Ten of the Best Lacrosse Gloves of 2017 (Reviews and Shopping Guide)

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Lacrosse Gloves Guide FeaturedIf you play sports, you have to have the right gear before you hit the field, track, or court. Not only will you be unable to play properly without the right equipment, but without the proper gear, you risk injuring yourself. In the sport of lacrosse, you need quite a bit of equipment in order to play your best out on the field without getting hurt.

In addition to a stick, pads, and uniform, you also need a high-quality pair of lacrosse gloves.

Top Ten: Compare The Best Lacrosse Gloves of 2017

Buyer’s Guide: What are Lacrosse Gloves?

Lacrosse gloves are gloves that are worn while playing the sport of lacrosse, whether you’re just practicing or engaged in a match or tournament. These are used to keep your hands protected while playing, while also providing you with excellent grip for your stick.

What are the Advantages?

One of the primary advantages of lacrosse gloves is that they protect your hands from blisters while you’re gripping your stick, passing, and making shots. Because this is a very fast-paced sport that causes you to work up a sweat, your hands can get sweaty too. Sweaty hands can lead to missed shots and passes because you don’t have a good grip on the stick.

Gloves allow you to grip your stick firmly during the entire practice or game. They also protect your wrists, hands, and forearms from injury in the event that you get hit with a stick or something else happens during the game.

What are the Different Types?

When selecting a pair of gloves to play your chosen sport, there are a few different types that you will find online and in your local sports store. While all are designed to be padded to offer the most protection, the primary differences are in the design, colors, brands, and sizes.

  • Youth gloves – These are designed for younger players. They are smaller, have shorter fingers, and are made to fit on smaller hands. They come in various sizes, from toddlers up to preteen and teen sizes.
  • Men’s gloves – These are made for adult male players. They are larger, more padded, and offer protection to men who play. These gloves come in a variety of different sizes and styles.
  • Women’s gloves – These are made for the smaller hands of female players.

Which Lacrosse Gloves are the Best on the Market in 2017?

STX Lacrosse Stinger Youth Glove – Kids that are just learning the sport or who are improving upon their skills need to have the best protection out on the field. These gloves from STX offer a durable design, a custom fit, and an affordable price tag, making them a top choice for youth players.

Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Gloves – You don’t want to get weighed down by your equipment out on the field. That’s why these gloves are such a good choice, as they offer the protection you need without extra bulk. They don’t make you too hot, they come in a variety of sizes, and they’re available in a wide selection of colors.

Warrior MD4-Whitewash Gloves –These gloves are very protective of your hands and wrists without the extra bulk and weight of other gloves. These provide you with more flexibility, allowing you to move your wrists and hands more easily for the best control out on the field. They come in multiple sizes and colors, and they’re vented for comfort.

Features to Evaluate

You want to make sure that you get the most for your investment. After all, you don’t want the wrong pair to hinder your game, but you don’t want to go without adequate protection either. Since gloves can get quite expensive, you want to make sure that you pick a pair that at least lasts for one season, and you can make sure you pick the right pair by looking for these four features.


If you’re an adult, a youth pair of gloves will be far too small. An adult pair will be far too large for smaller hands, so you want to make sure that you pick the correct choice regarding type.


Color isn’t the most important thing, but you want to pick something that you’ll enjoy wearing. Whether you pick a neutral pair, a bright pair that stands out on the field, or gloves that match your team colors, you’ll find that there are many options out there, so pick the one that works best for you.


Once you’ve determined the type of gloves to purchase, you’ll find that they come in different sizes. You want to make sure that they offer the perfect fit. Look for gloves that come in multiple sizes and most importantly, the size that you wear.


STX Stinger

These are designed for youth players.

Brine King Superlight 2

These are designed for preteens, teens, and adult male players to wear during practices, games, and tournaments.

Warrior MD4-Whitewash

These can be worn by teens, men, and women.


STX Stinger

These come in neutral Black.

Brine King Superlight 2

You’ll have your choice of many different colors, including White, Black, Carolina, Navy, Red, Forest Green, Maroon, Royal, and Orange.

