Top Ten Best Down Alternative Comforters of 2018 (Buyer’s Guide and Reviews)

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Down Alternative Review GuideAfter a long day at work or just a day spent with with family and friends, nothing is better than climbing into a nice, warm bed lined with soft cotton sheets and a fluffy comforter. Many people have spent hundreds of dollars on soft down comforters, which are filled with down feathers that are cushy and warm. However, one of the downsides of a down is that it is quite expensive. This also isn’t an option for those who suffer from allergies to these feathers.

So, what do you do if you want a soft comforter that keeps you warm all night but down just doesn’t work for you? You can try a down alternative comforter that’s just as soft and available at a fraction of the price.

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What is a Down Alternative Comforter?

Traditional down comforters are filled with small down feathers. These tiny feathers are taken from ducks and geese, and when stuffed in a comforter, provide and extra-soft and super comfy bedding option.

Down comforters are thick, fluffy, and perfect for colder nights. However, anyone that suffers from allergies or doesn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars will benefit from down alternative comforters. These bedspreads mimic the softness and thickness of down, but instead of feathers, they are filled with another material like rayon, cotton, or polyester.

What are the different types?

There are a few different types of down alternative comforters on the market. These comforters are identified by the materials that are used for the outer portion. This is the part of the comforter that lays against your skin, and different materials are used to make these comforters cooler or warmer depending upon your own personal preference.

Batiste fabric

These are the most lightweight comforters, and they are best for those who like to be cooler while sleeping.

Sateen down alternative comforters

Sateen is similar to satin, in that it is very soft and smooth. It also has a shiny appearance that looks great in any bedroom.

Damask fabric

This offers you plenty of warmth, and it’s generally very inexpensive.

Cambric fabric

These are basic weaves that are extremely soft and very budget-friendly.

What are the advantages of owning one?

A down alternative comforter is the ideal way to stay warm and comfortable in your bed. Unlike regular down, down alternative blankets are extremely affordable. They also come in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns, so they look great when matched with your bedroom décor. Down alternative comforters are also great for allergy sufferers. You also won’t have to worry about the tiny feathers breaking through the fabric and poking you while you sleep, a common complaint with many down comforters.

Who are the contenders for Best Down Alternative Comforter?

Grand Down All Season Down Alternative Comforter

If you want the luxury of a down comforter at a price that doesn’t make you empty your wallet, this comforter is a budget-friendly choice. It is soft, fluffy, and it comes in your choice of size colors and three different sizes. This is an ideal comforter for any bedroom, including guest rooms and kids’ bedrooms, and it even works for dorm rooms.

Natural Comfort Soft and Luxurious 300TC Sateen White Down Alternative

This sateen down alternative duvet insert can be used alone or with your favorite duvet cover. The 300 thread count sateen design is soft and smooth, and the down alternative fill, made of 100% polyester, is hypoallergic, thick, and warm. You can choose from seven different sizes, including oversize designs that provide you with plenty of warmth. The price tag on this quality comforter is a fraction of comparable down comforters.

Royal Hotel’s 300 Thread Count Goose Down Alternative Comforter

Enjoy the comfort of down without paying thousands of dollars with this luxurious comforter. This great comforter combines soft 300 thread count Egyptian cotton with soft down alternative fill. This comforter is available in white, so it looks great with any décor, and it is machine washable, so it’s very easy to keep clean.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Product

If you want to get the best night’s sleep without spending a fortune, a down alternative comforter may be just what you are looking for. Before making your purchase, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you are fully satisfied with your new comforter.


Down alternative comforters can cost hundreds of dollars. For many, this bedding is way out of their price range, which is why down alternative comforters have become so popular. You can expect to pay anywhere from under $100 to several hundred dollars for a down alternative comforter. Generally, more fill, higher quality materials, and a higher thread count make for a more expensive comforter. Also, a larger size is typically more expensive than a smaller size, like a twin.


It’s important that you purchase a comforter that is designed to fit perfectly over your mattress. Buy a down comforter that is sizes right for your bed for complete comfort. If you like a lot of overhang, look for oversize comforters.


You want your comforter to match your other bedding, your paint colors, portraits, nick-knacks, and other décor. Many down alternative comforters are available in basic white, although you can choose popular colors like purple or blue as well.


Another thing you should consider before making your purchase is how the comforter will be cleaned. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and time on dry cleaning, look for one that can be washed in your household washing machine.


Grand Down All Season

This affordable comforter’s cost varies depending upon what size you select.

Natural Comfort Soft and Luxurious

This comforter retails for the same price for all seven sizes.

Royal Hotel’s 300 Thread Count

Expect to pay more for any size for this down alternative option.


Grand Down All Season

Choose from Full/Queen, King, or Twin/Twin XL to fit any size bed in your home.

