What are the Top Ten Best Wood Burning Stoves? – New 2016 Guide

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best wood burning stove review guideWhen hearing the words wood burning stove, many people might visualize a large, heavy, cast iron stove used for keeping houses warm and stands on four legs, has a closed fire chamber, a fire brick base, and a chimney or flue coming out of the back or the top.

Those who enjoy taking camping trips, however, recognize that the best wood burning stoves are not specific to the indoors and that there are actually many types of much smaller and more portable wood burning stoves used for a variety of purposes.

With all of the different types of wood burning stoves on the market today, it is important to find the best one to match your needs.

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What is a wood burning stove?

A wood burning stove is an appliance that produces heat through the burning of wood fuel and is most often used for cooking food while camping or for heating up houses during cold winter nights. Though varying in size, shape, and material, wood burning stoves all generally have a chamber of sorts where the fire is constructed and air ventilation systems that help maintain the heat and keep the fire going.

What are the advantages?

There are many advantages to owning wood burning stoves, both for those situated inside and those used outside of the house. For one, wood burning stoves save money when used over time as they cost less per BTU than stoves that require the use of other fuels or electricity.

Another advantage is the fact that wood burning stoves are more eco-friendly than other types of stoves. This is because, unlike gas, wood is a renewable resource, meaning that it can be easily replaced. Also unlike gas, when wood is burned there is a zero-sum impact in carbon emission, another eco-friendly advantage of using a wood burning stove.

A final advantage of wood burning stoves is that they radiate heat much more effectively and evenly than other types of stoves or fireplaces.

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What are the different types of wood burning stoves?

There are five common types of wood burning stoves:


Mostly used for cooking or keeping warm while camping or engaging in other outdoor purposes, portable wood burning stoves are usually made out of lightweight material and so that they are easy to take apart and/or carry.


Stationary wood burning stoves are great for indoor use. Usually made out of a heavier metal such as cast iron, stationary wood burning stoves stand on heat resistant hearths and have pipes coming out of the back or top of the stove to ventilate the smoke produced by the fire within the closed chamber. These wood burning stoves are most often used for heating up houses during the cold winter months.

Stainless Steel

The best wood burning stoves for outdoor adventures are usually made out of stainless steel because this material is both durable and relatively lightweight.


Similar to stainless steel wood burning stoves, titanium wood burning stoves are also popular for portable use due to their durability and lightweight material.

Cast Iron

Cast iron wood burning stoves are much heavier and are therefore usually only made out of this material for the indoor stationary stoves. They distribute heat incredibly well, and are very durable and are therefore sure to last for many years.

Choosing The Right Wood Burning Stove

The biggest things to consider when trying to purchase the best wood burning stove are portability, heat distribution, and price. If searching for a wood burning stove that would be useful for camping trips, it is important to purchase one that is lightweight and easy to carry. On the other hand, if searching for a wood burning stove that would be used heat up a room, portability is of less importance and heat distribution is more important. Finally, as always, price is an important factor when making any big purchase such as a wood burning stove.

The top 3 models on the market

Outdoor Pocket Stove by Generic

This lightweight and compact wood burning stove is perfect for the avid camper who needs a simple yet effective way to cook meals while exploring. Made of stainless steel, this stove is as versatile as it is portable due to the ability to cook from unlimited organic fuel sources such as wood, leaves, or alcohol. It comes with a pouch for convenient carrying, but it can also fit in small places such as pockets or wallets when folded down.

Solo Stove by Titan

The Solo Stove by Titan is a high-quality portable wood burning stove for those who want perfectly cooked meals while camping. You can boil water in less than six minutes with this stainless steel and nichrome wire model, ensuring a quick and efficient cooking time. This stove has a patented design that features a double wall, allowing the fuel to burn more thoroughly and also ensuring less smoke. With a compact space-saving design, the Solo Stove comes with a nylon stuff sack and can easily fit in even the smallest of camping backpacks.

WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Wood Burning Stove by kampMATE

This wood burning stove may be decently sized, but don’t let its size fool you. The WoodFlame Wood Burning Stove by kampMATE is incredibly lightweight and is able to be broken down for easy portability. With the ability to be cooked with wood or any other kind of bio-mass, this model has a great air ventilation system that makes it able to handle the hottest of cooking temperatures.

