What’s The Best Gift You Should Get Your Boyfriend in 2017? – Reviews and Gift Guide

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Boyfriend for Gift GuideIf you’re in a relationship, you know how special gift-giving can be. Whether you are giving a gift for a special occasion or holiday or you just want to give him a little reminder of how much you care, your boyfriend will really feel special when you purchase him a great gift.

Of course, gifts don’t make a great relationship, but if you just want to go the extra mile to show him that you’re thinking of him and how much you adore him, a handpicked gift is a great way to make him feel like he is loved.

How To Choose a Gift Your Boyfriend

If you keep his interests in mind, it will be quite simple for you to pick a gift that he’ll love. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you don’t have to go overboard buying tons of gifts that he won’t use. Instead, use your head to think of one great gift that he will enjoy using over and over again.

Also, never underestimate the power of something you’ve made yourself. Write him a love poem, slip him a handwritten note, or create a handmade card expressing your feelings for him. These gifts don’t cost a lot, if anything, but they’ll be extremely valuable to him and something he can cherish forever.

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Our 10 Best Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love

10. Citizen Men’s Nighthawk Eco-Drive Watch BJ7000-52E

Citizen Men's Nighthawk Eco-Drive Watch BJ7000-52EIf he needs a great accessory that’s also functional, this watch from Citizen really does the job. The stylish design looks great with any ensemble, and of course, it will always keep him right on schedule. This watch boasts a lot of great features, including a stainless steel design for style and durability, low charge warning, incandescent lighting, and it’s water resistant.

The Eco-Drive technology is powered by light, so he won’t have to worry about changing his battery, so he’ll always be on time.

9. Roku 3500R Streaming Stick

roku-3500r-streaming-stick.jpgIf he loves watching TV and movies at home, he won’t be able to get enough of this streaming video stick from Roku. This tiny stick gives him access to hit shows, popular music, and newly released videos.

He’ll be able to access content from streaming providers like Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, and more just by using this with his TV (must be equipped with a USB port), laptop, tablet, or other device.

8. ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 20 Running Shoe

asics-mens-gel-kayano-20-running-shoe.jpgWhether he likes to hit the track or he goes to daily Crossfit sessions, these shoes are perfect for any physical activity. The ASICS GEL technology provides him with comfort and support for the longest runs and workouts.

The shoes are extremely flexible and move easily with the feet, and you can choose from seven great color combinations to match his own personal style. Interested in other running shoes? Check these out!

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

samsung-galaxy-tab-4.jpgHe can work and play anywhere he goes with this great tablet from Samsung. The Android OS is easy to navigate and allows him to do almost anything, including send and receive email, browse online, talk to friends and family through social media, and download his favorite games, apps, music, and videos.

This tablet is thin, lightweight, and ultra-portable so he can take it with him to work, class, vacation, or just about anywhere.

6. GoPro Hero

gopro-hero.jpgIf he enjoys outdoor adventures, he’ll be able to record all of his best memories on this tiny, lightweight video camera. Don’t be fooled by the size, though – it records in stunning high-definition video and even takes still photos. He can bring it on his next fishing excursion, take it out on his bike or motorcycle, or the two of you can even use it while you’re out on the town on a date.

A variety of accessories are available, including bike and helmet mounts, so he can get the most out of his camera without interference in his favorite activities.

5. LifeProof Fre

LifeProof FreIf he’s rough on his phone, save him the hassle of spending hundreds on replacement screens or new phones with a LifeProof case that fits his phone. LifeProof cases are designed to protect phone screens from breakage, scratches, and dust.

LifeProof cases offer full protection for a phone, and they’re even completely waterproof, so he’ll never have to worry about ruining his phone again. This case is available in models for the most popular smartphones, including most models of iPhones.

4. Lucky You for Men

Lucky You for MenIf he enjoys grooming and taking care of himself, he’ll love the smell of this top-selling fragrance for men.

Created by Lucky Brand, known for its jeans, each spay releases a light citrus scent that’s not too overwhelming and can be worn day or night for any occasion.

3. Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle

Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod ShuffleNo matter where he goes, he can always take his tunes with him. Whether he’s fishing at the lake, swimming at the pool, or just kicking back on the beach, he can take this iPod along with him without worrying about it getting ruined by water.

This is a 2GB iPod shuffle that has been waterproofed by Underwater Audio, so it functions just like any other Shuffle, but it can get wet. It comes in your choice of nine great colors, so make sure to pick his favorite.

2. Why I Love You: A Journal of Us

Why I Love You: A Journal of UsIf you want to give him a sentimental, meaningful gift but you’re not very crafty, this journal will help you get started. It is filled with 96 pages of writing prompts and questions detailing the course of your relationship. This is an easy way to keep track of all of your memories together.

