator

Here are some common questions you may have about a wine aerator.

What is a Wine Aerator?

A wine aerator is a single, simple, and portable device that goes into a wine bottle. The aerator fits snugly and comes with a return air valve, a dual air chamber, and a rubber stopper.

How Do I Use a Wine Aerator?

You need to insert the aerator on the bottle end. Pour the wine directly into the glass. Ensure that the bottle turns at a 45 degrees angles. During the process, you’ll see and hear the air flow. You can do this using one hand as the aerator fits directly on the bottle.

What Material are Wine Aerators Made of?

Most aerators are made from stainless steel, acrylic, plastic, and rubber. Aerators made of stainless steel are easier to clean up and last longer than other materials. However, on the downside, they are more expensive.

How Does a Wine Aerator Work?

A wine aerator forces air circulation through the wine. The device expands the surface area of wine which in turn integrates air. Injection style aerators are held above your glass while you pour wine through the top. As the wine flows through the aerator, it breathes air bubbles through. This type of wine aerator works well for casual setups where time is of the essence.

These aerators allow your wine to breathe instantly, which results in a smoother finish and enhanced flavor.

How do I take Care of my Wine Aerator?

You only need to hold the aerator under warm water for 30 seconds. Sometimes sediment will remain, and you can use a wire aerator to clean this off.

Are a Wine Aerator and a Wine Decanter the Same?

A wine decanter and a wine aerator are two different things. Decanting is where you pour the wine into a vessel to allow it to breathe and open its flavor while creating a separation of wine from the sediment.

However, with aeration, you only allow air in which promotes oxidation to enhance flavor.

How much do Wine Aerators Cost?

Wine aerators vary in price. You can find an aerator from as little as $15 to some that cost over $50. The price point depends on the features that come with the aerator. A few models have a lot of chambers that act as a mini decanter during the process.

Some take the wine on a long journey until it gets into your glass. Artistic qualities and more features attract a higher price point.

What Happens if Your Guests Prefer Different Wines?

It’s always a challenge to entertain guests with different personal tastes. Some may prefer wine with a lighter mouth-feel and others would rather have heavier full-bodied reds. Wine aerators allow you to aerate your wine by the glass.

The aerator allows you to enjoy wine in its optimum condition without the need to decant the whole bottle.

A wine aerator can make a difference in how your wine tastes. Make sure that you choose a quality aerator and one that is easy to use.