The Best Scuba Diving Masks (2018 Reviews)

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Best scuba diving maskWhen you’re out swimming in a lake, pool, or even in the ocean, you tend to forget about the fact that there’s an entirely different world just beneath the surface. At times, it’s cool to go beneath the surface and see what exists there. Of course, to do so, you’ll need some necessary equipment; namely: a scuba diving mask.

Scuba diving masks allow you to open your eyes with impunity while under the water. If you want to trek underneath the water’s surface, they are a necessity. But how do you find the best scuba diving mask for you? By making use of this helpful guide, that’s how.

What Are The Best Scuba Diving Masks from 2018?

1. LEOKOR Full Face Snorkel Mask

Full Face Snorkel Mask - Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask Kids Adults Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Surface Diving Scuba Gear - Easy Breathing Dry Snorkel with Foldable Tube - Gopro Compatible Mount

The first diving mask that we’ll cover is this one from LEOKOR. A full-face mask, it’s built to fit everyone from kids to adults. While it’s on the expensive side, it’s worth its price for the fact that it can be used in pools, lakes, and the ocean.

This mask is equipped with a camera holder, allowing you to film your water interactions with a GoPro or similar device.

With a tempered glass viewing area, it sports an anti-fog mechanism which keeps it clear at all points of use. It’s equipped with high-quality silicone, keeping it attached snugly in place at all times. You won’t have to worry about any water leaking in.

One of the great things about this mask is that it comes with a 3-month, money-back guarantee. So, even if you do run into problems with it, you can send it back and be refunded entirely. In essence, there’s no reason not to buy this scuba mask.


  • Fits snugly to your face
  • Capable of adjusting to the exact size of your head
  • Possesses a no-fog mechanism
  • Has a folded snorkel attached


  • On the expensive side

2. X-Lounger Full Face Snorkel Mask

Easy Breath Snorkeling Mask 2017 New Easy Fold 180° Panoramic Full Face Diving Scuba Mask with Detachable GoPro Mount Pivot Arm and Earplug, Anti fog Dry Snorkel Set with Backpack for Adults Youth S M

This next scuba diving mask is from X-Lounger, and it’s very similar to the LEOKOR one reviewed above. In fact, in terms of quality, it’s right on par with it.

Like the LEOKOR, it’s equipped with an anti-fog mechanism. This will ensure that it’s clear and easy to see through at all points of use. In addition to this, it’s equipped with a 9.3-inch foldable snorkel, allowing you to breathe in air from relatively deep positions.

With a high-quality silicone lining, it will fit flush against your face regardless of its size and shape. To help it fit your face, it sports a stretchy, adjustable strap.

Overall, this is a superb diving mask; arguably the best scuba diving mask on the market today. And if it doesn’t work out for you? No problem. It comes with a full warranty or money-back guarantee.


  • Sits flush against your face
  • Equipped with a foldable snorkel
  • Offers large, full-face viewing area
  • Has anti-fog mechanism


  • On the expensive side

3. Meduzi Full Face Snorkel Mask

Full Face Snorkel Mask – 180° Panoramic Underwater View Diving Mask – Anti-Fog, Anti-Leak Snorkel Gear – Easybreath Snorkeling Mask for Adults, Kids with Longer Snorkeling Tube and Waterproof Earplugs

Another fantastic full face snorkel mask is this one from Meduzi. Available for around the same price as the X-Lounger and LEOKOR reviewed above, it’s right on par with them in terms of quality as well.

Because this is a full face mask, it allows you to see everything in your peripheral. In essence, it provides an immersive view of all underwater areas.

It’s equipped with an anti-fog mechanism, meaning that you won’t have to worry about blurry and unclear glass. Manufactured with tempered glass, it’s designed to withstand years and wear and tear.

Altogether, this is a very good product. As far as underwater scuba masks go, it’s as good as any. With a foldable snorkel attached, you can use it right once you get it out of the box. In essence, apart from its price, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t buy it.


