Top Ten Best Inline Skates of 2020 – (Guide and Reviews)

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Inline Roller Skate Review GuideRollerskating is a pastime that many of us enjoyed as children. However, skating is also a great workout for adults too, not to mention a fun activity. For a bigger challenge, many adults and children alike have foregone the traditional style of roller skates which feature two wheels in the front and two in the back, for inline skates.

Made very popular in the 1990s, inline skating is still enjoyed by many for fun and fitness. Whether cruising around the local park or hitting the street hockey surface, these skates are fun for kids and grownups alike.

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Tour Hockey Thor ZX-9 Inline Hockey SkateTour Hockey Thor ZX-9 Inline Hockey Skate
Tour Hockey$$$$4.9
K2 Skate F.I.T. 80 Inline SkatesK2 Skate F.I.T. 80
K2 Skate$$$4.8
K2-Skate-Mens-F.I.T.-Pro-84K2 Skate F.I.T. Pro 84
K2 Skate$$$4.8
Rollerblade-2015-MACROBLADE-90Rollerblade 2015 MACROBLADE 90Rollerblade$$$4.6
Rollerblade-Mens-Zetrablade-80-SkateRollerblade Men's Zetrablade 80Rollerblade$$4.6
Bladerunner Girls Phoenix 4 Size Adjustable SkateBladerunner Girls PhoenixBladerunner$$4.5
Rollerblade-Girls-Spitfire-JR-XTGRollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTGRollerblade$$4.5
Roller-Derby-Boys-Stinger-5.2Roller Derby Boy's Stinger 5.2Roller Derby$$4.5
Roller Derby Girl's Stinger 5.2 Adjustable Inline SkateRoller Derby Girl's Stinger 5.2Roller Derby$$4.4
High Bounce Rollerblades Adjustable Inline SkateHigh Bounce Rollerblades Adjustable Inline SkateHigh Bounce$4.4

The Best Inline Skates: A Smart Shoppers Guide

Inline skates are a type of roller skates. Whereas the traditional skates had a four corner wheel design, these feature all wheels right in a row. This is where they get their name from as all wheels are straight in one line. They are similar in design to ice skates, expect that wheels that can be used on hard surfaces replace the blades that slice through the ice. These pose more of a challenge and may take longer to master than traditional skates. However, many people find that with practice, they enjoy the great workout and less bulky design characterized by these skates.

What are the different types of Inline Skates?

Whether you’re a pro on wheels or you just want to try a new activity for the first time, there’s a pair of skates that is just right for you. You can’t just purchase any old skates, though. Instead, you need to know what to look for depending upon your intended use and skill level.

Beginner skates

These typically have wider wheels, which make it easier to balance while learning or improving your skills on wheels. These come in a variety of sizes for both children and adults.

Recreational skates

These are skates that can be used for fun and fitness. They come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and they have slimmer wheels than beginner skates.

Roller hockey skates

These are skates that are designed for use while playing roller hockey indoors or outside. Some can be used on both surfaces, while other pairs are better suited for one or the other.

Advanced skates

These usually have large wheels that may extend well past the heel and toe of the boot. These provide a challenge for even the best skater, and they typically provide the toughest workout.

Kids’ learning skates

These are best for children who need to learn how to balance properly. They have the widest wheels and usually have tougher plastic frames that can withstand falls and spills as a child learns how to get around skates. These are typically available in toddler sizes up to youth sizes.

What are the Advantages of Owning The Best Inline Roller Skates?

The biggest advantage of owning these skates is that you can have fun at your local roller rink or you can go outside and get a great workout. While exercise equipment like treadmills and elliptical trainers are worthwhile, rollerskating helps build strength in your legs, tone up your body, and also helps to burn calories, all the while allowing you to have a ton of fun.