You can fill it out yourself, or the both of you can write in it together. Before you present it to him, make sure to write some meaningful things that he can read immediately so he knows just how much he is loved.

1. Ray-Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster SunglassesHe’ll protect his eyes from harmful UV rays, avoid headaches caused by squinting into the sun, and look great all at the same time with these classic Ray-Ban sunglasses. The design is simple and one that will never go out of style.

To match his personality, there are 25 different frame and lens combinations to choose from. These sunglasses make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

What Makes a Great Gift for the Boy in Your Life?

Giving gifts is a wonderful gesture to show someone just how much you care, but the process of actually finding the right gift can be quite daunting and exhausting. Even with hours of planning and online browsing, you may just be stumped as to exactly what you should purchase for your boyfriend. It’s especially difficult when purchasing for the opposite sex for a few reasons. If you have different interests, for example, it might be more difficult to purchase a gift.

Even things as simple as buying clothing can be complicated because clothing for men and women are sized differently. Before you begin shopping and just become too stressed to even consider a gift, remember these things to help make the purchasing process a breeze and maybe even a little fun.

What is the occasion?

Before you purchase a gift, you need to consider the occasion to determine what type of gift you should purchase. If you are buying a Christmas gift, for instance, you might want to plan a bigger budget than buying something “just because.”

Think about the occasion before you buy, then set your budget, and most importantly, stick to it. If you have something in mind but you think it may be more than what you’ve budgeted, either buy something else or change your price range accordingly.

What is your relationship?

If you just started dating a month before Christmas, it might make things a little awkward if you go over the top. If you’ve been dating for quite some time, his feelings may get hurt if you put little thought or effort into an anniversary or birthday gift.

Take the time to really consider where your relationship stands so you can purchase the right gift.

Don’t blow your budget

As mentioned before, it’s important to set a budget to prevent spending beyond your means. If you want to buy the latest game console or an expensive new smartphone but you don’t have the funds, you need to begin saving and planning well before the occasion in order to afford it. Don’t spend your bill money just to purchase a gift only to have to ask him for money later down the road.

Be financially responsible when you purchase gifts. If you’re really low on money, you can even craft a meaningful gift that doesn’t cost that much, and it could mean the world to him. Never skip a gift for a special occasion because of money. Even a homemade card can be just enough.

Shop for him, not for you

This may seem like a common sense idea, but it’s surprising how often it happens on both sides. If he likes his jeans and athletic pants, don’t buy him a suit because it’s what you would prefer to see him wearing. If he isn’t interested in the arts, don’t “surprise” him with two tickets to the ballet or an art show. Even if you don’t necessarily share the same interests, you should still make an effort to purchase something that he will enjoy.

If you both end up liking the gift a lot, that’s just an added bonus, but never switch your personality and interests with his when you are shopping for a gift.

Types of Gifts To Consider

Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry isn’t just for women, and many men like receiving jewelry as gifts. However, it’s important to be careful with this gift. If he’s never really worn jewelry before, don’t go purchase him an expensive piece until you’ve talked it over with him and gauged his interest in wearing jewelry like a heavy silver bracelet or chain or a set of engraved dog tags.

If he doesn’t like jewelry, how about accessories? A nice pair of designer sunglasses or a classy watch both make fabulous gifts for any special occasion.

Shoes and clothing

If your boyfriend likes keeping up with the current style trends, a new outfit makes a thoughtful gift. Make sure that you know his size in pants and shirts by asking him or checking out the tags of clothing he wears often. You also want to make sure you purchase the right style.

If he prefers loose jeans, don’t buy a pair of trendy skinnies. Shoes are always a great choice, especially running shoes if he runs or works out at the gym. Choose a pair that not only looks great, but offers plenty of support and is comfortable.

Outdoor gear

If he likes spending his time in the great outdoors, you can always purchase him new outdoor gear. Thinks like backpacks, hiking boots, fishing poles and tackle boxes, and tents are gifts that he will appreciate when he’s having fun outside.

You can even purchase items that the two of you can use together, like a tent designed for two people or a spare fishing pole so you can enjoy spending time together at the lake.

Gadgets and gizmos

There are very few men out there that don’t have a fascination with the latest electronics. Be aware, though, you’ll probably end up spending more for electronic gear than on any other gift. TVs, Blu-ray players, iPods, and smartphones are just a few of the choices you have.

Make sure that he doesn’t already have what you’re purchasing, or that if he does, you’re getting the most up-to-date model.


Buying your boyfriend a gift he’ll love shouldn’t be a chore. Use everything you know about him, from his fashion sense to his personality, to plan a gift that he will love. Just remember that it’s the thought that counts, and anything that comes straight from the heart and is given with nothing but good intentions is sure to be a hit.