The Best Dry Cat Food (Guide) – 2015 Reviews

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Dry Cat Food Review GuideCat owners know exactly how vital it is that cats get proper nutrition and enjoyment from their food. Ever since small companies learned how to mix and bake a wide variety of ingredients into a cat-appealing biscuit, cat owners and caretakers have had a range of different dry cat foods to choose from. Both indoor and outdoor cats can benefit from regular access to top-quality dry cat foods, engineered to contain an entire day’s worth of protein, vitamins and minerals.

It’s important for cat owners and caretakers to carefully consider the nutritional need of their cats. Whereas some more elderly or sedentary indoor cats require one kind of diet, other healthier, more active cats need a diet designed to accommodate their special needs. Today’s progressive dry cat food manufacturers now offer different formulas and blends in order to help meet the dietary needs of both indoor and outdoor cats.

What are the different types of Dry Cat Foods?

Experienced cat caretakers know that some animals or breeds are more finicky and selective than other cats about which dry cat foods they will eat. Dry cat food producers strive to offer a wide variety of tempting, tasty dry morsels that cats will greatly enjoy.

Different proteins and nugget ingredients have been developed to tempt even the most discriminating palates.

What are the advantages of using Dry Cat Food?

Progressive dry cat food manufacturers now produce large-volume bags or pouches of dry nuggets that are designed to be a long-lasting source of nutrition for cats. Most dry cat food comes in a convenient sack or pouch, allowing for easy re-seal. Some larger sizes are designed to provide weeks or months of nutrition for cats.

Dry cat food, when properly stored, can be stockpiled for an extended duration of time, making it the preferred choice of organized homeowners, preppers and shoppers who buy cat food in bulk.

Which brands are the contenders for the Best Dry Cat Food?

Meow Mix Dry Cat Food Chicken & Turkey – Meow Mix is a classic for a reason, as this delightful product has been feeding cats for generations. By combining two types of poultry, cats get a rich carnivore experience as they enjoy the crunchy Meow Mix nuggets.

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Cat Food – This line of dry cat food offers a variety of specialized formulas, including blends designed to help treat urinary problems or difficulties with hairballs. Made by one of the legendary manufacturers of dry cat food, the One SmartBlend offers cat owners and caretakers a delicious and nutritionally-balanced food for their pets.

The Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food – This exciting new line of dry cat foods offers a grain-free formula featuring real exotic meats. Packed full of healthy supplements such as fruits and vegetables, Taste of the Wild’s dry cat food lines are designed to be part of a balanced cat diet.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Dry Cat Food

  • Ingredients – Discriminating cat lovers and caretakers know how important it is that cat food contain wholesome, nutritious ingredients. Today’s dry cat food manufacturers strive to provide tasty natural ingredients in their blends.
  • Health Benefits – Many dry cat foods on the market today contain important ingredients to help promote cat health. Cat caretakers know that a properly-balanced diet is the key to promoting a long and healthy life for their beloved felines.
  • Cat Appeal – Cat food engineers can dream up the perfect cat food, but even the best designed dry foods are of no use if the cats don’t find them tasty. Dry cat food manufacturers know that some cats can have finicky or refined taste requirements, and have to strive hard to provide top-quality delicious nuggets.
  • Economy – Many cat caretakers rely on dry cat food to provide the majority of their pet’s diet. Dry cat food can provide cat enthusiasts the opportunity to save money by buying in bulk.


Meow Mix Dry Cat Food Chicken & Turkey – The Meow Mix is an entry-level cat food, which means that is a mixture of basic ingredients with a top-quality taste. Meow Mix is packed with plenty of protein, more than enough for an active adult cat’s daily needs.

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Cat Food – All SmartBlend flavors come with the company’s signature Purina One formula and then feature one particular culinary note. Each SmartBlend is designed to give cat owners and enthusiasts the ability to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for their pets.

The Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food – The people at Taste of the Wild understand that some cat owners and caretakers are looking for the convenience of a healthy dry food but without such a heavy reliance on grain. All of Taste of the Wild’s dry cat foods are completed grain-free, relying on a proprietary formula to help cat caretakers establish a healthy diet for their cats.

Health Benefits

Meow Mix Dry Cat Food Chicken & Turkey – Meow Mix is more than sufficient to provide the daily nutritional needs of just about any cat. Both indoor and outdoor cats can be reliably fed using Meow Mix Chicken & Turkey dry formula.