You can skate alone, with your friends or family members, or you can join in group sports like street hockey. Some people even use these streamlined skates on skate ramps to do a variety of extreme tricks like spins and flips, although this should only be left to the professionals. Skating can be a great hobby for kids and adults, and it’s safe when the proper pads and helmet are worn.

Tips for Safe Inline Skating

Skating is fun and provides plenty of health benefits, but you’ll need to take proper safety precautions to prevent accidental injury.

First, always wear all necessary safety equipment including helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. Even the best skaters will fall from time to time. You want to protect yourself against hard knocks against the pavement.

Only skate in safe locations. Avoid surfaces which are covered in debris, uneven or near traffic. Cars will be your biggest potential danger so you want to avoid skating near them. Also, never skate at night or in poorly lit areas unless you’re wearing reflective clothing.

Always remain aware of your surroundings. Check behind you about every 20 seconds or so. Basically, you want to keep your head on a swivel because potential obstacles could appear from any direction.

Who Are Our Top Contenders?

K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Pro 84 Inline Skates

Sporting a heavy-duty aluminum frame by D.C., these K2 inline skates are as durable and as functional as inline skates come. Their nylon mesh boots provide your feet with exceptional breathability, keeping you comfortable at all times. Equipped with a speed lacing system, you can spend less time putting them on, and more time skating.

K2 Skate F.I.T. 80 Inline Skates

For the smoothest ride, choose this pair from K2 Skate. These skates have a great design that offers just the right amount of cushioning and support without adding too much weight. The frame and wheels provide superior vibration absorption, so you can glide over rougher surfaces with ease. They have a great design, and they’re made with quality materials designed to last through years of skating.

Tour Hockey Thor ZX-9

If you play roller hockey, this outstanding pair will be a purchase you won’t regret making. These come loaded with features that are perfect for this sport, including Labeda Dynasty Pro wheels, comfort padding, and extra ankle support so you can speed around the rink in comfort.

Features to Consider

Once you’ve made the decision to add a fun workout to your daily routine, you have to purchase a great pair of skates that you’ll enjoy wearing. You don’t want to be stuck with something that is just uncomfortable, too difficult to use, or just too expensive for your budget.

Before you leap into a purchase, carefully evaluate a variety of different products to make the best purchasing decision, starting with these four features.


Price should always be considered but should never be the sole consideration. You obviously want to purchase something that fits within your budget, but you should never sacrifice quality just to save a few bucks. If, for example, you’re considering two pairs and one is a bit more expensive but has a better build and a longer warranty, you should invest the extra money to get a product that lasts.


Sometimes things just happen during the manufacturing process that makes a product malfunction. Whether you have just put your skates on for the first time or you encounter an issue after a short period of use, if the damage is caused by a defect, a warranty will ensure you get a replacement without taking the money from your own wallet to do so.


One of the most important parts of choosing the right skates is finding a pair that fits perfectly. If you buy a pair that’s too loose, you could fall and injure yourself. If your skates are too tight, they could rub blisters on your feet, which can make it painful to skate or even walk. Before you buy, make sure that the brand you choose stocks your size.


The wheels are important for a number of reasons. Wider wheels are better for beginners. Thinner wheels designed for speed are ideal for speed skating and roller hockey. Rugged wheels are best for outdoor use over rough asphalt and pavement. Determine how you plan to use your skates, then select the best wheels for this purpose.


K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Pro 84

The retail value of this pair is a little on the expensive side.

K2 Skate F.I.T. 80

At a moderate price point, this is a mid-range pair of skates.

Tour Hockey Thor ZX-9

This is one of the more expensive pairs, but they are also one of the most durable.


K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Pro 84 Inline Skates

You’ll receive a 1-year warranty with your purchase.

K2 Skate F.I.T. 80

1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Tour Hockey Thor ZX-9

A 90-day warranty from the manufacturer with your purchase.


K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Pro 84

These are available in men’s full and half sizes from 5 to 14.

K2 Skate F.I.T. 80

These are also available in men’s full and half sizes from 5 to 14.

