The Best Baseball Bat (Guide) – 2015 Reviews

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Baseball Bat Review GuideOver a century ago, as baseball rapidly became America’s Favorite Pasttime, it became increasingly important to have professional bats. Historic designs included handcrafted works of art made from ash and other woods, but with the demand for baseball bats constantly increasing year after year, new solutions had to be found. Bat manufacturers began to appear on the market, offering perfectly milled, assembled and balanced bats for professional and amateur players alike.

Today’s baseball bats come in a wide variety of sizes, design types and materials in order to better meet the needs of the batter. Different companies offer different models to suit the needs of children and youth sports leagues, using advanced engineering techniques to help beginning players make productive contact with the ball.

An Introduction to Baseball Bats

That question may sound a little strange, but recent surveys have discovered that many people outside the sport have incorrect preconceptions about what constitutes a baseball bat. A good baseball bat is designed to be a perfectly balanced extension of the batter’s arms, that when swung using the power of the batter’s torso, delivers maximum power into hitting the ball. A properly-made bat isn’t just about attaining the maximum weight that the batter can swing, but also needs to be the right overall length in ratio to the radius of the batter’s swing.

Even wooden bats that appear simple are not. Professionals know that a finely-crafted bat must be carefully constructed out of high-quality woods with flexible and powerful grains. Down at the cellular level, the rows of wood cells must line up along the long axis of the bat in order to maximize the power in a batter’s swing as it transfers to the ball.

What are the different types of Baseball Bats?

The first important division of baseball bats is between bats made out of wood and those made from metal or other materials. Some bats, particularly those intended for use in professional competitions, are designed to be more slender through the barrel, allowing for faster batter swing speeds. Other bats are carefully balanced for beginning and intermediate players, with wider or bigger barrels.

Some advanced models even allow for batters to adjust the length of the handle on the fly, allowing experienced hitters to get the exact bat ratio that they need for the play at hand. Many bats use special materials or textures to provide better grips and firmer grasps on the bat. The striking end of the bat, known as the “barrel”, must be carefully engineered to minimize air resistance while offering the maximum surface area possible to contact the ball. Many of today’s advanced bats are formed out of composite materials or carefully crafted wood in order to minimize and dampen negative vibrations and lateral feedback energy to the hands.

What are the advantages of choosing a quality Baseball Bat?

Both professional and aspiring players know that hard work and practice is the key to successful performance in baseball. A player with their own bat at home can learn the delicate balance and heft of their bat as they practice improving their swing. Both amateur baseball enthusiasts and members of school, youth or inter-collegiate baseball leagues will greatly benefit by having a personal bat to practice with.

Many people today enjoy the comfort and security that comes with having a baseball bat at hand. Disturbances, miscommunications and other exigent circumstances can potentially warrant the need for the kind of personal protection that a properly-weighted baseball bat can provide.

Which models are the contenders for the Best Baseball Bat?

The Easton YB14S500 S500 – This youth bat is made out of the amazing 7050 Aircraft Alloy to give kids of all abilities the fastest swing possible. The handle is astonishingly thin and covered with a custom tack grip, giving even the smallest hands a firm grasp on the bat.

The Louisville Slugger 2014 MLB 180 – This is as close as you can get to owning a bat just like the professionals in Major League Baseball use. Made by the same manufacturer that provides bats for the MLB, the Slugger 2014 MLB 180 is a champion bat for both amateur and younger baseball players.

The DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFL – This top-quality bat is made out of advanced composite materials to give batters the maximum through power for their swing. Made from the company’s patented Paradox Composite, the strong foundational material of the bat is carefully engineered to perform softer.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Baseball Bat

  • Grip – Many players, including professionals in the big leagues, know that the high-stakes pressure of trying to hit a fastball can make any batter’s hands sweaty and slippery. A good grip is absolutely essential for a batter to be able to maintain a firm grasp on the bat during play.
  • Metal or Wood – Some of today’s baseball bats are made from wood using updated models and techniques, while other bats are made out of high-quality aluminum alloys or other compounds designed to maximize power and batter swing speed.
  • Handle and Barrel Design – Some baseball bats are designed to be more slender, with a narrow handle and small barrel, trading speed for mass. Other bats have thicker handles with wider barrels, emphasizing greater contact area over swing speed.
  • Balance – The power of any bat lies in the end of the barrel, but all good bats must be carefully balanced in order for batters to execute a smooth, even swing. A properly-balanced bat will feel like a natural extension of the arms, allowing batters to concentrate on their technique and focus on hitting the ball.


The Easton YB14S500 S500

Small and slender youth hands will easily grasp this bat as the handle is carefully coated with the manufacturer’s tack grip material. With an ultra-thin 29/32″ handle, kids of all ages will be able to get a firm and steady grasp on this baseball bat.

The Louisville Slugger 2014 MLB 180

The Slugger is 100% wood, and so batters rely on the legendary shape and the fine lathing on the handle to get a firm grip on the bat. The natural wood-grain fibers provide a firm grasp on the bat but in some circumstances can be augmented by third-party tack or grip products.

The DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFL

The Demarini CF6 offers outstanding grip via the carbon reinforced handle. Made out of the renowned Paradox Composite, the handle is strengthened to transfer more energy to the barrel.

