The Top 10 Best Pets to Have

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best pets to have - cat

Pets. They’re intriguing. They’re interesting. They’re fun. For many of us, they’re an integral part of our lives. But what exactly are the best types of pets to have in your life? While there are sure to be a number of different opinion on the matter, we’re going to give you our own. Here are the top 10 best pets to have.

1. Cats

Cats and dogs are essentially interchangeable. Some people love cats and are turned off by dogs. Some people love dogs and despise cats. But the reason that a cat makes such a good pet is its self-sufficiency. You can leave a cat alone for a full week and it will be just fine. No taking it out to go to the bathroom. No excessive doting required. Cats are independent animals which enjoy their alone time.

2. Dogs

Dogs are about exact opposites of cats. Whereas cats love their alone time, dogs almost always love to be with their owners. There’s no better feeling in the world than being greeted by your dog as your open your front door. They’ll sleep with you. They’ll watch tv with you. Dogs will do everything with you. The only downside is that they require a decent amount of caretaking. For example, you’ll almost definitely be required to take your dog out to go to the bathroom.

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3. Rabbits

Rabbits are great pets for those who want some company, but who also enjoy their alone time. A rabbit can be confined to a cage or left to roam free around your house or apartment. However, it’s necessary to know the risks of letting a rabbit roam free. These creatures are adventurous and will get into trouble, chewing, eating, and destroying almost anything in their paths. However, like cats, rabbits can go to the bathroom completely on their own, necessitating very little caretaking.

4. Ferrets

If you’re looking for an energetic and adventurous animal, you might consider getting yourself a ferret. Ferrets are typically kept in cages where they eat and go to the bathroom, but should be let out every once in awhile for exercise and play time. They’ll run and crawl all over the place when given the chance, so make sure you have your home completely ferret-proofed. It should, however, be noted that they need to be fed 2 to 4 times a day.

5. Hamsters

Hamsters are almost completely no-fuss pets. Typically restricted to cages, they can get all the exercise they need in small confined areas. You can also keep a constant supply of food and water ready for them by using special distribution devices. They will go to the bathroom in their cages, simply necessitating that you clean it every once in awhile. If you want a pet around for some company but don’t want a huge responsibility, a hamster would make a great pet for you.

6. Guinea Pigs

While guinea pigs and hamsters are very similar, guinea pigs are often more affectionate towards humans. However, they also need a lot more space to move around. They’re bigger than hamsters and so can’t do everything confined to a small cage. They’re also more expensive than hamsters, requiring more food and caging products. But if you’ve got the room and the budget, a guinea pig will make a truly cuddly and receptive pet.

7. Lizards

While not everyone is into the idea of having an amphibian as a pet, others love the idea. Lizards are inexpensive to purchase, but usually require some reasonably expensive equipment. A proper glass tank with adequate light, temperature, water, and humidity is an absolute necessity. If you can afford these things, lizards can be cool pets to have around. They’re fun to watch, and raising one up will give you a sense of absolute fulfillment.

8. Fish

Almost everyone has owned a goldfish at one time or another. But goldfish are far from the only fish you can keep as pets. Popular fish to keep as pets are bettas, danios, and block mollys, to name a few. They all have different personalities and spend their lives doing different things. While they’re not cuddly like cats or dogs, it can be comforting coming home to something familiar day after day.

9. Birds

There are tons of birds which can be kept as pets. Cockatiels, parrots, and cockatoos are some of the most popular pet birds. While they take care of themselves reasonably well, owning a bird can be a little expensive. Vet care, in particular, can cost a lot compared to what it is for other animals. Different birds have different personalities; some are personable and affectionate while others are aloof and private.

10. Turtles

Low-profile pets that mostly keep to themselves, turtles are great pets for those who want some company but who don’t want to do a lot of caretaking. While their required equipment can be a little expensive, they require very little looking after. It should be noted though that turtles carry salmonella. It’s important not to make a great deal of physical contact with them. Salmonella can make humans very sick.

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