Top-Rated Bulk Office Supplies to Buy – 2021 Edition

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Whether you’re running an office or home office, it’s important to be stocked up with the best top rated office supplies to help your work day go by a little more efficiently and smoothly. But what are the best products to add to your bulk office supply order list? While there are many products and brands ranging from top rated pencil sharpeners all the way to the best-reviewed hand sanitizers, we recommend focusing your list on things that are both necessary for productivity, and also the safety of your employees. One of our favorite places to shop for office essentials:

What is Bulk Office Supply?

Bulk Office Supply is a site that sells top rated office supplies and products that range from your traditional office stationery (i.e. pens, pencils, binder, notebooks, etc.) all the way to safety and cleaning products that you will need to help you tackle COVID in 2021. 

These brand new office supplies range from air purifiers to classroom desk shields all the way to COVID detection kits. Their current edition of top rated ongoing bulk office supplies at affordable prices make them a great place to get your bulk orders in.

What are the Top Rated Bulk Office Supply Products of 2021? 

myLAB Box COVID Test Kit - Sold in Full cartons ONLY COVIDTESTKIT

1. Top Rated COVID Self Testing Kits

As the top-rated product on our list and with a 4.7 star rating on Google Customer Reviews, this kit comes complete with a saliva testing tube with a 99% accuracy, five-minute swatch test and results that come back in as little as 24 hours. This kit is perfect for those who are constantly on the go and need a quick check just to make sure.

To use: simply spit into a tube, seal it up, and return it in the included secure mailing envelope. You’ll receive results via a discreet email, with detailed instructions on how to read your stats.


Enviro Care® Hand Sanitizer - sold by the Carton only. 12 bottles per Carton. The carton comes with 3 sprayers. RCM12014015

2. Best Reviewed Hand Sanitizer

With COVID-19 around, it is definitely a good idea to make sure that hand sanitizer and soap and water is available to everyone. With that said, the best hand sanitizer for the office is this Carton Enviro Care hand sanitizer, that kills 99.9% of germs when you use it on your hands. Buy it in in bulk to always ensure that you never run out. 

This sanitizer is made with ethanol alcohol which is a combination of ethanol and ethyl alcohol ensuring the cleanest of hands when washing and that all germs are killed with the first spritz. 


Sanitex Antibacterial Wipes- Kills 99.9% of Germs SANABWIPE99-24

3. Sanitex Anti-bacterial Hand Wipes

The next product we recommend adding to your bulk office supply order are the Sanitex Anti-bacterial Hand Wipes. These are perfect for use on the skin and kills 99.9% of germs. Not only is this used to decrease bacteria on the skin but it also soothes the skin due to incorporation of aloe vera gel. It’s perfect to carry on a nice walk out of the house or on picnics in your backyard. It’s overall a great product for when you’re at your desk — or on the go.


8 oz Hand Sanitizer Spray - 24 per Carton, Must be ordered in Full Cartons ***IN STOCK*** BCM8OZ24

Also Try:: Belcam Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Spray

If you want another top rated hand sanitizer option, we like the Belcam Antiseptic spray. This product was a close second to the Sanitex Antibacterial Hand wipes on our list making them our runner up. Made with an antiseptic alcohol solution, this sanitizer removes potential bacteria build-up around the hands ensuring for nice and clean hands. Also, because the carrier bottle is only eight ounces, it is perfect for carrying around in a bag or suitcase for travel. It’s another top rated bulk office supply buy, since you can easily distribute a bottle to all of your employees, to keep your work environment safe.


Disposable Earloop Face Masks, 3 Ply, Blue, 50 Masks ***Non Medical - IN STOCK READY TO SHIP ***** SPIMTFM

4. Bulk Wholesale Disposable Face Masks

Another office COVID essential, these disposable face masks will definitely come in handy for that day that you realize that you forgot your face mask at home. Made from a 3-ply cloth covering, going over the nose and mouth, this face mask keeps the droplets you exhale from reaching you and your peers. They wrap around your ears to keep the mask on your face, ensuring that you are protecting others and yourself to slow the spread of COVID. 

Face masks are often sold out online so we recommend adding it to your bulk office supplies order to ensure that you’re always stocked up on this important piece of PPE.


Avery Economy Reference View Binder AVE05711

5. Avery Economy View Binders

Continuing with the top rated Bulk Office Supplies of 2021, we like these Avery Economy and View Binders. They work really well for making sure that all of your papers and files remain where they should.

Bulk Office Supply claims that this one-inch binder can hold up to 175 sheets of paper, making for great and convenient use. Don’t leave your notes scattered all over your desk. Pick up these office binders to stay organized.


Business Source Binder Clip BSN36551

6. Business Source Fold-Back Binder Clips

These Business Source binder clips work really well at keeping all of your papers together. For your convenience, Bulk Office Supply offers these binder clips in three different bundles. They are design specifically to have a powerful grip and tightly secures a little over 1/2” of paper at a time making it perfect for teachers, students, and office workers. 

Order these binder clips in bulk to make sure the office — or home office — supply cabinet is always well-stocked.


Alliance Rubber 26649 Advantage Rubber Bands - Size #64 ALL26649

7. Alliance Rubber Advantage Bands

Just like the Business Source binder clips, these Alliance rubber bands also come in different bulk sizes. They contain mid-rubber content and high intense strength as well as a good firm stretch and count per pound. What that means: they are also as great for industrial applications as they are for everyday use, keeping your items securely tied and organized.


Fiskars Soft Grip 8" Contoured Everyday Scissors FSK01004761J

8. Fiskars Soft Grip 8” Contoured Everyday Scissors

Compared to other retailers that sell these scissors, these Fiskars Soft Grip Scissors are available at a cheaper price online at Bulk Office Supply than in stores.

These top rated scissors are designed specifically for completing office tasks effectively, with a cushioned hand grip for reduced hand fatigue. As the name suggests, the “contoured” design lets you hold them more naturally too, for an easier cutting experience. A bonus: these scissors are made with recyclable materials to reduce environmental waste. 


Integra Colored Pencil ITA00066

9. Integra Colored Pencils

Moving into number 9 on our list of best bulk office supplies, these bright Integra colored pencils produce consistent results making them ideal for use for all ages.

Either in the office, at home or in the classroom, these are perfect for those looking for something to brighten up their day — or their artwork and presentations. Also because they’re perfect for blending, these are also ideal for when you are looking for that perfect tone between two colors. 


Integra Medium Beveled End Eraser ITA36522

10. Integra Pink Erasers

The last product on our top best Bulk Office Supplies list, these tiny Integra Pink erasers are ideal for correcting big pencil mistakes. Made with bevelled ends and soft and pliable material, they are ideal for accurate erasing.

Erasers are never something you buy individually, so add these ones to your bulk office supply order and make sure you never run out.

All in All, Why Bulk Office Supply?

We choose Bulk Office Supply because of the variety of available, affordable, and great quality office supplies that they have available as well as the ones mentioned in this article. Bulk Office Supply is currently having a sale on select products so don’t hesitate, and if you haven’t already, jump into the new year with Bulk Office Supply.

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