Metal or Wood

The Easton YB14S500 S500

The Easton YB14S500 is made from the same incredibly durable but lightweight 7050 alloy that aircraft use. This professionally milled 7050 aluminum alloy will allow even younger and less-powerful batters the ability to apply maximum power to their swing.

The Louisville Slugger 2014 MLB 180

The MLB 180 Slugger gets its name from the elite 180 Grade White ash that forms the body of this excellent baseball bat. Baseball enthusiasts know that ash is the perfect wood to combine flexibility through the handle with a larger sweet spot on the barrel.

The DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFL

This advanced bat is made out of a cutting-edge composite to transfer maximum energy to the ball. The unique Half + Half construction technique allows for a fine-tuning advantage over other similar bats. The unique construction material works excellently to deaden negative physical feedback to the hands to minimize numbness.

Handle and Barrel Design

The Easton YB14S500 S500

This bat is nicely designed with a solid barrel shape in order to allow younger batters to get more contact with the ball. The handle is incredibly thin, giving even smaller fingers the ability to form a strong grasp on the bat.

The Louisville Slugger 2014 MLB 180

The Slugger is a legend for good reason, as it offers top-quality swing through for experienced and professional batters. The finely lathed ash wood offers a long, narrow handle with a solidly fluted barrel, giving batters high swing speeds and more potential contact area with the ball.

The DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFL

Features a unique two-piece D-Fusion handle that gives batters the opportunities to make adjustments on the fly. The barrel follows the Thermo Fused Taper design that powerfully enhances the sweet spot while deadening negative feedback to the batter’s hands.


The Easton YB14S500 S500

The advantage of using such a lightweight alloy is that the Easton can perfectly balance a large barrel with an ultra-thin handle, giving younger batters the ability to complete their swings with ease. The Easton has been computer engineered to provide the perfect balance for children and youth baseball hitters.

The Louisville Slugger 2014 MLB 180

This bat is a classic precisely due to its perfect balance. The natural fibers in the 180 Grade White ash in this bat allow for a light springiness and perfect balance to maximize swing-through power on the ball.

The DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFL

This bat is a marvel of engineering that uses advanced composite materials to deliver fast swings, more powerful connections with the ball, and minimum numbness or negative feedback transfered to the hands. The unique Half + Half construction technique means that this bat is engineered to the micron in order to provide perfect symmetry and balance to the bat.

Conclusion: Our Baseball Bat Reviews Are In

The Easton YB14S500 S500 – Best Low-Cost Baseball Bat

The Easton YB14S500 S500Even an amateur can see right away why Easton uses the same 7050 aluminum alloy that goes into making planes – it feels incredibly lightweight but is shockingly strong. Easy to swing and packing a powerful punch in its sweet spot, kids of all ages will enjoy using this bat.


This bat swings fast and true, giving younger batters the ability to maximize their through power when making contact with the ball. Made out of a high-quality alloy, this baseball bat can provide years of sporting enjoyment.


To distinguish its high-tech origins, this bat comes in a black and neon green color combination that may not suit all players’ tastes. Some leagues or team competitions may forbid the use of aluminum or non-wooden bats.

The Louisville Slugger 2014 MLB 180 – Best Baseball Bat for the Money

The Louisville Slugger 2014 MLB 180This bat is top-quality wooden bat offering players of all abilities a balanced, finely-crafted 180 Grade White ash bat to maximize swing speed and increased contact area with the ball. Any batter holding a Louisville Slugger will enjoy the same high-quality performance and legendary swing speed potential as a professional player in the Major Leagues.


The manufacturers of Louisville Slugger are famous for good reason, as the 2014 MLB 180 is another fine model of professional-grade baseball bat. Crafted out of the finest wood and perfectly balanced, the Slugger 2014 MLB 180 is great bat for any serious baseball player.


The bat comes without any form of advanced grip or tack material on the handle. Depending on circumstances, some batters may wish to add a third-party product to the handle to increase gripping power on the bat. The bat may be too fast with a sweet spot that is too small for some beginning or intermediate players.

The DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFL – Best Baseball Bat Overall

The DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFLThe DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFL is a tour-de-four of advanced engineering. With an adjustable two-piece D-fusion handle, a patented Paradox Composite foundation and body design ending in the renowned Fused Taper design, this bat will give batters the ability to maximize their performance on the field.


This bat is so advanced that any batter can be assured that they will get a perfectly balanced, lightweight, composite bat that will deliver maximum hitting power and swing speeds. This bat takes advantage of all of the recent developments in the field to deliver the highest-performing baseball bat on the market.


Most professional leagues and organized sports teams forbid the use of bats like the DeMarini 2014 because they are considered too advanced and offer too many advantages to batters.

In Conclusion

Professional and amateur athletes alike enjoy the many benefits of the wonderful sport of baseball. Players know that the most important factor in improving their batting performance is choosing the right bat for them. Younger and less powerful hitters may benefit from lighter weight bats made from advanced alloys and composite materials, while professional players made prefer classically-designed bats made from traditional materials.

For any baseball player looking to dramatically improve their performance, the DeMartini 2014 CF6 WTDCXFL bat is definitely the best choice. With so many advanced features, including an adjustable two-piece handle and renowned Fused Taper barrel, this bat simply delivers incredible performance. By combining the best of advanced materials such as the Paradox Composite with standard alloys, the DeMartini offers batters the finest engineered bat available on the market today.