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Cat Food – Many Purine ONE SmartBlend formulas are designed specifically to help treat health conditions, including cats with sensitive systems, urinary tract issues, or complications from hairballs. Used as part of a balanced diet, Purina ONE SmartBlend can offer cats delicious nutrition while helping to maintain a healthy weight.

The Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food – Many cat enthusiasts swear by the benefits of using grain-free dry food as part of a healthy, balanced diet for their cats. With an abundance of real meat, these nuggets are packed full of delicious nutrition that cats will thrive on.

Cat Appeal

Meow Mix Dry Cat Food Chicken & Turkey – Some cats have spent their entire lives eating Meow Mix, while other cats can be less enthusiastic. Generally speaking, most cats, including both indoor pets and outdoor free-range animals, find Meow Mix to be an appealing part of a daily diet.

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Cat Food – The people at Purina are renowned for understanding the appetites of cats. All of the SmartBlend options are designed to be maximally attractive to a wide range of cats, including cats with picky or discriminating palates. Many cats come to love Purina ONE SmartBlend and will let their voices be heard if their caretaker tries to switch brands.

The Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food – This luxury range of dry cat foods offers real exotic meats to entice even the most finicky and discriminating palates. Cats are natural hunters, and will love the rich meaty content of Taste of the Wild dry cat food.


Meow Mix Dry Cat Food Chicken & Turkey – Meow Mix offers a reliable dry cat food option for budget-conscious cat owners and caretakers. Caretakers and cat enthusiasts will get a substantial amount of feedings from the larger-sized bags.

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Cat Food – This is a well-priced dry cat food, allowing owners and caretakers a budget-friendly way to feed cats. Larger sized bags can provide nutrition for cats over an extended period of time.

The Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food – The quality of the ingredients and the careful attention to nutritional supplements in Taste of the Wild comes at a price that may be beyond some cat owners’ budgets.

Conclusion: Our Dry Cat Food Reviews Are In

Meow Mix Dry Cat Food Chicken & Turkey – Best Low-Cost Dry Cat Food

Meow Mix Dry Cat Food Chicken & TurkeyThe feline nutritionists at Meow Mix have established this brand as a reliable favorite for years precisely because it offers a delicious, satisfying taste and hearty, filling meals for a wide range of cats.

This is definitely an entry-level dry cat food, but it stores extremely well if the instructions are followed. Can be used both in combination with other feeding foods, or as the whole basis for a cat’s minimum daily nutritional requirements.

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Cat Food – Best Dry Cat Food for the Money

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Cat FoodThe SmartBlend is the latest addition to Purina’s top-quality line of dry cat foods. By offering a wide range of options, Purina One SmartBlend offers cat owners and caretakers a reliable way to provide daily nutritional satisfaction for their pets.

Unlike other, cheaper brands, the primary ingredient in Puria ONE is meat. A wide spectrum of cats enjoy the lively and delicious flavor of Purina ONE SmartBlend. Purina ONE SmartBlend’s well-balanced formula can be used as part of a healthy diet for cats.

All dry cat foods are a complex blend of simple, wholesome ingredients like meat and vitamins, as well as a list of other stabilizers and nutritional supplements. Read the list of ingredients carefully if your cat is sensitive to certain chemicals or additives.

The Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food – Best Dry Cat Food Overall

Taste of the Wild Dry Cat FoodFor many years, the holy grail for dry cat food producers was to find a way to create a dry food that had the convenience and economy of the nugget but didn’t have to use cheap grains as filler ingredients. Using a proprietary recipe for the base of its range of dry food nuggets, Taste of the Wild offers cat caretakers a completely grain-free way to offer cats a healthy and well-balanced daily diet.

Taste of the Wild offers cat owners and caretakers a great way to provide reliable, regular feedings with this delicious grain-free recipe. This dry cat food smells extremely meaty right out of the bag, and is packed full of flavor that cats will enjoy.

While it is definitely great to have grain-free dry cat food alternatives on the market, it should be noted that Taste of the Wild uses a combination of peas and potatoes to form the base of their nuggets.

In Conclusion

Cat owners and caretakers should always carefully evaluate the nutritional and dietary needs of their cats before deciding on which brand and formula of dry cat food to feed their pets. Veterinarians and other professional animal specialists can provide valuable insight on choosing the right diet for your cat.

After careful consideration, it is clear that Taste of the Wild offers the best balance of nutrition and cat appeal in their delicious range of dry cat foods. By using real exotic meat combined with the company’s unique grain-free recipe, Taste of the Wild is positioned as one the best dry cat foods on the market today.