Top 10 Best Ways to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles

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how to get rid of dark eye circles

One of the more annoying cosmetic flaws possessed by humans is dark circles under the eyes. These circles can exist for a number of reasons; from genetics, to allergies, to a lack of sleep, and more. Those who suffer from them know how difficult they can be to make go away. But it is possible. These are the top 10 best ways to get rid of dark eye circles.

1. Dark Eye Circle Cream

Perhaps the most sure-fire way to get rid of eye dark circles is by using a dark eye circle cream. There are tons of different eye creams on the market, all of which have been proven to get rid of, or lessen the effects of dark eye circles. These creams work by reducing the puffiness and increasing the smoothness of the skin. They typically include an ingredient which lessens the skin pigmentation that results in dark eye circles.

2. Almond Oil

A naturally anti-inflammatory substance, almond oil can work to reduce the inflammation of the area under your eyes. With plenty of vitamin K, it lessens blood clotting, helping to keep blood vessels from dilating under the eyes. Before applying the almond oil, wash your face clean. Then apply the almond oil in a circular motion, leaving it on all night. Rinse with cool water in the morning, and then repeat the steps the following night. This should start to reduce discoloration under your eyes.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice reduces black eye circles in a number of ways. It should first be noted that lemon juice has natural bleaching properties. This will physically change the tone of your skin, reducing some of the blackness. However, the juice is also high in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and a number of other nutrients. These nutrients help to improve the immune system and also keep skin healthy. To use lemon juice, dab a cotton swab into the juice. After you’ve done this, rub the swab under your eyes. Leave the juice for around 15 minutes, and then wash it off. Doing this consistently will gradually improve the appearance of your eye circles.

4. Tea Bags

Another option for eliminating dark under eye circles is to use tea bags. Tea bags are high in caffeine, which will help to shrink the blood vessels around the eyes. Chemicals in tea also serve to assist in healthy and consistent skin growth. To use tea bags, place them in a glass of hot water for 5 minutes. Take them out and squeeze out any liquid. Place them in the fridge while washing your face. Once you’ve washed your face, place the tea bags under your eyes and leave them there for around 15 minutes.

5. Cucumber

Like lemons, cucumbers contain a natural bleaching component. This will cosmetically improve the appearance of the area under your eyes. However, they also contain several nutrients which serve to keep the skin healthy and soothed. Place cucumber slices under your eyes for around 15 minutes. Doing this consistently will result in gradually improved under eye appearance.

6. Turmeric

Another great natural solution to eliminating dark eye circles is turmeric. Turmeric contains curcumin which reduces inflammation, swelling, and redness around the eye. It also works to sooth and rejuvenate worn out skin when applied. The substance can be either applied or consumed. Consuming turmeric will help to detoxify the blood and liver, keeping your skin healthier over time. Applying it with lemon juice or other substances will help to reduce inflammation.

7. Antihistamines

While natural solutions and synthetic creams work well for some people, other people need to take medication to help reduce the darkness under their eyes. Antihistamines are pills used to combat allergies such as eczema and asthma. When taken, they will often serve to reduce the overall puffiness around your face and eyes.

8. Tomato

Like some other fruits and vegetables, tomato contains a natural bleaching agent which helps to lighten the skin cosmetically. However, it also contains nutrients which serve to revitalize and rejuvenate skin. To combat dark eye circles, tomato can either be applied or consumed. Applying tomato paste beneath your eyes consistently will provide you with benefits over time. Eating tomatoes or drinking tomato juice will provide you with superb skin-nourishing nutrients.

9. Coconut Oil

In addition to moisturizing dry skin, coconut oil also contains several nutrients which serve to heal and repair skin over time. To apply the oil under your eyes, start by washing your face. Once you’ve done this, dab a cotton swab with the oil. Rub the cotton swab around your eye, moisturizing the affected area. Leave it on overnight for the best results. Doing this consistently over time should result in lighter under eye circles.

10. Cold Compress

Sometimes, you just need to eliminate inflammation. The best and most common way to reduce inflammation is by using a cold compress. Use ice packs or fill bags with ice and then place them on and around your eyes. Leave them there for about 15 minutes at a time, repeating the process consistently. After a while, you should start to notice results.

Image Courtesy of Flickr User Amanda G