Considerations when selecting a wood burning stove


Especially when purchasing a wood burning stove for camping purposes, portability is an incredibly important factor in the decision-making process. When camping, it is much more convenient to have a wood burning stove that is not only compact and durable, but also lightweight to ensure easy carrying capacity.

Heat Distribution

Heat distribution is a particularly important factor when purchasing larger wood burning stoves that are used for heating up rooms, however it is almost as important for the outdoor camping models in order to ensure meals are cooked evenly and efficiently.


As always when searching for products for purchase, price is an important factor to consider. For those planning on using the wood burning stove time and time again and want the best quality meals possible, it may be smarter to purchase one that is higher in price as it will likely work best. For those who simply wish to purchase one for the occasional camping trip, it may not be as necessary to invest in a more expensive version.


Outdoor Pocket Stove by Generic

This model is extremely portable and, though it comes with a carrying case, can even fit in large pockets or wallets when broken down. Of the three best wood burning stoves, the Outdoor Pocket Stove is certainly the most portable.

Solo Stove by Titan

Unlike the other two, Titan’s Solo Stove cannot be broken down for easier portability. However, as it weighs only 16.5 ounces, this stove is far from heavy and can be easily carried in a backpack.

WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Wood Burning Stove by kampMATE

Though larger than the Outdoor Pocket Stove and therefore cannot fit in a pocket or wallet, this wood burning stove is still very lightweight and portable and can also be broken down easily for further convenience.

Heat distribution

Outdoor Pocket Stove by Generic

Of the three models, this one probably lacks the most in regards to heat distribution, however it has a simple yet effective air ventilation system that still ensures heat is distributed quite evenly.

Solo Stove by Titan

The Solo Stove has a patented double-walled design to ensure not only the perfect heat distribution, but also less smoke, making meals while camping taste as though they were made in the kitchen. It can boil water in less than six minutes, allowing for more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time cooking. Of the three models, Titan’s Solo Stove certainly wins in regards to heat distribution.

WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Wood Burning Stove by kampMATE

This model was created with heat distribution in mind. The design allows for perfect air ventilation and can therefore withstand very hot cooking temperatures.


Outdoor Pocket Stove by Generic

The cheapest of the three, the Outdoor Pocket Stove isn’t far behind the kampMATE wood burning stove in price. The low price does not mean lack of quality, however, as it is a long-lasting model that is quite comparable to higher-priced versions.

Solo Stove by Titan

The Solo Stove might be the most expensive of the three models, but it’s certainly not terribly expensive and is well worth the price when considering its quality and perfected design.

WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Wood Burning Stove by kampMATE

Moderately priced kampMATE is still a fantastic price when considering the quality of the product.

Conclusion: Our Reviews Are In

Best Cheap Brand – The Outdoor Pocket Stove by Generic

Outdoor Pocket Stove by GenericThe Outdoor Pocket Stove by Generic is a great price for such a high-quality, durable product. It may be considered “cheap” in regards to the cost, but in regards to its durability and functionality it is anything but.


This model is incredibly compact and portable as it is able to fit in a large wallet or pocket. As it is made out of stainless steel, it is quite durable and therefore sure to last a long time.


It is not as large as other models, so it may be a bit more unwieldy when handling heavier pots and pans. The air ventilation system is simpler than other models, meaning the heat distribution may sometimes be lacking.

Best for the Money – The WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Wood Burning Stove by kampMATE

WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Wood Burning Stove by kampMATEWhen purchasing this model, you are certainly getting the most out of your money. If you desire incredibly easy portability and great heat distribution at a decent cost, this is the best wood burning stove for you.


This wood burning stove is collapsible and can therefore be easily carried and without much extra weight. It has a tried and true air ventilation system that, though simple, is quite effective.


Despite being incredibly light, it is slightly larger than other models and is therefore sometimes a bit more difficult to handle.

Best Overall – Solo Stove by Titan

Solo Stove by TitanTitan’s Solo Stove is certainly the best wood burning stove on the market today. If you desire well-cooked meals, portability, and durability while exploring the great outdoors, go no further than the Solo Stove.


This model has a patented design to ensure the best heat distribution with the least amount of smoke. It also has a short boiling time, is quite compact, and is very durable.


It is not as compact as other models and is also a bit more expensive.

A Final Word

When you are figuring out what type of wood burning stove you would like to purchase, it is important to keep in mind the portability, the heat distribution, and of course the price of the options before making the final decision. You should therefore figure out what use the wood burning stove will be put to in order to determine which one best suits your preferences and needs.