What Are The Best Olympic Weight Plates of 2020?

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Olympic Weight Plate Review GuideMore and more, people across the country are learning the benefits of weight training at home, using the natural resistance of gravity to help build and increase muscle tone, bulk and definition. With recent legislative changes concerning supplements and sports pharmaceuticals, weight lifters, competitive body builders and home fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their health and looks are turning to weight training at home to build bulk, mass, and definition.

While competitions in Olympic Games requires all weight plates to be coated in an expensive rubber sheath, today’s home gym owners and weight lifters can buy top-quality weight plates with the same dimensions as regulation Olympic plates. Today’s modern coatings will protect weight plates from years of hard use and exposure to corroding ambient environments. With a wide variety of manufacturing styles and features available, home fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters can find the right weight plates to best suit their fitness regime needs.

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What is an Olympic Weight Plate?

Just as you’d suspect, an Olympic weight plate follows strict standards of the International Olympic Committee in terms of size, weight and dimension. Official rules for Olympic and other international competitions require weight plates to be in a protective rubber coating. Olympic weight plates for home use do not usually come with the protective rubber coating. It is a highly-expensive process only suitable for official international competitions.

Weight plates  in home gyms have a solid cast iron core with a protective coating to guard against rust and surface damage. Plates for home gym use come in standard Olympic weight categories starting at 2.5 pounds and going as high as 45 pounds.

What are the different types of Weight Plates?

At the heart of any good home weight training regime is a set of weight plates. Carefully calibrated to certain common weights, today’s plates offer a variety of features in terms of grip, design style and function.

Today’s weight plates sold for home use are usually made from cast iron with a protective coating applied to the exterior. Ranging in weights as high as 45 pounds, Olympic weight plates are designed to be the same dimension as regulation Olympic plates used in official competitions. As many home owners have barbells and other weight lifting equipment designed for regulation Olympic-size accessories, a set of plates will fit perfectly.

Weights for home use can be sold as individual plates and can be used to replace chipped, bent or broken weight plates at home or office gyms. Weight plates sold for home use come in a variety of design styles to improve grip and handling. Combined with a well-made bar equipped with cross-hatched knurling and properly used safety collars, a barbell or other piece of home weightlifting equipment can benefit from a top-quality regulation sized Olympic weight plate. Different Olympic weight plates come with different protective coatings to guard against rust and accidental damage during use.

What are the advantages of owning an Olympic Plate Set?

Some home gym sets come with an incomplete set of weight plates, and today’s manufacturers offer a wide range of options for completing your weight plate set. Home fitness enthusiasts know that having a full set of Olympic weight plates allows them to customize their workout regime. With durable coatings and solid engineering, today’s Olympic weight plates can handle years of abuse without chipping, cracking or bending.

Having your own plates allows you to get the precise weight on your barbell that you want to complete your weightlifting training regime. Whether ordering individual plates to replace broken or missing plates, or buying a complete set of plates to replace substandard models included with some home gyms, quality plates can form the cornerstone of any weightlifter’s fitness training program.

Which models are the contenders?

The Power Systems Pro Olympic Plate

These stylish black plates hearken back to the historic days of university weight lifting with their classic black design. Available in a variety of different calibrated weights, the Power Systems Pro offers durability for a weight plate. With clear markings in a legible white font, the Power Systems Pro weight plates are a great addition to any home gym or weightlifting workout center.

The Body-Solid Olympic Iron Weight Plate

This elegant update to the classic weight plate design, the Body-Solid has a perfect balance and a satiny ebony finish. Sold in a full range of regulation Olympic weight sizes, the Body-Solid is the perfect compliment to any home gym or workout center. With a classy, three-section design, the Body-Solid weight plate is perfect for tailoring any weightlifting fitness regime. The Body-Solid is made out of durable cast iron and will last for years of hard use.

The CAP Barbell Standard Grip Plate

The engineers at CAP have managed to completely transform the common weight plate. Outstanding tripartite grip improves maneuverability and handling. The high-tech silver coating offers a futuristic finish that will distinguish any home gym. Designed to smoothly slip on and off regulation Olympic bars and weightlifting equipment with ease.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Weights

  • Design – A well-designed Olympic plate is engineered to smoothly slip on and off of regulation bars. Correctly manufactured, an Olympic plate should offer a perfectly balanced load at the designated weight.
  • Finish – Most of today’s Olympic plates contain a core of cast iron. Different models use different protective coatings to guard against rust and protect against chipping, flaking and scratching.
  • Handling – A heavy weight is difficult to pick up off the floor or from a lower shelf. A well-designed Olympic weight plate is intuitive and ergonomic to handle and transport.
  • Available Sizes – The most important aspect of any Olympic weight plate is its weight. Most manufacturers today offer a wide range of standard Olympic regulation options.


Power Systems Pro Olympic Plate

The Power Systems Pro use a classic, basic design that allows weightlifters to concentrate on improving their endurance, resistance and muscle bulk. With a cast iron core and a matte black finish, the Power Systems Pro weight plates will look good on any bar or piece of weightlifting equipment.

Body-Solid Olympic Iron Weight Plate

The engineers at Body-Solid took the classic barbell weight plate and tweaked it, dividing the face into three inlaid sections to elegantly display the weight in pounds, kilos and the word “barbell”. These stylish Olympic weight plates will look good in any modern home gym or fitness center.

CAP Barbell Standard Grip Plate

The advanced tripartite handle design on the Cap Standard Grip make it very easy to handle, lift and transfer on and off dumbbells and other regulation Olympic weightlifting bars. The futuristic inlays give the Cap Standard Grip a very modernist and attractive look.


