Best Ways to add Collagen to Your Diet – 2021 Guide

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Once heralded as a “Fountain of Youth” by the ancient Chinese, collagen has returned to the spotlight as a popular nutritional supplement. Thanks to a mixture of new medical research and effective social media advertising, the global collagen market will be worth $22 billion by 2027. To help you navigate the hype, we have curated a guide to answer your questions and provide our picks for the best collagen supplement!

What is Collagen?

Collagen is much more than a temporary cosmetic injection. It’s the internal glue that holds us together. In fact, over a third of our proteins can be considered a type of collagen. Collagen proteins come in all shapes and sizes and are located all over our bodies. They compose our bones, our muscles, and can even be found in our eyes. Unfortunately, collagen deteriorates over time, which is why collagen supplements are crucial.

Do Collagen Supplements Actually Work?

Although collagen supplements can’t completely reverse the effects of aging, recent scientific studies offer hope. Edible supplements have been proven to increase skin elasticity and improve blood flow. Evidence also suggests that collagen is an effective wound healer and immune system booster. In one study, patients who took collagen supplements daily had their wounds heal twice as fast. Moreover, collagen seems to improve exercise efficiency, increasing muscle gain and weight loss.

How do I Protect my Collagen?

Since collagen has so many essential functions, it is important to preserve the collagen already in your body. A good first step is to maintain a balanced diet. Focus on getting enough vitamin C and lean proteins every day. Stay away from excessive sugars and other sources of fat. Simultaneously, maintain a consistent skincare routine and apply sunscreen whenever you are exposed to UV rays.

The next step is to focus on the future – take supplements to keep your collagen fresh and protected.

Best Collagen Supplements in 2021

Brodo Hearth Bone Broth, 22 oz – Central Market

1. Bone Broth

The main concern that many health specialists have with edible collagen supplements is sanitation. Ground-up animal products have historically attracted contaminants and other health hazards. While these issues have been resolved, our top choice for best collagen supplement avoids these problems altogther. Bone broth is a natural alternative that has a high concentration of collagen.

We recommend Brodo Bone Broth. The hearth bone broth is filled with hearty flavor plus zero preservatives,shortcuts, or concentrates. Brodo is a perfect blend of organic chicken, grass-fed beef, fresh vegetables, and organic turkey. This creates a savory flavor that augments its high collagen content.


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2. Collagen Peptide Powder

If you are comfortable with peptide collagen powder, it is the best collagen supplement in terms of efficiency. Many peptide collagen powders also include hyaluronic acid — another component your body needs to keep your skin feeling smooth.

For an all-natural option, try Vital Proteins Hydrolyzed Collagen. They’re an industry leader that focuses on sustainable and ethical development. Importantly, they also provide a guarantee that their product is sweetener and contaminant free.

For a vegan option, we recommend the plant-based Garden of Life Collagen Builder.


3. Vitamin C Supplement

Although vitamin C is mainly known for its antioxidant effect, vitamin C and collagen go hand in hand.  While vitamin C doesn’t directly produce collagen, it stabilizes collagen proteins and helps them work smoothly. At the same time, vitamin C is a critical component of hyaluronic acid, which works together with collagen to keep your skin healthy.

Check out Nutriflair Vitamin C Capsules. They are an experienced brand that offers a satisfaction pledge; if you don’t enjoy the product, they cover the cost.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera’s mysterious healing properties have stumped scientists for centuries. The Ancient Greeks considered it a medicine that could cure any disease. The Roman’s named it “truth,” yet neither understood the secret behind the herb’s powers. The answer might lie in collagen. Studies confirm that that aloe vera is linked to increased collagen production, helping the body heal open wounds.

We recommend Puritan Pride Aloe Vera Extract for a trusted alternative to traditional Aloe Vera gel.


5. Ginseng

Another ancient remedy, ginseng is famous for its anti-aging effects that seem to defy logic. In reality, ginseng’s magic stems from its connection to collagen. Ginseng helps supplement collagen on muliple fronts. On one hand, Ginseng protects existing collagen by mitigating harmful effects from UV rays. On the other hand, Ginseng also contributes to collagen production, replacing aging proteins with fresh ones.

Nature’s Bounty capsules are a great choice for ginseng supplements.




For how important collagen is to our lives, it’s almost scary how often we neglect it. Although it may be tough to start, a collagen-heavy diet can make a big change in your life.