Warrior MD4-Whitewash

These are available in Pink, Royal, Red, and Black.


STX Stinger

An 8-inch size is available, which is recommended for players approximately 8 to 10 years old.

Brine King Superlight 2

These come in three different sizes: 12 inches, 13 inches, and 14 inches.

Warrior MD4-Whitewash

These come in 12 and 13 inch sizes.

Final Word: Our Lacrosse Gloves Reviews

Best Low-Cost: STX StingerSTX Lacrosse Stinger Youth Glove

If your child is playing lacrosse, you want to make sure that he or she has all of the protection that he needs out on the field, including a quality pair of gloves like these from STX. These gloves offer the protection a child needs while practicing or playing a game without affecting their performance out on the field. These have a durable outer shell for multiple seasons of wear, and a comfortable liner that is soft and wicks away sweat for complete comfort.

The lace fastened cuff provides a more customized fit, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s gloves feeling too tight or too loose during the most crucial moments of game play. The 8-inch design is ideal for players aged 8 to 10, and at less than $50, they’re not too expensive.


  • Very affordable.
  • They are comfortable.
  • They wick away sweat for comfort while playing.
  • Thick and protective without affecting technique.
  • The cuff provides a custom fit.
  • They are quite durable, especially for the price.


  • There are no color choices.
  • Sizing is limited.
  • The seams may fray over time, much more quickly than more expensive gloves.

Best Mid-Range: Brine King Superlight 2Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Gloves

If you don’t want to sacrifice protection for comfort and flexibility, this is a great pair to choose. This pair is made for tween, teen, and adult male players, and they come in your choice of three sizes and nine colors, so you can easily coordinate with your uniform all while finding the perfect fit.

These gloves are very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about them slowing you down. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t protective, though, as they still offer just the right amount of protection to your hands and wrists. Your hands won’t get overheated during the most intense moments, since these have TruVents that increase ventilation to the backhand. It has a textured palm that allows you to get the right grip on your stick, and a Floating Cuff for additional comfort and flexibility. These gloves are made for performance.


  • They come in multiple sizes.
  • They come in multiple colors.
  • Ventilated to prevent you from overheating during the most intense games.
  • Vry protective without being too bulky.
  • They are lightweight enough to not affect your skills and technique.


  • There isn’t much protection offered for the size of the hand.
  • These are a bit expensive, although they are competitively priced.

Best Lacrosse Gloves Overall: Warrior MD4-WhitewashWarrior MD4-Whitewash Gloves

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to protection and performance while engaged in lacrosse. You’ll get the best of both worlds when you purchase these gloves, which are available in your choice of four colors and two different sizes to fit teens, women, and men. These are protective without being too bulky, so you don’t have to worry about them affecting your game. In fact, the design lets you play at your best.

These have a Squeeze Cuff design that gives them more flexibility, particularly in the back bend of the wrist for your most powerful shots. These are equipped with TruVents that provide maximum air flow to keep you cool and comfortable during the most competitive and fast-paced games. It has a unique thumb that offers the right amount of protection without affecting flexibility. These gloves are stylish, comfortable, and don’t hold you back out on the field.


  • Stylish design.
  • Very flexible without sacrificing protection.
  • They aren’t too bulky, so they’re easy to wear while playing.
  • They come in multiple sizes and colors
  • Vents keep you cool and comfortable.


  • They are quite a bit more expensive than other gloves.


When you’re picking the best gloves for the sport of lacrosse, you want to make sure that you pick the right pair that fits well and lets you show off your skills on the field. There are a few important things you should always look for, including protection to prevent injuries and flexibility so that you aren’t slowed down. Show off your skills while protecting yourself with gloves like the Warrior MD4-Whitewash.

Even though they are priced a bit more expensively than other types, these offer far more superior protection and comfort than the less expensive ones, and you’ll quickly find that they are worth the extra investment, especially if you’re serious about the sport. These gloves have everything you need to stay comfortable and play your best game without falling short on protection.