Ideas for Date Night – Fun, Romantic & Affordable

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Spending some time together with your partner is a sure way to get your relationship on fire again. The traditional dinner and movie night dates may not have the mojo they had a while back. Whether you’re looking to get that fun bit in your relationship or celebrating your anniversary, there are many date ideas to help you spend quality time together.

Date Night Ideas

Here are a few fun, romantic and affordable ideas that you can try for your next date night.

Camp in your backyard

Get some time in the night sky by camping in your garden. Get some firewood and make some campfire. You can even cook your dinner outside together with your love. While out in the dark, take your time together to remind yourselves how your love life started, crack a few jokes by the campfire and spend the rest of your date together inside our tent.

Take a cooking class for your dinner

Cooking your dinner together is romantic. Spend the evening preparing your favorite dish together or learning a new recipe. You do not have to pay for the cooking class. There are countless numbers of YouTube cooking classes on the internet. You can also try fancy recipes for the dishes you already know or have been cooking.

Go for a drive-in movie

Skip the traditional movie in favor of the drive-in movie. The drive-in affords you the luxury of being alone while at the same time enjoying the movie with everyone else. Come with some warm drinks and lots of popcorn for the movie date and keep the conversation going as you watch your favorite movie.

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Take a dance class

Put on your dance shoes and get into an evening salsa class. Several gyms offer dance lessons to couples at a small fee. Dancing is also a great way to break a sweat together and lose those extra pounds quickly. You get to spend lots of time in each other’s arms and whisper the little nothings as you put your best foot forward. Other popular dance lessons include Zumba and tango.

Buy tickets for the next live performance

Treat your loved one to a clubbing night with his or her favorite band. Over time couples get to busy and spot going for night live performance altogether. Therefore, spending the night dancing away to your favorite tunes is a great way to get the young love back.

You can surprise your loved one by hiding the ticket in the wallet, under your dinner napkins or start a scavenger hunt game in the backyard to search for the ticket. The element of surprise increases the anticipation for the date night.

Play games

Competing against each other is sexy. There are several games you can play against each other including the cards, chess, Catan or pool at your favorite club. Agree on a prize for the winner or some punishment for the loser, and get your minds to some work. Choose a game which each of you understands so that one will not have an unfair advantage over the other.

Enjoy a street fair

When did you last taste the food on the streets? Go on a culinary journey of your local food market and taste the best dishes that the streets have to offer. The great thing with street food is that is quite affordable and can be served in small portions to enable you to sample as many dishes as you wish.

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Visit a small town

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city life and enjoy an evening in a small town. You could take a rustic train to the small city to add some fun to your trip. In the town, eat your dinner in the local restaurant, enjoy some walks around the town and get some live music or karaoke in one of their clubs. Where possible, spend the rest of the night in a cabin house or a cheap guest house for a change.

Enjoy some stand-up comedy

Enjoy a good laugh together by buying tickets to see your favorite comedian. Plan your date to coincide with one of the comedy shows nearby. These events do not happen every other day. Therefore, enjoy them while you can.

Teleport to your favorite country at home

Do you love Italy? Create a little Italy for the evening? What about the bright Mexican colors? Why don’t you decorate the place with the Mexican decor? Adds some dishes and drinks from your favorite country to your menu. If you have some more cash, you can have the best dishes from your favorite country delivered home. Do not forget to add some music to complete the whole country experience.