Natural Comfort Soft and Luxurious

It’s easy to find the perfect fit with this comforter, which comes in Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King, Oversize King, and Oversize Queen.

Royal Hotel’s 300 Thread Count

Choose from King, Queen, Oversize King, Oversize Queen, and Twin/Twin XL sizes.


Grand Down All Season

Choose from six great color combinations when you pick this comforter. Colors include Black/Grey, Chocolate/Sky Blue, Ivory/Sage, Ivory/Taupe, Plum/Lavender, and Taupe/Chocolate.

Natural Comfort Soft and Luxurious

This soft comforter comes in a neutral white that looks great with any color scheme. You can use it alone or with your choice of duvet cover, sold separately.

Royal Hotel’s 300 Thread Count

Solid White is the color that is available for this comforter.


Grand Down All Season

This down alternative comforter is easily cleaned in your washing machine. It is not overly bulky, so it fits in most traditional washers and doesn’t require a commercial-size machine.

Natural Comfort Soft and Luxurious

If this insert gets dirty, just throw it in the washing machine and dryer. It washes and dries nicely, with no bunching or ripping.

Royal Hotel’s 300 Thread Count

You can easily get this comforter soft and clean again in your washing machine.

Conclusion: Our Final Reviews Are In

Grand Down All Season Down Alternative Comforter – Best Affordable

Grand Down All Season Down Alternative ComforterIf you want the luxury of down without the high cost, this is the perfect choice for you. It costs less than $100 but it’s just as soft and warm as a traditional down. The microfiber outer is super-soft, and it is filled with 100% polyester that is ideal for anyone with allergies. Choose from six great color combinations designed to enhance the beauty of any bedroom.

The double stitching prevents bunching and shifting, and it has a classic baffle box design. This affordable comforter is perfect for your bedroom, a guest bedroom, or even a college dorm room. It looks great, keeps you comfortable all night long, and is a great alternative to more expensive down comforters.


  • Available in all common sizes
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • The stitching prevents the fill from bunching


  • May rip over time
  • May begin to bunch when laundered often
  • It cannot be dried
  • The fabric attracts lint quite easily

Natural Comfort Soft and Luxurious 300TC Sateen White – Best Value

Natural Comfort White Down Alternative ComforterThis luxurious down alternative comforter feels just like the more expensive ones, but you won’t have to break the bank to purchase it. It is designed to be used by itself, or you can use it with a new or existing duvet cover. It is available in all standard sizes, as well as oversize versions that provide you with extra warmth and overhang.

This 300 thread count sateen outer is soft and will provide you with the perfect night’s sleep. It is easy to clean, and the design prevent bunching. It is hypo-allergenic, and it is thick but not overly so. This unit is comparable to genuine down but is much more affordable.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It is warm
  • Does not bunch or pile
  • The outer fabric is very soft
  • It is well-made
  • It is inexpensive when compared to down comforters
  • Very soft and fluffy
  • You don’t have to worry about feathers poking through
  • Can be washed and dried at home


  • It collects lint easily
  • It sheds quite a bit

Royal Hotel’s 300 Thread Count Goose Down Alternative Comforter – Best Overall

Royal Hotel's 300 Thread Count Goose Down Alternative ComforterYou’ll never want to leave your bed once you add this comforter from Royal Hotel, which is our choice for best down alternative comforter. You’ll enjoy soft, luxurious comfort with this high-quality comforter, which has a soft 300 thread count Egyptian cotton shell and 100% goose down alternative fill.

The Baffle Wall Box design is made to prevent shifting of your filling and provide maximum warmth. The high-quality design doesn’t rip easily, even when it’s cleaned in your washing machine. It can be used alone or with a duvet that matches your room’s color scheme.

The price, though slightly more expensive than other down alternative comforters, is a mere fraction of a comparable goose down option. The quality, softness, and warmth is truly unsurpassed, and it is hypo-allergenic so it’s perfect for those with allergies who want to experience the luxury of down comforters.


  • Made of high-quality Egyptian cotton
  • Soft and silky
  • Ideal for use alone, or it can be used with a duvet cover
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • It is thick enough to provide plenty of warmth
  • It does not shift or bunch
  • Available in multiple sizes, including oversize options
  • Affordable when compared to genuine down comforters


  • It is more expensive than other down alternative comforters
  • It may rip after repeated washing

In Summary

If you have allergies, you can enjoy the luxury of down with a great down alternative comforter. These are also great choices for budget-conscious shoppers. If you want superior softness, warmth, and comfort night after night, Royal Hotel’s Goose Down Alternative Comfort has everything you need at a price that’s great for your bank account. With this comforter, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud without paying a price that’s sky high.