Power Systems Pro Olympic Plate

The Power Systems Pro comes with a minimalist, elegant black finish that will protect against scuffs, scratches and rust.

Body-Solid Olympic Iron Weight Plate

You can feel the quality right away as the solid cast iron core has a deep ebony finish that feels satiny to the touch. It resists chips, nicks and scratches, the Body-Solid withstands years of abuse.

CAP Barbell Standard Grip Plate

The space-age silver coating on the Cap Standard Grip is designed to resist dings, dents, scratches and other forms of hard use and environmental exposure. With a smooth finish, the Cap Standard Grip plate is pleasant and simple to handle.


Power Systems Pro Olympic Plate

This model is a solid plate has a cross-brace starburst and central axle hole. Stacks well with other Power System plates as well as regulation Olympic plates from other manufacturers.

Body-Solid Olympic Iron Weight Plate

The tripartite inlays on the face allow for firmer grasping and easier maneuvering of weight plates on and off the bar. Easily stacks with other Body-Solid plates on the bar and is easy to store when not in use.

CAP Barbell Standard Grip Plate

The tripartite handle design makes it much easier to lift, slide and handle the Cap Standard Grip plate. Even the heaviest weights can easily be grasped and lifted up off of the floor or low shelves.

Available Sizes

Power Systems Pro Olympic Plate

Starts at 2.5 pounds and also includes 5, 10, 25, 35 and 45 pound options that are equivalently analogous to regulation Olympic weights expressed in kilograms.

Body-Solid Olympic Iron Weight Plate

The Body-Solid comes in a full range of sizes from 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35 and 45 pounds. Each Body-Solid Olympic weight plate is clearly labeled with both its American pound weight and international kilogram equivalent.

CAP Barbell Standard Grip Plate

Right now the Cap Standard Grip comes in 2.5, 5, 10 and 25 pounds sizes. All Cap Standard Grip plates come with a smooth bore regulation Olympic center axis hole.

In Conclusion: Our Olympic Weight Plate Reviews

Power Systems Pro Olympic Plate – Best Cheap

The Power Systems Pro Olympic PlateYou can’t find a more classic and old-school looking weight plate than the Power Systems Pro, which means that it looks perfectly at home in any gym or workout center. With a minimalist design and clear white markings, these plates get right to work without making a fuss. Built out of solid cast iron and coated in a durable matte black finish, the Power Systems Pro is a reliable weight plate for any home gym or piece of weightlifting equipment.


  • Looks classy with no fuss about it, to allow you to concentrate on lifting them instead of turning your home gym into a fashion studio
  • Big writing on the plates makes them easy to identify and they come in all the standard weights you might need for a home gym
  • Smooth center hole slides easily on and off of the bar
  • Use to replace a missing or broken plate from a full set without standing out


  • With no handle or gripping holes, the Power Systems Pro can be difficult to lift from off of the floor or other low areas, particularly the heavier sizes

Body-Solid Olympic Iron Weight Plate – Best for the Money

The Body-Solid Olympic Iron Weight PlateAny home gym owner wanting to upgrade the look and functionality of their weight plates should consider the Body-Solid. With a very stylish tripartite inlaid design and satiny black finish, the Body-Solid plates exhibit a quiet sense of quality and durability. Easy to mount on and off the bar, the Body-Solid can be a replacement weight plate to refurbish older equipment with a fresh, classy look.


  • Elegant and solid, the Body-Solid handles well and fits neatly onto regulation Olympic bars and weightlifting equipment
  • Comes in a full range of sizes, and the black finish looks especially professional
  • Feels durable and withstands years of hard use
  • Looks great when in use and the center hole snugly slides on and off the bar


  • Because they are solid except for the central axis, they can be difficult to grip when on the floor
  • While the satiny finish feels great, it can be a bit slippery if handled with sweaty or moist hands

CAP Barbell Standard Grip Plate – Best Olympic Weight Plates Overall

The CAP Barbell Standard Grip PlateThese advanced engineered Olympic weight plates are designed to meet and exceed the needs of home gym owners and weightlifting enthusiasts. With their excellent tripartite grip design, handling and setting the CAP Standard Grip on the bar feels simple and nature. With a solid cast iron core, the CAP plate delivers reliable services for years.


  • These Olympic weight plates look really great on any bar, as the futuristic silver color contrasts nicely with the bar
  • The three hole sections make picking up even the heaviest plate off the floor a simple affair
  • Well-machined center hole makes them fit snugly on a regulation Olympic bar
  • Definitely will impress anyone who sees these plates lined up on your dumbbell


  • Currently the CAP Standard Grip does not come in the 25-pound size. More experienced weightlifters and bodybuilders will have to use more plates to place heavier weights on the bar

In Conclusion

All Olympic weight plates are designed and sized according to regulation standards. But different models feature different designs. Weightlifters need to carefully assess their fitness regimes to find the right Olympic weight plate for their barbell or other equipment. With a wide range of styles and regulation weights to choose from, home gym owners and serious weightlifting enthusiasts can find the right design and sizes for any workout.

With its excellent engineering and easy handling qualities, the CAP Standard Grip is our choice for the best Olympic weight plate currently on the market. Its smooth silver finish and advanced design make this Olympic weight plate look great in any home gym or training center even after years of hard use. Since the Cap Standard Grip plate has such a unique and forward-looking design, it can easily serve as the centerpiece of any modern home gym or weight training center.