  • Large, wide viewing area
  • Possesses an anti-fog mechanism
  • Fits flush against the face
  • Capable of tons of adjustment


  • On the expensive side

4. Dive Energy Adult Snorkeling Set

DIVE ENERGY Adult Dry Snorkel Set - Anti-Fogging Protection & Tempered Glass - Clear View Scuba Diving Mask and Easy Breathing No Leaks Snorkel + Carry bag (Blue)

If you’re looking to avoid full-face diving masks, you might be interested in this half-face diving mask from Dive Energy. Available for slightly less money the the ones reviewed above, it has everything you need for surface level, underwater viewing.

This set comes with a snorkel which will allow you to dip your head about a full foot underneath the water’s surface. By making use of it, you can stay underwater for as long as you please.

The mask itself is of excellent quality, possessing silicone buffers which keep it locked to your face at all times. Because its nose section is divided from its eye section, it does a terrific job of resisting fog buildup.

In summary, this is a terrific half-face scuba mask set. The truth of the matter is that there’s no good reason not to buy it.


  • Does a terrific job of resisting fog
  • Silicone barriers form fit to your face
  • Comes with a snorkel
  • Has a 100%, money-back guarantee


  • A little on the expensive side

5. Zeeshy Full Face Snorkel Mask

Zeeshy Full Face Snorkel Mask, 180º Panoramic View Diving Scuba Mask Easy breath with Anti-Fog and Anti-Leak with Adjustable Head Straps Design for Adults,Youth,kids (BLACK-L/XL)

This mask from Zeeshy is a full-face mask which offers decent quality overall, but which doesn’t stand up to the higher-end ones on our list. The reason for this is that it can be a little difficult for some to breathe in.

Nonetheless, it possess pretty solid construction quality. Equipped with silicone sides, it form fits to your face, allowing for a minimal movement and maximum closure.

While it can be hard to breathe in, it does possess an anti-fog mechanism which does a pretty good job. You shouldn’t have to worry about your eyes going blurry as you stare down into the watery abyss.

Altogether, this is an above average, but not excellent diving mask. It will work just fine for some, but will pose problems for others.


  • Form fits to your face
  • Possesses an anti-fog mechanism
  • Extremely adjustable
  • Equipped with a built-in snorkel


  • Can be difficult to breathe in

6. Dive It Scuba Diving Mask

DIVE IT Snorkel Mask - Snorkel Set - Scuba Mask with Dry Snorkel Anti-fogging Lens & Dual Strap System

Next up on our list is this diving mask from Dive It. This mask is similar to the Dive Energy mask reviewed above, differing only in the fact that it’s a little more prone to fogging up.

With a silicone barrier at its edges, it’s designed to form fit directly to your face. The silicone ensures that there are no creases left open for water to escape through.

It comes with a snorkel which allows you to swim around a foot underneath the water. This snorkel curves up at its bottom, fixing itself in close proximity to your face so that it’s not moving around uncontrollably.

While this isn’t the best scuba diving mask around, it’s good enough for regular use in a pool or lake. As far as half-face masks go, it’s up there with the best of them.


  • Fits snugly to your face
  • Allows for plenty of adjustment
  • Comes with a snorkel
  • Fits over your nose


  • Fogs up to an extent

7. SHAOLIN Diving Mask

  SHAOLIN Diving Mask Nose Cover Swim Goggles for men Adult Swim Mask Dive Snorkel Mask Swimming Mask

If you’re looking for a diving mask sans-snorkel, you might very well be interested in this one from SHAOLIN. Available for a slightly lower price than the Dive It mask reviewed above, it offers plenty in terms of quality and function.

This is a half-face mask which wraps around your eyes and your nose. Its nose section is separate from its eye section so that fog doesn’t build up. However, it’s not entirely closed off, so you might receive some fog from time to time.

The silicone on its sides ensures that it has a watertight fit. It holds up fairly well regardless of how deep you are in water.

There are also earplugs and a nose clip included with this mask, giving you everything you need to go under the surface with comfort.


  • Comes with nose clip and ear plugs
  • Fits over your nose
  • Excellent value for its price
  • Offers tons of adjustment


  • Prone to some fogging

8. Enkeeo Scuba Diving Mask

Enkeeo Scuba Diving Snorkeling Snorkel Set Anti Fog Goggles/ Swimming Cap/ Waterproof Phone Case/ Gear Bag , Red & Black

The Enkeeo mask is very similar to the SHAOLIN reviewed above, but instead of including ear plugs and a nose clip, it includes a snorkel.