Tour Hockey Thor ZX-9

These are available in men’s full sizes from 5 to 13.


K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Pro 84

These skates have smooth 84 mm wheels.

K2 Skate F.I.T. 80

These have very sturdy 80mm 80a wheels.

Tour Hockey Thor ZX-9

These have high-quality Labeda Dynasty Pro wheels for ultimate performance in the rink.

Conclusion: Our Inline Skates Reviews

large-roller-derby-girls-stinger-5-2Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger 5.2 – Best Affordable

Perhaps you’re looking for a nice pair of inline skates at a budget price. If so, you might consider these girl’s skates by Roller Derby. Sporting a polymer frame and equipped with polyurethane wheels, these skates are both ridiculously durable and very lightweight. With a molded cuff boot, they provide superb heel and arch support at all times. If you’re looking for a pair of inline skates for your young daughter, you should definitely check these out.


  • They are very comfortable
  • The padded, molded cuff give them a secure fit
  • The polymer frame is designed for durability
  • Great for skating indoors and out, as well as for tricks
  • Extremely affordable


  • They do not have brakes, so they are not ideal for beginners
  • They are a bit heavier than more expensive skates.

K2 Skate F.I.T. 80 – Best Value

K2 Skate F.I.T. 80 Inline SkatesK2 Skate has built a reputation for comfort and performance, and these skates showcase the perfect combination of these two features. The K2 Soft Boot feels great on your feet, even with long periods of intense skating, while the Stability Plus system provides you with great support without adding extra weight or size.

The frame absorbs vibrations, so you can comfortably skate on rougher pavement and other surfaces. The aluminum frame is built for durability but is still lightweight enough for comfort. The 80mm wheels are good enough for all skill levels, and the black and red design looks very modern. These are great-entry level skates that won’t set you back too much money, but still have a lot of great features that are found on the more expensive pairs.


  • Very comfortable
  • They come in a wide range of sizes
  • Affordable
  • Very sturdy design
  • They offer plenty of support
  • Can be used indoors or outside on smooth or rougher surfaces


  • Because of the narrow wheels, these perform better indoors over the long term

Tour Hockey Thor ZX-9 – Overall Best

Tour Hockey Thor ZX-9 Inline Hockey SkateRoller hockey is intense, and an upgraded pair of skates is needed to handle the constant action. The Tour Hockey Thor ZX-9s are designed to perform in indoor and outdoor rinks. These skates boast lots of features that not only help them perform in the most intense conditions, but they also keep you comfortable while doing so.

Some of the comfort features you’ll find include memory foam for added cushioning for long periods of skating, a Vorric support system that provides adequate support at key points in the foot and ankle, and a quick-drying lining that prevents sweat from causing blisters.

On the performance side, you’ll receive Swiss Elite wheel bearings for a smooth ride and Labeda Dynasty Pro wheels that are designed for speed. It also features a Labeda Hum’er Pro aluminum frame for the toughness and durability you need during your intense competition.


  • Added comfort features for skating for longer periods of time
  • They are extremely durable
  • The wheels are designed for speed
  • Quick dry lining keeps your feet dry during practices and games
  • The wheels have a good grip so you don’t slip at key moments in the game
  • Orange and black color scheme makes them stand out
  • They are available in a wide range of men’s sizes
  • They provide great support
  • Memory foam makes them more comfortable than most other skates
  • They are good for any level, from beginner to advanced


  • They can be a bit difficult to lace
  • More expensive than other skates

In Conclusion

Not only will you have a blast while rolling around on your inline skates, but you’ll also burn calories and get a great workout without the monotony of other workouts. For the intense skater, the Tour Hockey Thor ZX-9 just can’t be beat. These skates are designed for indoor roller hockey or street hockey, although they can be used for speed skating as well. This pair features a great design, excellent comfort and support, and factory features that don’t require upgrades to provide top performance in or out of the rink.