The mask itself is equipped with silicone around its edges, allowing for a snug, leak-free fit at all times. As long as you don’t move around excessively, it should stay firmly planted to your face.

It goes over your nose, allowing you to breathe with impunity. You won’t have to worry about water building up inside your nostrils. However, despite the fact that its nose section is separate from its eye section, it will fog up every once in awhile.

But for the most part, this is a solid diving mask. If you can handle some occasional fog, it’s a great buy.


  • Fits snugly to your face
  • Allows for adjustment
  • Comes with a snorkel
  • Comes with gear bag


  • Prone to some fogging

9. yicoe Scuba Diving Mask

Swimming Scuba Mask Diving Mask Free Diving Glasses Snorkeling Mask Snorkel Goggles with Tempered Anti-Fog Lens Glasses Silicone Skirt Soft Flexible Silicone Strap for Adult Men Women Youth

If you’re looking for something cheap and basic, you should consider this diving mask from yicoe. It’s available for a very affordable price, and while it isn’t extraordinary, it’s good enough to get the job done in pools and lakes.

This is a half-face mask with a closed off nose section. While this nose section will help to stave off fog, it will not prevent it entirely. There will be just a little fog present at most times.

It fits decently well to your face, though it sometimes loses its grip and allows water in. This is standard for scuba masks at its price range. If you want something watertight, you’re going to have to spend more money.

But it’s adjustable, it reduces fog, and its cheap. In essence, it’s good enough for most recreational purposes.


  • Very adjustable
  • Has a separate nose section
  • Very affordable


  • Will allow some water in
  • Will allow some fogging

10. golbalshop Scuba Diving Mask

Kids Silicone Scuba Swimming Swim Diving Mask Snorkel Glasses Set Anti Fog Goggles (Yellow)

Rounding out our list is the golbalshop Scuba Diving Mask. This is exclusively a kid’s mask which can be used in pools or shallow lakes. Available for a mere pittance, it’s good enough for small children.

This mask possesses a sectored-off nose section which will allow for some fog reduction, but which will not eliminate fog entirely. You shouldn’t have much problem seeing out of it. It’s just wise to be cognizant of the fact that it won’t produce a perfectly clear view.

It comes with a snorkel which bends up at its bottom and fits closely to your face. You won’t have to worry about it jiggling around while you swim.

Available in a variety of different colors, there is sure to be one for the kid in your life.


  • Comes with a snorkel
  • Very adjustable
  • Available in tons of colors


  • Will not eliminate all fog
  • Will allow some water in at times

A Guide to Scuba Masks

What Types of Scuba Diving Masks are There?

In general, there are two different types of scuba diving masks: full face masks and half-face masks.

Full face masks cover everything from your forehead, to your eyes, to your nostrils, to your mouth, to your chin. These masks typically do a better job of keeping water out, allowing you to swim with comfort.

Half-face masks typically only cover the eyes and nose. While they’re useful, they’re not quite as functionally sound as full face masks.

There are also just typical goggles available. These will shield your eyes, but won’t allow you to breathe freely underwater.

What to Consider When Choosing a Scuba Diving Mask

Apart from style differences, there are a few things you must consider before making a final purchase on a scuba mask. These things will determine the overall quality and functionality of a specific mask. They include the mask’s construction, durability, adjustability, and any special features it may possess.


The vast majority of diving masks are made with tempered glass. Tempered glass is not only durable, but capable of resisting high water pressure. While some masks possess plastic eye covers, these are usually to be avoided. The only situations in which they will work adequately is in shallow pools.


A number of different factors determine the durability of a diving mask. Not only do their eye shields need to be strong and resistant to wear and tear, the silicone which helps them sit flush against your face also needs to be tacky and responsive. If either of these components is sub-par, you can’t expect your mask to last long.


Nobody’s head is exactly the same size as somebody else’s. For this reason, you need to make sure that the mask you buy is as adjustable as possible. Most diving masks are capable of tons of adjustment, allowing users of all sizes to use them.

Special Features

Scuba diving masks come with a variety of different special features, from camera holders, to snorkels, and more. While none of these features are absolutely necessary, they can help to enhance your scuba diving experience. Consider them carefully.